Bag of Randomness

  • I’ve got hurricane and politics burnout.  It seems everytime I go to a news website the leading story is one of those two topics.
  • This is old news, I guess, but I didn’t know that the 2011 Super Bowl in Dallas will have flying taxis.
  • Imagine if Brett Favre stayed retired and didn’t sign with the Jets.  New England would have be knocking at his door the moment Brady went down.
  • My latest Costco discovery are sliced apples.  I bought a plastic bin full of about ten packages of sliced apples for about $7.  I stop by Costco once a week to buy a bin full of red grapes, just about the only fruit I will eat, but I’ll eat the apples now.  Having them already sliced is a big motivator.
  • The other day I had lunch in the Gay District of Dallas, at least that’s what I was told.  It was at a place called Hunky’s Hamburgers.  It’s called Hunky’s because they take a hunk of meat and slap it on the grill.  The cashier dude that was wearing an Obama pin kept calling me honey, and when I told him I plan on voting for Obama he gave me a free drink.
  • During that lunch I had a conversation about Red Adair.  I wonder if any youth would know about him, heck, I wonder if anyone my age would know anything about him.
  • I remember my youth minister telling me that every girl I take out on a date should be one that I would consider marrying.  In retrospect, I think that was some of the worst advice I’ve ever received.  Not only was that a lot of undue pressure, but I think I missed out on some very good opportunities just to have a female friend.
  • I wish the fall TV season hurry up and get here.
  • I have a friend that smashes a fortune cookie before he eats it, that always cracked me up.
  • The thought of homeschooling a child scares me.
  • Geek 2.0
  • Remember that episode of The Office where Jim brings a tuna fish sandwich to work ONE time and his coworker Andy gave him the nickname “Tuna” and calls him by that nickname all the time?  Well, this guy at work found out I built a fence last summer and now he always refers to me as Keith Builder.
  • I had a friend at Fidelity that took his Series 7 Examination on the morning of Sept 11, 2001 – which is about a six hour exam.  On his way to take the test he was listening to a CD, and of course while the test is being administered, all test takers are kept away from any media.  When he finished the exam, he had no idea of the terrorist attacks.  He got back in his car and continued to listen to his CD and spent the rest of his day playing video games.  He didn’t find out about the terrorist attacks until about eight o’clock that evening when a friend called to see how he did on his exam.
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. dan says:

    1) Favre may still end up in New England. According to The Onion he’s told the Jets he’s starting to get the retirement itch again.
    2) I think the news stations, particularly the cable news stations, love the elections and hurricane coverage, because they are relatively easy stories to do and provide endless hours of video.
    3) I’ve known a few people who home-schooled. I don’t know where they get the discipline to keep it up every day. Also I wonder about science, languages, and music. To be done correctly these programs required skilled teachers and equipment.
    4) Your story reminds me of Al Franken telling the story of visiting his mother in a nursing home on 9/11. The attacks occurred while he was visiting and the two of them stayed glued to the TV the entire day watching devastation unfold for hours on end. As he was leaving that evening he told his mother how terrible it was to watch the disaster as it was happening. His aged mother replied, “That’s OK, at least no one got hurt”.

  2. Doug says:

    I never tire of Ike coverage. The Port Neches cops ran my elderly aunt and uncle out of their home this morning. I hope they don’t lose it all.

    Red Addair is a Texas icon. His work helped Iraq recover after Desert Storm.

  3. HayMoose says:

    Well, I have two boys under the age of two, there are stories from friend why teach in public school. stories of 6th graders getting caught doing adult activities (I will put it that way.) How old will children be when experimenting with sex when my sons start school? Home school looks better all the time my friend. These stories may be exaggerated, or rare, but how common in 3 to 5 years?

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