Bag of Randomness


  • It’s been a long hot Texas summer, but yesterday was just great.
  • WifeGeeding bought me a gift certificate for a traditional shave for my birthday.
  • Thanks to the Dude, I learned about the latest on Bob’s Steak and Chop House.
  • There are three nicknames going around for the giant video board at Cowboys Stadium:
    • Jerrytron
    • Godzillatron
    • The Screen Monster
  • I’m not sure which one I like the best.
  • I’ve been having some problems with my HP laptop that I bought back in Feb 2008, so I have been emailing their support department back and forth for a couple of weeks now trying various things.  I thought this would be a very annoying or troubling thing to do, and yes I can tell some of the email is scripted and all the names are Indian, but I have actually been impressed with the level of service.
  • The biggest surprise is that they agree with me it’s a hardware issue and that they are willing to pay to have it shipped to them to be repaired at no cost.  They are actually sending me a box to place the laptop in, and will have it back to me within a week.
  • Note: Blogging may be impacted for a week.
  • The only way I knew I bought that laptop back in Feb 08 is because I have an email folder where I keep all my purchase confirmations.
  • Now I’m waiting for the Mac and GMail bullies to come out.
  • I wish the Houston Texans football team had a different name.
  • When you mix music from The Carpenters with a Matrix fight scene, it has a Pulp Fiction kind of feel.
  • Medical Addictions of the Cartoon World
  • Interactive Manhattan Smell Map
  • Sometimes all a wife wants is a big hug when you come home.
  • I find it a bit weird buying trash bags and toilet paper knowing the only reason I purchase them is to dispose of them.
  • Grace
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