Extreme Homeschooling: No Tests, No Books, No Classes, No Curriculums

In a Movement of Unschooling, Parents Let Kids Set Their Educational Pace

The Biegler children live as though school doesn’t exist.

They’re at home all day, but they’re not being homeschooled. They’re being “unschooled.” There are no textbooks, no tests and no formal education at all in their world.

What’s more, that hands-off approach extends to other areas of the children’s lives: They make their own decisions, and don’t have chores or rules.

Christine Yablonski and Phil Biegler of Westford, Mass., are self-described “radical unschoolers.” They allow their teen daughter and son to decide what they want to learn, and when they want to learn it.

“They key there is that you’ve got to trust your kids to … find their own interests,” Yablonski told “Good Morning America.”

Yablonski described unschooling as “living your life as if the school system didn’t exist.”

When asked how their children learn things like math, she said, “If they need formal algebra understanding, then they will, they’ll find that information.”

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3 Responses to Extreme Homeschooling: No Tests, No Books, No Classes, No Curriculums

  1. Ashley says:

    As a home school mom and a former middle school teacher, I SO don't like the unschooling movement. It's things like this that lump all home school families into one category and show us in a bad light. Oh, I could go on and on, but I won't take up your space for that. Maybe I should go read the whole article (no, I didn't do that…) and write my own blog post about it.

  2. Stefanie says:

    Read the article and that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. What a perfect formula for NOT preparing your children for life and I'm not even talking about the education part. Lack of discipline, purpose, consequence…really!? Sadly, it isn't the kids fault either. This will be something that will mold their entire future. I'd love to see a follow up interview with this family in 10 years.

    And, Ashley – I'm happy you are speaking up for proper home schooling! I don't do it but I REALLY admire the parents that do take that time (and do it right!). I have met some kids who are home schooled and they are absolutely brilliant and well rounded. I have to work but, if it could have been an option, I would have LOVED to be a key part in seeing my children grow! So, instead, I do my best to take an active role in the evenings and weekends with lots of books and museums.

  3. Marvin says:

    Home schooling rocks, but this "unschooling" is just idiotic.

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