World’s Weirdest Wedding Customs

All over the world, people practice numerous wedding customs that have been passed on through many generations. Although each has a long history of meaning and significance, many just seem strange and out of place in today’s culture.

Check out some of the historical wedding customs that are still practiced today, much to the intrigue and wonderment of its audience.


For example:

Blackening the Bride

In the Scottish pre-wedding tradition of “Blackening the Bride,” The bride is taken by surprise and covered with foul substances, such as eggs, various sauces, feathers, and well you name it…

The bride to be, officially blackened, is the then paraded around town, and of course a few pubs, for all to see.

Filmed in Fraserburgh and Rosehearty, in the north east of Scotland in 2007. A bride to be is subjected to a traditional ‘blackening’, one of the strangest of all pre-wedding traditions.

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