Bag of Randomness

  • I forgot to mention that I thought the people of Chicago were extremely friendly to all their visitors.  They would have made a great host city for the Olympic games.
  • While watching last night’s preseason game between the Bears and Giants, it was interesting seeing two Cowboys offensive starters from last year participate.
  • We’re getting a new roof on Wednesday, I wonder how the baby and dogs are going to react.
  • It’ almost time for the NFL regular season to begin, if you don’t know who to root for, here’s a flow chart to help you out.
  • At the 2011 Disney D23 Expo Legends ceremony, the voices of the modern princesses performed lived.  Of all the talent, I don’t think there’s any beating Jodi Benson.  This link includes their performances as well as a Muppet tribute to Jim Henson.
  • Interesting timing: S&P announces its president is stepping down, just weeks after ratings agency downgraded US debt
  • I’m thinking you can pull some pretty good jokes using these Air Swimmers.
  • Nolan Ryan was voted ‘Most Handsome’ his sophomore year, here’s a picture.
  • Gov Good hair likes to touch hair.
  • One man decided to tweet during a flight that he wanted a steak when he landed, and he got it.
  • The Placenta Cookbook
  • A doctor removed a penis without first discussing it with the patient.  If I’m the patient and there was a limit on medical malpractice suites, I’d feel screwed by the doctor and the state.
  • Animated GIF: 30 Years of Music Industry Change
  • Every book Obama has read since the last election
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