Customer Service Hall of Shame and Fame‏

Somehow I got included in a press release that informed me of the latest Customer Service Hall of Shame and Fame companies.

Here’s the Hall of Shame
#1 AOL
#2 Comcast
#3 Sprint
#4 Capital One
#5 Time Warner Cable
#7 Qwest
#8 Abercrombie and Fitch
#9 Bank of America
#10 Citigroup

I did contact Sprint the other day to gripe about my new data plan, but I also complimented them on the excellent customer service I received at the store.  All in all, they gave me a considerable credit to my account.

And here’s the Hall of Fame

#2 Trader Joe’s
#3 Netflix
#4 Amazon
#5 Nordstrom
#6 Publix
#7 Whole Foods
#8 Apple
#9 Costco
#10 Southwest Airlines

I’m proud to be working for one of these companies, and I’m a USAA loyalist to the end.  As a matter of fact, I remember when my father was in the hospital, about to die a few months later, and one piece of advice he gave me was to stay loyal to USAA because they won’t disappoint.

I know for sure three of the Hall of Fame members are Texas based, with two of them based in DFW.

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  1. Kim says:

    I'm DYING for a Trader Joe's, the nearest one is in Albuquerque!

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