‘Horse with No Name’ was actually called ‘Derek’ – but it could have been Keith

In a confession that looks set to rock the US singer-songwriter fraternity to the core, the author of America’s transatlantic top 5 hit A Horse With No Name has admitted that the horse in question was actually named by the writer ‘on the second part of the journey’. Nearly four decades after its release Dewey Bunnell broke the news whilst promoting his new autobiography ‘Na Na Naa Na-na-na-na-naaah’ on LA’s KWHY Radio.

‘Face it, the desert is a pretty boring place,’ he said. ‘There really wasn’t much else for me to do, so I ended up considering all sorts of names. ‘I tried singing, ‘I’ve been through the desert on a horse called Keith’ but I ran out of rhymes. For a while the horse was called ‘Ray’, ‘Bryan’ then ‘Alan’ and following a particularly severe case of sunstroke he was a horse called ‘Mighty Zoltan the Destroyer.’

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