Taco Bell Petitions Federal Reserve “We Want Our $2 Bills!”

Taco Bell® launched a national petition to the Federal Reserve calling on them to circulate more $2 bills to celebrate its all-new $2 Meal Deal. Consumers who crave value and enjoy the quirky nature of the $2 bill are asked to sign the petition on the “$2 Dollar Deal” tab at www.facebook.com/tacobell for Taco Bell’s “$2 Meal Deal Appeal” campaign.

The Federal Reserve prints all denominations according to demand. However, the $2 bill has not been in demand and production of the note is the lowest of U.S. paper money at less than one percent of all bills printed. The last year the $2 bill was printed was 2006. While older generations of Americans treat the $2 bill with reverence, giving them as gifts or keeping them for good luck, younger generations have yet to discover it.

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