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How Glenn Beck Makes His Money

Beck insists that he is not political: “I could give a flying crap about the political process.” Making money, on the other hand, is to be taken very seriously, and controversy is its own coinage. “We’re an entertainment company,” Beck … Continue reading

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How To Pick A Chain Lock

All you need is a rubber band. Just skip ahead to the 30 second mark.

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Dating Expectations Venn Diagram

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3D space pictures

Remember the 1990s craze of Magic Eye posters? Just like those, the spectacular space pictures in this gallery can be brought to life in 3D when viewers use a trick of the eye – with no need for special glasses. … Continue reading

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Nuclear Weapons

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Soap Weapons

I so need to send some of these for my cousin Pat. www.soapweapons.com

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ProcrasDonate is also a fun way to organize your charitable donations and build lasting relationships with your favorite non-profits. Every hour you spend on websites you’ve marked as ProcrasDonation is a pledge to your selected charities. You can change your … Continue reading

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Earl and Tiger Remix (Lion King Edition)

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Bag of Randomness

My apologies to any of you that received an odd email from me on Friday, somehow one of my emails hot hacked.  Basically, everyone I had listed as a contact was sent an email with a blank subject line and … Continue reading

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