This guy is running for governor

My jaw dropped about three times in the first 30 seconds of this rally.

Credit: Barry’s blog

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5 Responses to This guy is running for governor

  1. dan says:

    Keith, I'm unclear: What's the distinction between secession and freedom versus sovereignty?

    This guy should be invited to speak at BON's Ticked Off Tuesday meeting,

  2. Greg says:

    "I became a secessionist because the US government had trample Texas sovereignty too many times."

    Lifted straight from No joke.

  3. Shawn Wilson says:

    First off I thought all the crazies lived in my state!! LOL Second, that guy has NO IDEA what it means to be an American like the Founders and those great men he quoted!! Secession is NOT the answer for ANY State!!! Are there issues we need to work out? Of course but it will take people reading our Founding Documents and studying the lives of our Founders to understand what we lost and what we need to get back to!!
    WOW!! I hate to see this kind of idea being promoted and celebrated. Washington didn't have a secession. He had a war! A war that cost many lives. THis guy must have skipped over that part.

  4. Dude says:

    It's amazing what a recession and a black president will do to the perspective of these yahoos. I would bet money that this dude was wrapping himself in that flag back in 2003 when it was time to go to war against Iraq… fully behind Bush and accusing anyone against the war of being a traitor.

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