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    • I know some of you are looking at the above image and thinking you may be on Barry’s blog, but trust me, you’re on BoN.  This dancer for the NBA’s New Jersey Nets says she’s a direct descendent of Abraham Lincoln, and that piece of wood she is holding is from Lincoln’s log cabin.  Article
    • Reader David was nice enough to send pictures of the plane that landed in the Hudson being transported by truck through a downtown area.
    • Recently we heard two satellites in orbit recently crashed into one another.  More recently we saw falling debris over the north Texas sky.  It was first assumed that the debris was satellite parts, but now the story is that it was a meteorite the size of a truck.  Tie all that together with the UFO sighting in Stephenville, TX and the inner Mulder in me wants to believe.
    • Turn your VCR into a toaster.  Link
    • Beginning around 1900, senators began inscribing their names in the drawers of their desks.  See Obama’s signature here on the same desk with Robert Kennedy’s and others.
    • I’m really enjoying, and feel really challenged by the When Christians Get It Wrong sermons I’ve been listening to.  I recently listened to the In Dealing With Homosexuals sermon that was extremely touching, and it ended with Micah 6:8.  During the sermon he even made a brief comparison to evangelical and mainline interpretations which I found interesting.  I never thought I would be one of those that would fall in love with a church via the web, but who knew?
    • Baby floor sweeper.  Link
    • Obama’s Elf.  YouTube
    • Star Wars force trainer.  Link
    • My wife and I were brought together because of a extra ticket to a Mavericks game.  I recently discovered this was the same for one of my readers as well.  Thanks for buying that team, Mark Cuban.  If that team would have continued to suck, both Andy and I probably would still be single.
    • It’s official, the first event in the new Cowboys stadium is going to be a bunch of country music artists.  Vomit.  Blerg.  Grrr.  Urghhh.  S.  Jerry would have done better if he reunited Wham! and Captain and Tennille, or scheduled Stars on Ice or the Ice Capades.  Or how about a Bill Gaither concert?  Heck, I’m even up for rolling Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin’s carcass out there.  I’m about this far from defecting to another franchise.  Saints/Bengals/Cards/Chargers/Titans here I come.
    • If he really wanted to appeal to the regional masses, how about a tejano concert?
    • And if I correctly recall, the first football game will be between OU and BYU?  Sheeesh.  He could have at least sheduled two Texas teams.  Who wouldn’t want to watch Hardin-Simmons vs Howard Payne.  Oh . . .
    • The stadium will be filled regardless.  Not because of the acts or the team, but people will attend just to sight see.
    • I think the last time I saw something planned so well was the liberation of . . . oh, nevermind.
    • Come on, Keith.  Think happy thoughts . . . happy thoughts.  Go to your happy place.  Get yourself a video-watch-phone.
    • It looks like Willow Creek Church in Chicago is having some “sexual impurity” issues with one of their pastors.  Article There’s one thing I did appreciate about this article, the leadership of the church stated they were going to pray for him.  I think most of the time the church just cut ties and ignores a tremendous opportunity to minister to someone who has fallen on rock bottom.
    • But Saddleback Church wants their members to fill some empty grocery bags.
    • Are you a theistic evolutionist?
    • Faith of Britain Day is a day that focuses all of the positive energy in the country towards achieving our hopes and aspirations. For exactly two minutes on March 6th at 11.00am our consortium of psychics and healers will act as a channel for the positive thoughts of the entire country.
    • “Keep obesity away from your child” is the tagline of a new campaign by Texas-based Hispanic shop LatinWorks for an organization called Active Life Movement. Instead of fat kids, the ads show fat toys: a superhero, pirates and a Barbie-like doll.  Link
    • I found the new Bristol Palin interview interesting.  Being very protective of her family, I’m surprised her mother would allow her to be interviewed, but I thought it was a good thing she had her own thoughts and opinions and felt comfortable expressing them even if they are different from her high profile mother.
    • But I wonder if it is hypercritical (that may be too strong of a word) to tell the media to stay away from her family, but she’s allowing her daughter to be interviewed.
    • House prices on the Dubai artificial island have dropped fifty percent.
    • Missing Iraq billions could be ‘greatest fraud in US history
    • That’s some serious ear hair.
    • No I will not move to the side of the road.  Pic
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    4 Responses to Bag of Randomness

    1. George says:

      You could always be an E A G L E S fan!

      Also… I’m a 6-day creationist, but only because I think it’s fun to get people riled up about it.

    2. PeteJ says:

      How I’ve always seen creationist/evolution argument (and this is definately in the weird catagory) is that it is likely that our planet is millions and millions of years old and that evolution was the growth mechanism of our species in how it was setup. BUT. I also believe that God created the entire shooting match in 6 days and it’s consistent with the fact that when he formed adam out of the dust of the ground Adam wasn’t likely a baby, but a full grown man of X age. He created the stars in process too. So, if God created an adult male and an adult female then he most likely created an adult Universe too that was billions of years old when it was created. Does that make sense? I know it’s weird, but it jives with me that God created a Universe that was already in motion.


    3. dan says:

      •I don’t know a lot about Dubai but I’ve read recently that it is undergoing financial problems, primarily due to a real estate bubble. Dubai has no oil revenue of its own and wants Abu Dhabi, another UAE country, to bail them out. I’m always surprised to read about Middle Eastern oil countries with financial problems. Iran has one of the biggest oil reserves in the world and is a net importer of oil because of their mismanagement.
      •The biggest problem I have with Jerry and his new stadium is that it seems whenever the Cotton Bowl people propose a possible new football match-up to keep the stadium operating, Jerry has to stick his nose into in an effort to disrupt the negotiations and move the game to his place. It seems as though he won’t rest until he puts Fair Park out of business.
      •I remember when those pallets of dollar bills arrived in Iraq. I just knew most of it would quietly disappear. There is absolutely no accounting going on over there. The continuous rotation of administrative people guarantees that corruption will be rife. There are number of good books out about how the Iraq occupation was bungled the minute the country fell. Dubya awarded George Tenet, Paul Bremmer and Tommy Franks with medals after the war “ended” and those three are primarily responsible for the mess we are still cleaning up

    4. Jessie says:

      I read somewhere (in a transcript of the Bristol Palin interview) that her mom didn’t know she’d signed on to do the interview until the night before the taping. Also, Bristol is 18 years old, so there’s no legal way her mother could have stopped her from doing the interview. Sarah Palin was there for the interview and even made a few comments towards the end. I think it’s good that she appeared supportive rather than yanking the interview and creating a whole other spectacle out of a family situation.

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