Bag of Randomness

  • John McCain’s campaign slogan is Country First.  Can an evangelical vote for someone who does’t put God first?  😉
  • I remember thinking the end of smoking was near when I was in my protective conservative Christian college bubble in Abilene . . . then I discovered that many stressed adults in the DFW workforce keep the tobacco companies in business.
  • Monday workouts at my gym are a beating for one reason.  That’s the day the two biggest hulks use the lat machine and on their heaviest sets drop the weights which makes for a very unpleasant sound.  I wish management would ask them to be a bit more courteous,  I would, but don’t want the hulks to place me under those weights.
  • Dividers, not uniters.  Story 1 and Story 2
  • What’s amazing about that first story is that he denied he ever said such a thing until presented with audio evidence.
  • I’m chewing Juicy Fruit right now, it’s been years since I’ve had me some Juicy Fruit.
  • The individual pieces are of course wrapped in the silver package, but they use to also have a paper outside.
  • Puppy saves owner life with CPR.  Link
  • “Academic” Salaries – But they are worth every penny because of the revenue and the exposure they bring to the university.
  • The other day I decided to see how far I could go back and name the presidential ticket for both parties.  The 1976 election was as far back as I could go, I couldn’t remember who ran on the ticket with Gerald Ford.  You can try it for yourself using Wikipedia, just click on the previous election year next to the American flag to go back in time.  Link
  • As you go back in time, it’s also quite interesting to examine the Electoral College map and see how the states voted over the years.  The last time Texas was a blue state was when it went to Jimmy Carter in 1976, but all of western America was entirely red.  Link
  • Reagan only lost a total of 7 states in two elections.  Impressive.  Minnesota showed him no love, twice.
  • The last time someone other than a Democrat or Republican received Electoral College votes was in the 1968 election.
  • The last person to win their party’s nomination with facial hair was Thomas Dewey.  Before Dewey, it was Charles Hughes in 1916.  However, the 1912 election had three major candidates, two of whom had facial hair.  But it was the 1904 election, which happens to be the last election where all major presidential candidates had facial hair.
  • When was the last U.S. presidential election the Republican Party won without a Nixon or a Bush on the ticket?  1928
  • Speaking of the Electoral College, you all know how much I loath is, but did you know that in the last 200 years there have been over 700 proposals introduced to Congress to change or abolish it?  Link
  • Obama Wins . . . marketer of the year.  Link
  • I wasn’t aware a religious university could yank a diploma back because of moral issues.  Link
  • Groomsmen, never ever lock your knees.  Link
  • Sad shark.  Link
  • Muslim McCain supporters confront racism at rally.  Link
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One Response to Bag of Randomness

  1. dan says:

    1) There are two bozos where I work out who use heavy weights on the machines and let the weights drop when they’re done with a set. I notice they don’t use the full range of motion when using heavy weights and the purpose for dropping the weights seems to be to draw attention to themselves from other patrons. It can damage the machines and signs are posted and yet the trainers never say anything. It should be the gym manager’s responsibility to intervene. Most people who work out on a regular basis don’t appreciate other patrons correcting them on their technique.
    2) I read over the Electoral College article and learned a lot I didn’t know. Unless I missed it, though, I still didn’t see a purpose for transferring the result of the popular vote to electors. The best I can come up with is that the founders did not feel comfortable putting elections completely into the hands of the populace. The use of electors is one final chance to let a party or state undo what the populace has decided.
    3) Speaking of facial hair, Lincoln was clean shaven when elected but showed up at the inauguration with a beard. Imagine that today, McCain or Obama win the election in November and show up for their inauguration in January with a full beard.
    4) It doesn’t seem right that a student can complete [and pay for] all of the credits published for a degree and then being denied on a technicality. It will be interesting to see if it’s challenged in court. If nothing else the student deserves a refund.

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