Bag of Randomness

  • I judge the quality of a Mexican food restaurant by their flour tortillas (preferable homemade) and chips and salsa.  If they make those things right, then you can pretty much count on the rest of the food to taste pretty good.
  • Anthony Bourdain is taking video submissions for suggestions on places he should visit.  SisterGeeding is considering submitting a video to have him visit South Vietnam, he’s already visited North Vietnam, but she wants to expose him to the difference in culinary cultures.
  • A Florida news station contacted me the other day asking where did I find a picture of John Travolta’s house on one of my previous posts.  Even though she was very kind with the request, I had two small issues.  First, she didn’t provide the link to the post, so I had to actually go searching for it (I was in a giving mood at the time).  Second, on that particular post, I provided a link to the source of the picture.
  • I don’t care who wins the Super Bowl, just as long as it’s not Pittsburgh.
  • For you David Lee Roth fans, here’s a soundboard for you.
  • Caroline Kennedy is not impressing me as a viable Senator, but then again I don’t live in NY so what I think doesn’t really matter.
  • But then again John Cornyn doesn’t impress me either.
  • Let me let me let me upgrade . . . arghhhhhh it’s stuck in my head again.
  • Sometimes when that commercial comes on I dance along with Beyonce to WifeGeeding’s enjoyment.
  • Speaking of dancing, she thinks I can actually dance since I hold back on dancing all the time, but my friends know better.
  • She also thinks that I was very popular on my college campus, but once again, my friends know better.
  • I recently discovered that someone I know works at home in the adult entertainment advertising business.
  • Seriously, I can’t get enough of House.  It’s kinda fun watching previous seasons on USA and the current season on Fox and trying to piece together the change in cast.  That Olivia Wilde does catch my attention.  I’m surprised she use to be a blonde.  The other TV girl that catches my attention is Robin in How I Met Your Mother.  And one more for good measure, the girl on Knight Rider, even though I don’t watch the show.
  • Speaking of How I Met Your Mother, WifeGeeding has to sing along with the opening theme everytime it comes on.  But I wasn’t aware it was part of a longer song by The Solids.
  • Someone mentioned they are surprised there isn’t a Wikiepedia entry about BagOfNothing.  My question, why would there be one?
  • Since we are on the topic of bacon, the world’s oldest person credits her faith and bacon for her long life.  CNN Video
  • It took me forever to realize that Macy Jepson was off the air.  She didn’t survive the Belo layoffs.
  • The other day WifeGeeding was at the dentist office and they kept referring to her as the Tina Fey girl.
  • She also pretends to play the trumpet when CBS Sunday Morning comes on, one of the greatest shows on television.  I always come away feeling more cultured after watching an episode.  If you ever want to catch an episode, here’s a hint:  It airs on CBS on Sunday mornings.  God bless the DVR.  Here’s a video of a little girl enjoying the opening.
  • I usually go to bed feeling warm but wake up feeling cold.
  • Why do gas stations still use the 9/10 at the end of the price?  Instead of displaying the price as $1.55 9/10, why not just say a $1.56?  I know it comes down to marketing, but hey, it’s just a penny.
  • What will Obama look like in four years?  Link
  • I think he already uses Just For Men.
  • WifeGeeding makes a mean taco soup, but I think it’s more of a chili.
  • A reader sent me an email and stated that everytime she thinks of bacon she thinks of me.  It’s nice to be thought of, but I don’t have the slightest idea why the smell of bacon reminds her of me.
  • Someone at work has made a Menudo reference (the band, not the food) two days in a row.
  • I remember when Ricky Schroder and Debbie Gibson started to go by Rick and Deborah to appear more adult.
  • While looking for a potential mate in my single days, one qualification was that she had to feel OK shopping at Wal-Mart, that it wasn’t beneath her.
  • Another qualifier was that she had to feel comfortable eating at IHOP.  I tend to think girls that refuse to eat at IHOP aren’t down to earth and my be a little too “high class” for my taste.
  • Of course there were countless other things (such as having a glass-eye) but those are just the ones that stuck out.
  • My allergy nosespray medicine is in the tier in which which I have to pay a high price for.  That really urks me.  Blerg.
  • I remember how bad my mother and I were treated by both ATT and SBC.  They are now one company, and because of how badly we were treated I shall never willingly become a customer.  That is the only thing keeping me from an iPhone, but I’ve had my Treo for over three years and since I’m still happy with it there is no need for an upgrade.
  • I shall also never become a customer of Verizon for like reasons.
  • Remember when phone companies use to try to sell long distance minutes?
  • I’m a happy Vonage customer, but I mainly use my cell phone so I use their cheapest plan that is only twenty bucks a month.  I use is as my land line and is the number I provide when filling out applications and such.
  • Actually, for my teaching gig at LeTourneau my interview presentation was over VoIP.
  • I have no desire to ever go skiing.
  • Or go on a cruise.
  • A lot of my old posts still gets traffic.  Yesterday the most popular old post was about Rick Astley.
  • Something for an Evangelical politician to wear on his or her suit.
  • Dubya and Laura will fly from D.C. to Midland, where he took off before leaving to Washington eight years ago.  That’s actually pretty cool.
  • I wasn’t aware Patrick Swayze was born in Houston.
  • And today’s random televison theme song.
  • Long time DFW residents will remember the case of Rev Walker Railey and Peggy Railey.  I’m not even sure if Peggy Railey is still alive.  I submitted an entry on the “Whatever Happened To . . .” section of the Fox 4 website.  Here’s an article that pretty much covers everything that happened.
  • Grace
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4 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. David says:

    I have enjoyed skiing in the past, but could take it or leave it now. However, you are REALLY missing out by not going on a cruise. Not just any cruise, but something special. We did Alaska in 2000 and it was fantastic. I cannot imagine a better way to see the glaciers and other parts of the coast. I would like to go back for a land visit, but I think the cruise was the best 'first exposure'.

    If you guys ever have kids I would recommend a Disney cruise when they are 6+. We went with nephews and found it a great break for their parents. The parents can do all kinds of adult stuff while Disney provides excellent entertainment/care for the kids. No matter how long they were in Disney's care, they never were ready to leave when we went to pick them up.

  2. Chlp says:

    why dont you get an unlocked iphone?

  3. niece geeding’s grandfather also did a silly ittle solo dance for her grandmother’a amusement. this was often followed by the two of them waltzing in the den to tv music.

    i think at these times the family was temporarily episcopalean

  4. BuriedCaesar says:

    The Bushes will follow a time-honored tradition, similar to what occurs at SMU every year (Laura is a grad, after all). At the beginning of each academic year, all first year students enter from the back of Dallas Hall on the main quad, exiting the front door, which has a pretty good view of campus and the Dallas skyline in the distance, BTW and process to McFarlin Auditorium with the faculty. Current students, faculty and family and friends gather and cheer them on between Dallas Hall and McFarlin. Then, upon graduation, these same students who attend the Baccalaureate ceremony will then process back through Dallas Hall, through the front doors and exiting by the back door, and symbolically, into the “real world”.

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