Using the Bible to keep girls in “their place”

Unfortunately, Kacy has become famous not for her leg but her gender. Initially, she was barred from playing in the Georgia Football League, comprising teams of home-schoolers and small Christian academies, because she’s a girl. She was reinstated by the league only after the threat of a lawsuit.

That part of the story is fairly familiar, repeated elsewhere around the country in recent years in schools both public and private. But it took a twist last weekend when Kacy returned to the field for her first game with her New Creation team only to meet objections by her opponents.

“The East Atlanta Mustangs didn’t play us under protest but they were allowed to read a statement on their beliefs about female football players,” according to New Creation coach, Coach Ken Townley. “They used biblical verses from the book of Romans. I was very stunned by that.”

Full Article with two videos

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