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Say Your Prayers

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Impressive pitch, the Rangers should sign her

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A Crappy Monday Until I Checked The Mail

I had a bad case of “The Mondays” until I came home for lunch and checked the mail.   It was like a ray of sunshine hitting my face. In the mailbox was a small package with “Do Not Bend” … Continue reading

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Obama/Osama Church Sign Causes Controversy

A sign is causing heated arguments outside of a church in Jonesville. Pastor Roger Byrd of Jonesville Church of God put the sign up which reads “Obama Osama humm are they brothers?” Pastor Byrd says the sign is not meant … Continue reading

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Pen and Paper

Here’s an interesting photo I received in an email [Thanks, Carl!], you can see a larger version here. I find it interesting that not only everyone except for the person circled in this University of Missouri classroom has a laptop, … Continue reading

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Oprah Boutique

A store that sells stuff that is Oprah approved. But here’s the most interesting part: “Oprah’s Closet”- a wardrobe full of items once worn, or treasured by Oprah now available to the public. All sales from “Oprah’s Closet” benefit Oprah’s … Continue reading

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The man who was Stalin’s body double finally tells his story

The narrow, baggy eyes and droopy moustache are unmistakable – features that terrified half the world, condemned millions to a cruel death and which even today are an instant symbol of monstrous despotism. Yet the man who so clearly has … Continue reading

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Ten ways to make church guests feel unwelcome

1. Make parking for first-time guests inconvenient. 2. Get grouchy greeters. 3. Forgo a Welcome Center. 4. Treat guests like a doctor’s office treats new patients. 5. Don’t escort guests to their classrooms. 6. Put questions in parents’ minds about … Continue reading

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Christians Promote Holy, Hot Sex in Marriage – People of Faith Have Better Sex Than ‘Swingers,’ Says Pastor

More evangelical couples — once embarrassed and prudish about sex — are now leaving their Christian inhibitions at the bedroom door. For this growing group of younger, more progressive Christians, guilt is out and pleasure is in. “We discovered that … Continue reading

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YoungMe – NowMe

Lots of photos of adults posing for pictures they originally took when they were kids. Link

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What kind of donut are you?

A bit surprising as I only eat two kinds of donuts, a simple glazed and white powdered. You Are a Powdered Devil’s Food Donut A total sweetheart on the outside, you love to fool people with your innocent image. On … Continue reading

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No Tithe, No Church Membership

A church member of Victory Time Full Gospel Church on Anniston Drive, received a letter from her pastor stating she would lose her church membership if she did not pay her tithes within the next thirty days. Emma Hafferkamp says … Continue reading

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