New Catholic Bible deletes ‘cereal,’ ‘booty’ and ‘holocaust’

It’s not the first time Catholics have tried to modernize the Bible but it may be the oddest.

The New American Bible Revised Edition (NABRE), which was set to make its debut on Ash Wednesday, March 9, aimed to make the text easier to understand by making a number of little tweaks, both subtle and obvious, in hopes of making it easier to read. Among them, deleting the words “cereal,” “booty” and, oddly enough, “holocaust,” was said to have taken place to help people better understand scripture.

After reading this part, I’ve decided it’s going to be the best Bible of all time:

“It will be like going from regular TV to high-definition,” Mary Elizabeth Sperry, associate director of New American Bible utilization for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, told Catholic News Service. “You’ll have the same programs but more clarity, more detail.”

I guess the only thing that can beat a high-definition Bible is a 3-D Bible.  And unlike the old version, you know for sure there wasn’t any Cheerios in biblical times:

The word “cereal,” originally referring to bushels of wheat, had been removed because of fears readers might confuse it for a breakfast food.

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