2 Responses to Top 10 Failed McDonald’s Products

  1. Kelly says:


  2. donkey hater says:

    Hey I remember the McDLT it was the bomb (well if you consider anything at mickey dees good) it had a huge box cause the burger was not put together. I cannot really remember the hot side being that hot but the cold side was cool. I guess fat people were too lazy to put the two halfs together and considered it too much work to do before they stuffed their pie hole and then drove around the block to the next McDs to get another set of of McDs dogfood burgers and shove them down their bloodclot.

    The only good thing at Mcdonalds is the fries and they have to be had immediately after their greasy bath or they are gross too! Kind of like the employees serving them, GROSS.

    I dont go to mickey dees cause their dogfood makes my stomach hurt bad.

    see ya fatso’s

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