Bag of Randomness

  • The day after the Super Bowl my Indian coworker asked me if I “watched the match.”
  • Technical difficulties, please stand by.
  • Pastors tend to think they are funnier than what they really are.  At least that’s been my experience.  When one is in a leadership position, he or she often receives a lot of courtesy laughter for either good or bad jokes, which in turns encourages what they think is funny.  This also applies to managers and other leadership roles as well.
  • The Bob Hayes story gets more fascinating.
  • I often wonder if people label me as a misanthrope because I’m an introvert.  For those of you that don’t know how to care for an introvert, here’s a nice read.
  • For anyone that is having trouble naming your hair salon.
  • I wish more people would apply the Golden Rule.
  • I feel like there’s one commenter that continually enjoys kicking me in the nuts.
  • I wish I could take an entire month off from everything.
  • If you ever wanted to make your own Snuggie, here’s a free pattern.
  • My iTunes library is not up to date and not as organized as I would like, and I can never figure out where there are check mark boxes next to the song titles.  I also wish I new of a way to make my entire library DRM free; I know it’s possible, I just don’t know how.
  • I’m not as tech-savvy as people think.
  • You might be surprised at how long the stripes down the middle of the road are.  Link
  • All the tax trouble with the Obama nominees is quite disturbing.  What happened to that crazy vetting process he had?  But I have to hand it to him, he took responsibility of the situation by telling Anderson Cooper “I screwed up” and Charlie Gibson that yesterday was an embarrassing day.
  • The Layoff Daily keeps track of all the layoffs.  Over 1,300 stories just for January 09.
  • I want to zoom zoom zoom . . . around the room room room . . .
  • I enjoy watching House not for the medical aspect, but for the character interactions.
  • The grass is always greener on the other side, isn’t it?
  • I use to think I had all the answers and everything figured out.
  • I also use to think there was only one way to interpret things.
  • I feel most people don’t take me seriously.
  • I love the color blue.
  • A Baptist preacher doesn’t think the Progressive Church evangelizes.  Link
  • Success in the end eclipses all of the mistakes made along the way.  I remember that quote from a fortune cookie, but have always like it, and thought of it when I saw this drawing.
  • Cell phones and cars comic.  Link
  • The history behind why the middle finger salute is offensive.  Mental Floss
  • I wasn’t fond of the color red growing up, it made me think of communist countries and the devil.
  • I’ve been on a Rich Mullins kick as of late.
  • The SportsGuy had to put his dog down and wrote about the ordeal.  I’ve been sad and stuck in the doldrums ever since.  Link
  • Before cell phones I use to have a plethora of phone numbers memorized, now I think I have less than ten memorized.
  • Sometimes I just don’t get art.  I mean, building a replica McDonalds and flooding it is kinda neat and different and all, but I don’t get it.
  • Sounds like George Strait is going to be one of the first to open the new Cowboys stadium.  Blerg.
  • I get the warm fuzzies when I come home and hear the click-clack sound of our dogs’ nails on our wooden floor as they come to great me.
  • I remember the first time I came home from college after my first dog died and not being greated at the door, that’s when it all set in.  His name was Skippy, named after the Skipper on Gilligan’s Island.
  • There’s a person at work that always, and I mean, always uses an exclamation mark in his/her emails.  I think I’m going to start a tally.
  • I often use quotes from movies and television shows in everyday conversation.  Sometimes people will notice, but most will not.
  • I’ve got Any Man of Mine stuck (one of the top five music videos of all time btw) in my head.  Or maybe it’s Pour Some Sugar on Me since it’s the same beat.  Shania’s husband (now ex-husband) was behind both of the songs.
  • Sometimes I think I’m happiest when I’m problem solving or “geeking out” on a certain issue.
  • I just discovered that DirecTV has an XM Radio station called Cinemagic that’s nothing but movie soundtrack instrumentals.  Right now the Jurassic Park theme is playing and I’m totally at peace.
  • This is the best chart regarding food and what it can do for you that I’ve ever seen.
  • I read that Joe Ades died.  He made a killing selling $5 potato peelers on the streets of NYC.  I first learned about him from this Today Show segment, it’s definately worth a watch.  You’ll be impressed.
  • I found an interesting article about whether or not the Mainline Church is a dying breed, even though it is kind of dated.  That article was actually found here where there were other interesting related topics, such as the liberal and conservative labeling in the church.
  • Today’s random TV show intro always made me wonder how that car was able to fit under an 18-wheeler trailer.  YouTube
  • Grace
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7 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. RY says:

    Any time is a great time for Rich Mullins. I miss him and would have loved to have seen what he could have created with another 30-50 years of life, but wouldn't ask him to come back from where he is today. By the way, have you checked out Mark Discoll at Mars Hill Church in Seattle? I've been interested since the segment on Nightline last week, and with your spiritual journey, thought he would interest you if you didn't already know about him. Grace to you.

  2. Dave says:

    Excuse me, sir…but do you know what a plethora is?

    I just want to be sure that if someone tells me he used to have a plethora of phone numbers memorized, that he knows what a plethora is.

  3. David Bryant says:

    I love me some Rich Mullins. What album are you listening to?

  4. David Bryant says:

    I took an informal poll amongst my co-workers regarding lane stripes. I had one guy guess 10 ft w/12 ft between, one guess 6 ft/6 ft and one guess 2 ft/4 ft. Pretty interesting…

  5. Nathan S. says:

    The check can be used for various things:
    1. When playing in random mode, unchecked songs do not play
    2. For the ipod, you have an option “sync only checked songs”
    3. Can be used in smart folders in the “Match only checked songs” option
    4. If you don’t want to import tracks on a CD you can uncheck them and click import

  6. dan says:

    More stuff comes out on Hester Hays everyday. Now the font on the Hayes letter is wrong for the date it was written. If Hester is a fraud, she has robbed the late Bob Hayes of some of his Hall of Fame glory.

    You sound down, Keith. If you can just hang on for 219 more days and then the NFL will start its regular season play!

    These problems with vetting come up every year and they always seem to revolve around back-taxes or immigration problems of a nanny. Really, in a short period of time, it’s difficult to learn the history of a nominee, particularly if he/she refuses to divulge confidential information until its too late. I look at knocking these people out during the congressional hearings as just more vetting. A few months from now the cabinet will be in place and all of this will be forgotten. The real vetting problems occur when the president puts someone up for the Supreme Court. Further, Daschle had big plans for universal health care and I don’t see there will be any money left for that once they start printing stimulus money. Maybe they should have rejected him just because he’s sporting those new weird designer glasses.

  7. Snuggie says:

    I love the snuggie

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