West Texas field reads: ‘Say no to Obama!’

LUBBOCK — A former art teacher used his West Texas field to carve out a protest about the Obama administration’s proposed overhaul of the health care system.

Sam Bates recently plowed some weeds and left behind the message “Say no to Obama!” that’s best viewed from the air.

Bates said he had some “free time” and wanted to offer his unhappiness with what’s been going on in Washington.

“This is a sign of frustration,” Bates told KCBD-TV on Monday.

“You know, it’s not so much Obama, but just some of the things he’s done recently with the health bill he’s trying to pass through, and it’s just as much Republican and Democrats fault in the House and the Senate that won’t stand up to some of the things. That’s basically what’s frustrated me,” Bates said.

The Obama administration has been pushing its proposal to reshape the $2.5 trillion health system.

Bates said he dug out his message for the benefit of pilots flying in and out of Lubbock.

“I thought, maybe some pilots flying from here to Dallas would get a good chuckle,” he said.

Bates said his friend who is a crop duster helped him put aerial photos of the field on the Internet.

The sign in the lake bed will disappear when the season changes.

“Once winter hits it will kill these weeds, and who knows, maybe next year I’ll have something else,” said Bates.

Houston Chronicle

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