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The Pancake Project

A blog all about pancakes. Link

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Dogs vs cats: The great pet showdown

There are obvious pitfalls in trying to use science to resolve this perennial dispute. Every pet-owner knows their furry family member is special – a unique being with its own talents and foibles. Yet scientific research tends to look at … Continue reading

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Mouth and Foot Painting Artists

Welcome to the U.S. web site of the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (MFPA). Formed in 1956, the MFPA is an international, for-profit association wholly owned and run by disabled artists to help them meet their financial needs. Members paint … Continue reading

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Dogs Decorate a Christmas Tree

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Christians Convene to Affirm Sufficiency of Scripture

There can be no denying the fact that America is in crisis, says a group of Christians. And to find the cause of the bad health of the nation, the group says, “Look to church.” “The current condition of America … Continue reading

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What happened to Hitler’s body?

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Bag of Randomness

I’ve had the same cubemate for over a year and yesterday I found he’s moving to another cube.  Breaking up is hard to do. As you know, he’s from India, and his English isn’t always on target, but dang it, … Continue reading

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