No Female Captains – Proverbs 31


“To Capt. / WestJet,” the note, written on the back of a napkin reads, “The cockpit of airlier [sic] is no place for a woman. A woman being a mother is the most honor not as “captain” Proverbs 31 (Sorry not P.C.) P.S. I wish WestJet could tell me a fair lady is at the helm so I can book another flight! Were [sic] short mothers not pilots Westjet.

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Change The Way You Watch YouTube

I had no idea there was a comic or VHS mode.

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Runners Give Spontaneous Tribute To 95-Year-Old WWII Vet Who Came To Cheer

The 408K Race in San Jose is already an inspiring event. The annual 8-kilometer run benefits the Pat Tillman Foundation, which funds scholarships for military veterans. This year, runners made it all the more memorable with a spontaneous tribute to a 95-year-old World War II veteran who had come out in his full uniform to cheer them.

San Jose Mercury News reporter Julia Prodis Sulek captured the stirring salute Sunday as runners shook the hand of Joe Bell and thanked him for his service.


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Bag of Randomness


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How China Choreographs Press Conferences

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Impressive Selfie


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A battle of pregnant women named Lisa on ‘The Price is Right’ was better than expected

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Eight-year-old boy who found $20 in a parking lot and was thinking of spending it on a new video game. That changed when he saw the man in uniform.

The solider reminded him of the father he lost.

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Not your average sisters dancing

Check out this heartwarming performance from #JAMfestDSN! Two sisters prove that you can do anything as long as you believe. This is what the sport of dance is all about!
Sisters Quincy and Gracie Latkovski have been dancing together for years and want to inspire others through their dancing.

Gracie, 9 years old, says that she loves dancing and wants to show that she can do ANYTHING everyone else can because she believes in her dreams.

Can’t miss performance from #JAMfestDSN from The JAM Brands on Vimeo.

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The Christian version of the Boy Scouts may need to rethink their creed hand gestures



Full Article

I will admit there’s no real context to this picture, so there’s a chance they were only in that position for just a second or two.

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Stuck between a retaining wall and a hard place

As you know, we had a retaining wall built because our backyard sloped so much we never could really utilize it. I was hoping for the work to be complete before BoyGeeding’s birthday party a few Saturday’s ago so I could “impress” the in-laws and avoid any work on the wall during the party, but that didn’t happen, no biggie.  Part of me thought having the crew continue their work on a Saturday during the party would be a good thing since my father-in-law would like to check out the construction and he’s the kind of guy that has never met a stranger, so I knew he would enjoy talking to the crew.

While we were having our BoyGeeding’s birthday party we noticed one of the crew had his wife, two elementary aged kids, and one 5-month old in their truck. They stayed inside the truck the entire time. I’m not one to complain, but it made things really awkward having a party inside when an entire family was just stuck in a truck.  The weather was nice and all, but just sitting inside a truck for about seven hours can’t be comfortable.  I’m assuming the father who was working on the wall didn’t want to create any awkwardness or get in trouble with his boss or make us feel uncomfortable. My father-in-law noticed and had WifeGeeding make some sandwiches and pour some lemonade, and they both took them out there.  WifeGeeding was actually brought to some tears at one point, those kids needed to get some energy out and she was concerned for that five-month-old.  After the party we pulled some outdoor play toys for those kids to play with, like a small plastic slide and playhouse, in an area right next to the truck but away from the work, you know, safety reasons and al. The mother really didn’t want her kids to leave the truck, but we just felt for those kiddos and tried to invite them inside to watch the Olympics. I talked to the crew head and told him I didn’t want anyone to get in trouble, but those kids need to get out and play. We have no idea how they would have eaten or used the bathroom for that amount of time. For the seven or so hours they were here, I’d say only an hour was spent outside the truck, and that was at our urging.

No work was performed on Sunday but on Monday that male crew member brought his five-month-old and four-year-old because the sitter was on vacation.  Both stayed in the truck almost the entire time.  As a matter of fact, you can even see her in the timelapse video.  At one point I saw the little girl leave the truck and urinate in the alley. I was trying to hide this from WifeGeeding so I brought some toys as well as some food and drinks, but when WifeGeeding found out, she actually babysat or looked after them on the back porch. She feared taking them out of view in case some bogus claim was made. That poor baby appears to have been stuck in the car seat for just about the whole time and was a bit warm, but didn’t seem to be uncomfortable and never cried.

I struggled on what to do.  Once was bad enough, but this happened twice and we were concerned about the well being of the kids.  Yes, we were uncomfortable, but those kids just didn’t seemed properly cared for.  If I talk the owner, the crewman might lose his job, which he he needs to support the family. The kids weren’t in danger, but certainly weren’t put in the best of conditions. On the other hand, not only does the owner have a right to know for various professional reasons, but those kids deserve better than being stuck in a truck for a morning and afternoon without nourishment or access to a bathroom. While they might not have been suffering, it didn’t seem humane, at least by our American standards.

The owner came over the next day to inspect the work and I thought the moral thing to do was tell him what I observed because the kids’ interests should be first, at least that’s how I justified it. I took him aside and asked how long that worker has been a part of his crew and complimented his work and friendliness. It turns out it was his first project at his company. I went on to tell the owner I don’t want anyone to be in trouble or get fired, and I understood the man needs this job to support his family, and I explained that the professionalism kinda stuff didn’t bother me, but the situation the kids were put in broke our hearts.  He was very understanding and thanked me for informing him and apologized.  What I appreciated the most was that his highest concern was the well being of the kids.

I’m left feeling a bit awkward about the situation, wondering if I did the right thing, thankful my kids are fortunate, concerned about the crewman’s family, and hoping everything works out.

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No Shopping for One Year

After quitting their corporate jobs and serving the poor in Guatemala for a year, Scott and Gabby Dannemiller started a brave experiment: no shopping or buying anything they didn’t absolutely need for one year.

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