Hulk Hogan Finalizing Deal to Host NBC’s ‘American Gladiators’

250hulkhogan.jpgProfessional wrestler and VH1 reality show star Hulk Hogan has signed on to host NBC’s upcoming remake of “American Gladiators,” sources say.

Hogan made the rounds at NBC’s Burbank offices last week and has accepted the job. The deal is still being finalized, but sources say both parties are committed.

NBC sees Hogan as “the perfect fit” for the “Gladiators” revival, sources say. In addition to his experience as a physical performer during his years with the World Wrestling Federation, Hogan has proved he can draw viewers with sheer force of personality in his successful VH1 reality series “Hogan Knows Best.”

The network plans to showcase “Gladiators” sometime in midseason.

Like the early-1990s original, the new “Gladiators” will have everyday weekend warriors competing against the show’s cast of athletes. The remake will add special effects, water skills and high-tech stunts.


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3 Responses to Hulk Hogan Finalizing Deal to Host NBC’s ‘American Gladiators’

  1. heather says:

    HE’S DEFINITELY past the age of looking good without his shirt!

  2. Think Jacob says:

    My wife and I always notice that his gut is way too bulgy. It doesn’t look muscle-y, but it doesn’t look fat. It’s like a big tumor.

    I used to love American Gladiators. I’m probably going to watch this one.

  3. Doug says:

    My friend, who was the US amauer kickboxing champ, in the 1990s tried out to be a competitor. The first thing they have you do is 50 push ups in 60 seconds. That weeded out myself and about 95% of the others, including my friend. I did 47 and he did 48. After that, you had to do a bunch of pull ups, then some agility. The survivors were extremely wirey and strong but no match for a 250lb gladiator.

    PS. The gladiators would never pass the skills they put us through even juiced up with all the steroids they use…way too bulky.

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