Bag of Randomness

  • WifeGeeding made a trip to our local Wal-Mart Supercenter last night and informed me not one cart was available.
  • I feel pressured to say Wal-Mart Supercenter and not Super Wal-Mart because I a former coworker would always correct me and accuse me of changing the store name.
  • Speaking of Wal-Mart: Target Cheaper Than Wal-Mart As Gap Widest In Two Years
  • Now that the Red Sox have all sorts of cap room available, I bet you will see Josh Hamilton in a home jersey at Fenway next year.  Personally, I wouldn’t miss him, he’s too much of a headcase and inconsistent.
  • I saw one of our local news stations doing a feature on health code violations at popular restaurants the other night.  Seriously, they do this at least once a year, and it’s such low hanging fruit . . . I just expect more out of investigative journalism.
  • I was in the post office the other day and a mother was letting her little daughter go crazy and from time to time correct her in loud Spanish.  However, once outside the building, she was correctly her softly in English.  #confused
  • I always use to make fun of former Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Ernie Zampese’s addition to cigarettes.  In the latest MMQB, Zampese and his doctors claim that his stroke somehow flip a switch in his brain which causes him to no longer crave a cigarette.
  • Is Skip Bayless the worst thing to ever come out of Dallas?
  • Jerry Jones has been criticized by the local media for not drafting ‘troubled’ wide receiver Randy Moss and really missing out on an incredible player . . . and the same media is criticizing Jones for drafting ‘troubled’ wide receiver Dez Bryant.  You’re damned if you do, you are damned if you don’t.
  • How on earth could the Cowboys let the Dez Bryant rules and restrictions out?
  • So many folks in the area wonder why Jerry Jones keeps doing Papa John’s commercials.  I guess they forget he owns a 49% stake in over 70 franchises in the area.
  • MTV has their own fantasy election website.
  • Maybe it’s because no one has really invited me to be a part of a fantasy football league, and I’m not asking anyone to, but I kind of think of fantasy football as something of the past or just for guys in their 20’s.
  • There’s been a crazy amount of high school football being televised on ESPN as of late.
  • Speaking of high school football, the here’s a top ten ranking.  Two of the top ten teams are in the DFW area.  Surprisingly, at least to me, Dallas Skyline outranks Southlake Carroll.
  • I admire you, Bill Nye, but at least we don’t live in Turkey.
  • Video of lava being poured on six feet of ice
  • YouTube – “Now, how would you feel, Mrs. Armstrong, if it turned out – of course nobody knows – but if it turns out that your son is the first man to land on the moon? What, how do, how would you feel?”
  • Man Killed While Trying to Create Bigfoot Sighting
  • A great back to school photo
  • Seriously, it’s the last straw
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