I Love U2

I’m wayyyy too tired to give a review right now, but here are some random thoughts and some pictures  I took to hold you over.

  • RedZone tickets are the bomb.  I never had to wait in a line to enter the stadium and we had our own concession and restroom area just outside of our standing area.  Worth.  Every.  Penny.
  • Muse was the opening act, and they were OK.
  • WifeGeeding was too sick to go, which made me very, very sad.  And since all my in-town friends already had tickets, I was left scrambling trying to find someone that would appreciate this event.
  • Bono gave a shout out to Tony Romo, Jason Witten, and George W. Bush.  But I don’t think Dubya was in attendance.  Heck, Bono even gave a shout out to a lot of the surrounding cities like Plano, but he never made it around to Lewisville or Mineral Wells.
  • I saw an old college friend, the one that just happen to introduce me to U2 and their greatness.
  • One dude was dragged away from the area, it took four men to pull him away.
  • The special effects and use of technology was amazing.
  • More to come later.

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