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Houston’s 10-day murder-less streak appears over

For an astounding 10-day period, Houston recorded no murders, although that appears to have come to an end with the discovery of a woman’s body north of downtown this morning. Houston Chronicle

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Dramatic But Honest Mobile Home Commercial

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Balloon Boy Halloween Kit

Just $19.99

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What’s not to like about ice skating bears?

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Impressive Trampolining

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Retractable Speed Bumps

Mexico’s Decano Industries has a speed bump that could make the deterrents a lot less obnoxious. The concept is simple: if a car is going slow enough, the speed bump stays retracted and allows it to continue. Go too fast … Continue reading

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Bag of Randomness

My ophthalmologist says my eye is fine.  That is the good.  The bad, I didn’t know my insurance coverage for vision services have changed, so the I no longer pay a $20 co-pay but have to meet a deductible.   … Continue reading

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Golden Gopher Prayful Apology

MINNEAPOLIS — The University of Minnesota is apologizing after its Goldy Gopher mascot poked fun at a Penn State football player who was praying before last week’s game. A video made before Saturday’s game at State College, Pa., shows Penn … Continue reading

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