Bag of Randomness

  • I enjoy watching The Office but Jim is starting to annoy me.
  • I thought WFAA did the strangest thing yesterday reporting about former Yankee and Texas Ranger Hall of Famer John Wetteland’s possible suicide attempt.  As the anchor was reading the story, the images on TV was of Wetteland pitching as a Ranger.  I know, there’s nothing wrong with that, but the video clip was of someone hitting a homerun off one of his pitches.  You figured they would want to show a positive clip of a former local athlete with suicide problems.
  • For the heck of it I decided to check out his Wikipedia page to see if there was any mention of the suicide reports.  As of this time, there was no mention, but it did mention he was a born-again Christian.
  • From my fortune cookie last night, “In this world it is not what we take up, but what we give up, that makes us rich.”
  • I wish the NFL would stop playing Thursday night football.
  • Rice and potatoes are my Achilles heel.
  • This weekend I plan on working out some numbers in regards to my health insurance.  I had an idea that coverage was going to take a dip, just not this drastic.   You’d think the largest human resources company in the world could negotiate better rates.  Thanks to all of you that left comments yesterday leaving me your two cents.  All of a sudden the whole health care debate has come very real to me.
  • I don’t think I would ever want to buy an electronic book device.
  • When you really think about it, the advancement of HDTV’s has really been amazing.  When I first moved to DFW ten years ago I didn’t know one person that had one, now I don’t know of anyone that doesn’t have one.  Heck, even WifeGeeding’s 92-year-old grandmother has one.
  • I guess you can say the same thing about cell phones.
  • Before the cell phone, I use to have a lot of phone numbers memorized.  Now, I probably have no more then a handful memorized.
  • I’ve noticed that when I’m at home watching YouTube videos, it takes forever for the video to load – like it’s 1998 or something.  I checked out and my speed certainly seems sufficient enough.
  • CaptureDownloadspeedtest
  • I invited one of the new guys from work to come home with me yesterday.  His name is Stan Still, and he’s a bit of an introvert, a very quiet fellow, so I decided to try to get him out of his shell.
  • Here’s a picture of us cruising around.
  • After spending all day working indoors, he wanted to spend some time outside, so we decided to walk the dogs.
  • He was even nice enough to help me rake up some leaves.
  • After dinner, we all decided to play a game of Monopoly.
    After a few beers, he really starts to loosen up and cracks a few jokes.  I didn’t want to break it to him, but we heard those jokes before, so we just gave him some courtesy laughter to build up his self-esteem.
    You know, we think the more he drank the better he played.  He really started to show his competitive side.
  • Grace
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11 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Joann says:

    Regarding the electronic book device, it's great , I enjoy reading very much sometimes a book a week, and I bought a Sony reader last year. It goes everywhere with me.I still buy conventional books and scan them into the reader, in addition to downloading from sony's site.

  2. MamaToots says:

    Cute pictures!! btw………WifeGeeding's g/mother may HAVE HDTV, but she doesn't know what that is! 🙂 And, sometimes she's wondering if the t.v. is "on" or "off". Gotta' love her……….she's something else!!

  3. Gracie says:

    Stan Still pics are funny.

    Your speeds on were great! Are you on Verizon Fios?

  4. Rev. Hart says:

    WifeGeeding is a good sport.

    Regarding the health insurance debate hitting home, the same thing happened to us last year. Just as the campaign was in full swing, we ran into major issues with our health insurance company, even being denied care for our baby at one point. We supposedly have a great health care package, but we ended up paying $7,500 in one year for totally normal health issues, out of pocket. It was (and is) a mess. This is why we're praying for the health care bill to pass! Although I do wish we could just start over and make a totally socialized system.

  5. Geeding: I bought myself a Sony Reader a couple of months ago, and it has been the greatest thing I have owned since DinoBots. I read every single day, and always have something with me to kill time, no matter where I am. It is small, very portable, and very easy to read. Plus, if you get a Sony, you can check out digital copies from the Frisco Library for two weeks, so you have a ton of books available to check out at any time…dude, you need to rethink your stance on the e-readers, because they are flat out awesome.

  6. MamaToots says:

    E-readers are great……….IF you are a reading fan!! I have saved a LOT of money by using my Kindle rather than buying a book from the store. I get my book choice INSTANTLY and that's a plus for those of us who live miles from Barnes/Noble! Also, it's easy to carry around in my purse so a "good read" is always handy! But, again I say………unless you are an avid reader, it's probably not worth the amount it cost!

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