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Don’t lie to police about your name when your surname is tattooed on your neck

Darnell L. Frazier, 25, did just that … uh, well, he tried to do just that early Thursday on St. Paul’s East Side. According to the police report, an officer stopped two men walking in the street at Forest Street … Continue reading

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40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 Minutes

40 Inspirational Speeches in Two Minutes – watch more funny videos

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Dog and Elephant – Best Friends

It starts off slow, but towards the middle it gets a bit mushy.

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Weird Worm

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Crazy Base Jumping

I would so want to do this, but I would break every bone in my body. wingsuit base jumping from Ali on Vimeo.

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Man’s last lotto ticket wins $10M for widow

DANBURY, Conn. – On the day that Donald Peters died, he unknowingly provided financial security for his wife of 59 years and their family. Peters bought two Connecticut Lottery tickets at a local 7-Eleven store on Nov. 1 as part … Continue reading

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Sand of Christ

What exactly is Sand of Christ? Sand of Christ is a keepsake that has been blessed and made holy by an ordained minister. It is a vial of sand that has been filtered, cleaned and purified, then anointed and blessed … Continue reading

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Could you live like Jesus for a year? This pastor tried

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — The Rev. Ed Dobson has spent most of his life following Jesus. But only now does he realize how hard it is to live like him. The retired megachurch pastor and one-time architect of the religious … Continue reading

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Kitchen Essentials: 10 techniques every cook should know

Complete with videos. Link Here’s the ten in case you are curious: Breading Browning/Searing Dicing an Onion Folding Making Pan Sauce Rolling Out Pie Crust Making a Roux Segmenting Citrus Tempering Making a Vinaigrette

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Bag of Randomness

Happy New Year! Is it twenty-oh-nine or two-thousand-nine? WifeGeeding and I stayed in and watched Dick Clark.  I can’t decide seeing Dick Clark in his present condition continue his New Years Eve countdown as heroic and courageous, or awkward and … Continue reading

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