Dog Shoveling Snow

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Bag of Randomness


  • Oscars thoughts:
    • The opening of the Oscars was superb and NPH did an exceptional job as host.  I was laughing so hard at his two Travolta jokes I almost woke the kids.  But I could have done without the predictions bit, and I bet in retrospect, he knew it made the show drag a little towards the end.
    • Who doesn’t love JK Simmons, especially after his acceptance speech.  I also enjoyed hearing Eddie Redmayne’s for The Theory of Everything.
    • I never heard of Miles Teller until last night, but at first sight, I thought I was looking at KD Lang.
    • As odd as it might sound, I always look forward to the “In Memoriam” segment, but this year I was disappointed as they used portrait looking stills as opposed to the traditional short video segments.
    • Common gave a hell of an acceptance speech.
    • Lady Gaga proved she’s more than just an act, though I’m sure no one recognized her looking so “normal”.
    • John Stamos was in the crowd?
  • BoyGeeding used a urinal for the first time over the weekend.  I guess that’s his firs step towards manhood.
  • We had a guest pastor fill in Sunday and he preached over fear and compassion.  Interestingly, he used County Judge Clay Jenkins as an example during the local Ebola scare, referencing the time he walked into the family’s apartment with no protective gear and then parents calling his daughter’s school asking for his daughter to stay at home.
  • I use to think the echelon of dining was a great filet mignon or rib-eye, but after experiencing the superior Central Texas BBQ, I’d rather eat brisket or a beef rib.  But when it comes to all three of those meats, no kind of sauce should be required if they are cooked right.
  • That’s not to say I won’t pass up a chicken-fried steak at Babe’s Chicken Dinner House.
  • I bet a lot of out-of-towners think I’m referencing some kind of breastaurant when I mention Babes, but that’s not the case.  An old man use to call his wife Babe and that’s how it got it’s name.
  • Hutchins BBQ was ranked as having the best BBQ in the area by the readers of The Dallas Morning News.  You kinda gotta take that with a grain of salt with Hard 8 coming in second, but I thought I’d check it out once I saw a beef rib featured on their website.  Since there’s two locations, I called mid-Saturday morning to see if the closest location to me had it, and I actually talked to one of the namesakes, Tracy Hutchins.  Unfortunately the beef rib hasn’t been sell well and neither location served it, but he told me to come on by and seek him out, which I did.  You gotta like it when the owner of a place tries to makes a personal connection.  Overall, I can see how it was voted the best – great smoke ring, tender, tasty char, though I still think Pecan Lodge is the best in the area.  But with Hutchins, we didn’t even have to wait at the Frisco location.  The sides were the best of any BBQ joint in the area, and I like how they respect the BBQ tradition as there’s pictures of other great BBQ places hung throughout the establishment.
  • One interesting tidbit about the Hutchins Frisco location, it use to be called Randy White’s BBQ and kind of had a breastaurant theme to it, with Hutchins having a bit of influence.  We ate there when it was Randy White’s and now all the Cowboys themed stuff and skimpy dressed women are gone.
  • One of my friends drove through Alabama and stopped at a place that served white BBQ sauce.  I never heard of such a thing, it sound sacrilegious.  That same friend told me he ate at a Whataburger in Florida and the customer service was friendlier, kinda like what you’d expect at Chick-fil-a.  I didn’t think their reach extended that far.
  • I was looking up Cal Ripken stats and one thing lead to another and I ended up researching the breaking of the glass at Jewish weddings.  Wikipedia states the tradition has to deal with either making sure joy must always be tempered or mourning the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem.  I like this explanation on the latter.  I’ve never been to a Jewish wedding so I’ve haven’t witness such an event.
  • I have been to a handful of black weddings and can’t recall ever witnessing the jumping of the broom, which I always thought was cool.
  • My cadaver book had a chapter about the Shroud of Turin and how a French physician, Pierre Barbet, used a cadaver and then cadaver parts to test where the nails were placed in Jesus during his crucifixion.  If you’re up to it, you can actually see a cadaver placed on a cross here for one of the experiments.  A lot of art show the nails are through the palm, but many believe that would be false as body weight would just tear through the flesh.  Barbet’s research lead him to believe the nails would best support the weight of the body through the wrists, specifically through an area call Destot’s space.  However, a NY doctor later disproved the French physician’s findings stating that nails through the palm could support body weight, even when stressed as the subject would pull the body up for a breath of air.
  • I was driving down the President George Bush Turnpike and noticed a van driving a little slowing than the rest of traffic, outfitted with cameras everywhere, a flashing strobe light, and a huge warning sign stating “Caution, Lasers In Use”.  It kinda look like this one but fancier.  It was testing the condition of the pavement.
  • The Dallas Morning News had a feature on 94-year-old Jim Leavelle.  He was the guy cuffed to Lee Harvey Oswald when he was shot by Jack Ruby.  I feel like I know a lot of uncommon nuggets about the event, but didn’t know that suit was from Neiman Marcus (that means it was quite expensive) and given to him by a friend, and it was originally double-breasted until he had it tailored to a single-breast.  Leavelle felt that a double-breasted jacket impeded his ability to grab his weapon and couldn’t afford another suit.  But perhaps the part that touched me most was the mention of his wife that passed away in October. – “I wake up at night and look over to see if she’s still there. Sometimes I see something interesting on TV and say, ‘Did you see that?’ and then look up and remember she’s not there.
  • The military keeps an impressive boneyard of retired planes in Arizona.  Heck, it’s just fun checking that place out on GoogleMaps.  Last week, for the first time ever, they had to un-retire a plane, specifically a 54-year-old B-52H, to replace one lost in a fire to satisfy an arms treaty.  Even though it spent seven years baking in the desert, it didn’t’ take much to get her back up and running, mainly replacing things like the jet’s fuel lines, seals, and tires.  It sounded like the cockpit was a bit dated which might have been a challenge for the pilots, “We had none of the traditional navigation equipment we’re used to, the inertial navigation system, GPS, so I challenged my navigator, to do ‘dead reckoning.’ Basically he had a radar system and a doppler, so he could ground map with his radar system.
  • Drunk driver and occasional Olympic athlete Michael Phelp got engaged.
  • While waiting for my allergy shot the music ringtone “Sexual Healing” by Marvin Gaye sounded off in the waiting room.
  • God is a woman- Priest who died for 48 minutes claims
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Average Showers and Shampoos by Country





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Motherhood Humor Vidoes

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How BoyGeeding Puts On A Jacket

His grandmother taught him this trick.

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Bag of Randomness


  • WifeGeeding and I sometimes have a hard time verbally understanding what BoyGeeding is saying, but SisterGeeding will translate for him and get it right 100% of the time.
  • My father-in-law is planning a trip to Cuba.  I’d like to see what I can do to be included.  If I end up going, that means the only times I’ve left the country were to visit communist nations.
  • ‘The Big Bang Theory’ referenced and last night (one of the main characters uses “bazinga” as a catchphrase).  For the heck of it, I decided to visit those sites figuring that CBS created something for the fan, but no.
  • In my current hometown of Lewisville a toddler died after a door fell on her.  It sounds like the door was removed so a refrigerator could fit through.  I’m not certain and I’ve been trying to do my research, but I think the father of the girl is a classmate of mine from college.
  • Tickets go on sale today to ride that 2,000-foot Slip-n-Slide at PantherFest in Fort Worth on June 6.  “All sliders need to be 5 yrs and older or 46″ tall – For safety reasons lap riding is not allowed.”
  • I can’t find hardly any details, but Central Market is having a bacon festival in March.
  • The tool used to remove rings from fingers that are too swollen.
  • Buzzfeed – Kentucky Cops Fed Up With The Cold Put Out A Warrant For Elsa From “Frozen”
  • My place of employment is aggressively looking to fill the following positions in the Washington D.C. area: Sr. Analyst/Scheduler,  ITS Senior Transportation EngineerSystems Analyst ESystems Analyst C.   If you or anyone you know that’s interested, please contact me.  And if you are wondering, yes, there’s a referral bonus.
  • The cadaver book I’m reading referenced how the Army used them to test a myth that sandals cause less damage stepping on a land mine than a boot.  The thought being that fragments of the boot help cause more damage.  It turns out there was some validity to the thought and boots were designed differently to help minimize damage.  So instead of losing the entire leg, it may just be a foot or below the knee.
  • GIF – I think I’m more impressed with the dog flipping than the human.
  • Here’s the final ‘Mad Men’ teaser trailer.  Roger’s hair is something else.
  • Today’s dose of ‘MURICA!
  • Clever Vegas advertising spotted in the London underground.
  • Dallas’ 10 Best Burgers | Dallas Observer‏ – If Motor and Maple isn’t included in the top ten, then you know the list is trash.
  • Here’s everything inside the $168,000 Oscar nominee swag bag – The list includes many trips, $75 worth of apples, and a vibrator.
  • Polarized Presidency Chart
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Bag of Randomness


  • I keep hearing people in the area talk about how great of a BBQ place Hard 8 is and after eating there three times already, I just don’t understand how.  But over the past year I’ve become more educated in BBQ, understanding preparation and different styles, knowing you shouldn’t need sauce, as well as the importance of getting the fatty juicy meat from the point of the brisket.  With that in mind I gave Hard 8 another shot yesterday requesting meat from the point.  Overall, it was good, but not great.  While it was tender and passed the pull test, there was a lack of a decent smoke ring and there wasn’t much flavor.  I also prefer a bit of crunchiness on the outside which it lacked, and I guess you can contribute the lack of flavor and crunchiness to their rub.
  • From time to time the Morning Musers on The TICKET will complain about air travel, specifically stating that if you lean your seat all the way back you are being the jerk.  That’s one thing I’ll never agree with them about because everyone has the ability to lean back.  And I don’t think ‘The Dude’ meme applies here.
  • Another thing they will sometime mention that I tend to disagree with them about is if you have to choose between an experience/vacation/trip or a possession, choose the experience every time.  I’d rather spend money on things I can utilize everyday (i.e., level my backyard and add a playset for the kids), which in itself build a many lifetime memories, then take a week long trip – for the most part.  Of course in real life you can compromise on things and get a little bit of both, but generally speaking that’s how I feel.
  • A faithful reader provided a link that the details the harrowing events the night Phil Hartman died.  But I do think the author took some liberties as he stated that Hartman seemed to be smiling, I’m just not sure how he can know such a thing without referencing it.  And another faithful reader sent me this link about Jon Lovitz and Andy Dick fighting about Hartman’s death and his wife.
  • Recently discovered Dr. Seuss book coming out in July – Personally, I always found his work a bit creepy.  But for those of you that are fans of his work, here’s a short video on the process he used to create a book.  I never knew that Green Eggs and Ham was exactly 50 words.
  • MIT estimates it will take 68 days for the first person of Mars One, the Netherlands organization attempting to send people on a one-way to mars, to die.  But the article didn’t specify if those were Earth days or Mars days. But even when you compare sidereal days vs solar days on Mars, you’re looking at roughly a 40-minute longer day on Mars than what you get on Earth.  NASA has a nice graphical quick facts website to help you compare all things Earth and Mars related.
  • This guy is developing a tattoo removal cream, now if there was only other creams to remove other bad decisions.  Upon reading that sentence a second time, there’s a joke in there somewhere.
  • Buzzfeed – 17 Phrases Only Southerners Truly Understand – “Bless your heart” is first on the list, and I laugh wholeheartedly everytime I hear it in public.
  • Buzzfeed Quiz – Can You Guess Which Disney Princess Is Older?
  • I like talking to my conservative friends about some hot button topics because it broadens my view and gives me a better understanding on their stance, but I’m surprised how they often use terminology or concepts that incorrect.  For instance, if we’re talking about evolution, many believe the theory states that humans evolved from monkeys, which isn’t the case, we share a common ancestor which is totally different.  And when it comes to climate change, many will intermingle the terms climate and weather, when they are two different things.  And I have no doubt there are terms I intermingle when talking to them about issues they are more familiar with.  I’m just thankful we have tactful dialogue.
  • One of those conservative friends claimed that liberals were the ones that changed the term “global warming” to “climate change”.  But it was always my understanding that the terminology change is mostly attributed to conservative political consultant Frank Lutz – Although Luntz later tried to distance himself from the Bush administration policy, it was his idea that administration communications reframe “global warming” as “climate change” since “climate change” was thought to sound less severe. 
  • The ‘CBS Evening News’ had a segment on what the American Sniper movie left out in regards to two important things snipers do, stalking unimaginable distances and rifle assembly done by hand which can take up to three days.  One thing that stood out in this segment was the quiet resolve they take in their job, unlike a lot of former service members that tend to write books about their experiences: They’ve all been in combat and none of them will talk about it. I asked Gunnery Sergeant Gerald Gavin if he could tell me how many kills he has but he declined to answer. “It’s just not something that we share, sir,” Gavin told me.
  • One other thing about that segment, trying to spot the snipers in their camouflage and “gillie suits” reminded me about the start of a particular movie, but I can’t recall which one.  I want to say it was one of those Tom Clancy movies.  EDIT:  Turns out it was Clear and Present Danger and here’s the clip.  To my surprise, Clark Gregg is in that movie.
  • I find all our local news stations annoying, but I chose CBS11 for most of my viewing because I can somewhat tolerate it, though I’m not sure how much longer.
  • George Riba filed his last report for WFAA and took us down a nice trip down memory lane.  Since he started in 1973, the four major sports teams have had a total of 44 head coaches and managers.  The Rangers themselves racked up 20 in his tenure.  His “official” goodbye is today at 10:00 PM.
  • I’m jonesing to binge watch the new season of House of Cards.  Maybe I can get WifeGeeding and the kids to visit the grandparents that weekend.
  • I mentioned Morena Baccarin the other day, she’s now the female Lead in the new Deadpool movie.
  • I actually like these NFL concept helmets, and I wouldn’t mind if the Cowboys stepped away from tradition to this one, or at least as an alternative jersey on Thanksgiving.
  • News WifeGeedingII might find interesting – $50 million redo in the works for Solana business park.  Also, she’s quite the beagle fan, so I’m sure she was happy with the Westminster Dog Show.
  • Rolls-Royce Finally Confirms It’s Making an SUV
  • 12 most commonly mispronounced words in Texas
  • Gawker had a weird experiment trying to test how much Brian Williams still carries – Gawker, posing as the personal assistants to Brian Williams, Geraldo Rivera, and Allison Williams, called 15 of New York’s most exclusive restaurants to see who has the most clout. Congratulations to Geraldo, King of New York!
  • If you ever wondered what episode a Simpsons quote came from, just type it here –
  • The Verge – This site can save you the agony of writing condolence notes –
  • This guy wrote about his week at war photography camp.
  • I watched the latest episode of HBO’s ‘Togetherness’ and they played kick the can, a game I have no concept about, but I guess it’s like capture the flag.
  • While watching ‘The Americans’ I saw a white Corning teapot in the background that had a little blue decorative decal on the side which brought back memories of my parents making coffee and us eating breakfast together on Saturday mornings.  They used that thing so much eventually that decal wore off.
  • Norm Macdonald went on a very, very long but informative and entertaining Twitter rant and stated that Eddie Murphy was to be Cosby in the Celebrity Jeopardy! skit.  Man, I could only imagine the crowd’s reaction the buzz on social media for the next two days.  But it appears that Murphy has too much respect for Cosby, didn’t want to kick a man when he was down, and backed out.  And to my surprise, it turns out the whole idea behind that skit came from the mind of Macdonald himself.  ‏ Man, I think that series of tweets was the best thing I’ve read all week.
  • Today’s dose of ‘MURICA! – Little Caesars tries bacon-wrapped crust pizza
  • The Secret Instagram Where Doctors Diagnose Weird Diseases
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This ‘Flow Motion’ Time-Lapse of Dubai is Insane

Time-lapse photographer Rob Whitworth has taken the idea of hyperlapses to the next level with his latest video, “Dubai Flow Motion” (shown above).

It offers a tour of Dubai through the lens of Whitworth’s camera as it does seemingly impossible zooms through various perspectives, from the ground, into an airplane, to the top of the tallest building in the world, and then down to the bottom through the floors.

Full Article

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Basketball stuck on rim in final seconds of game

Kansas Mid-East League 8th Grade Basketball League tournament game. Score is (Riley County Falcons ~white) 26-25 (black ~Rock Creek Mustangs) with only seconds left in the game. Falcons win due to time running out on the clock 2.16.2015

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Bag of Randomness


  • BoyGeeding had his three-year check-up yesterday.  When the doctor tested the reflex on his knee, BoyGeeding kicked his leg up to about nose level because that’s what he and SisterGeeding makes him do when she pretends she’s Doc McStuffins.
  • Thanks to the reader that suggested using pedal blocks for BoyGeeding’s Big Wheel.  I had no idea such a thing existed.
  • I miss the reader that use to comment as ‘Ricardo Perry’.  Just seeing that user name made me chuckle each time.
  • When the self-driving automobile becomes the norm, the morning commute will be interesting seeing how many people people are trying to catch a few more moments of sleep.
  • I know the Super Bowl was played just weeks ago, but I’d put money that Taylor Swift will be the next halftime performer.  At first I thought it would be between her and Justin Timberlake, but then I remembered he was part of one already, and that one involved him being a direct cause of a wardrobe malfunction.
  • Two days after Valentine’s Day WifeGeeding apologized for not getting me anything, I didn’t even realize that until she mentioned it.
  • Phil Hartman’s daughter attended the SNL 40 event.
  • recommended 91.7 FM somewhat recently.  I decided I’d put it in my rotation dial for a week, which means channel surfing when The TICKET is in a commercial break.  I like it enough that it’s staying on the preset.  Speaking of LL, his profile picture use to be Tom Cruise in the movie Collateral.  That was when I first found his blog and was curious as to what he really looked like.
  • This year for Lent I’m giving up Lent, but I was almost tempted to give up blogging again because the experience last year was quite an experience.
  • George R.R. Martin, the author of Game of Thrones, stated that the show will feature deaths that aren’t in the books and we might not like this coming season.
  • Buzzfeed – 25 WTF Disney Moments That Will Ruin Your Childhood – I never knew there were multiple bare breasts in a Disney cartoon (Fantasia).
  • Buzzfeed – A Homeless Woman Walked Eight Miles To Court To Make Sure Her Rapist Was Prosecuted
  • Jimmy Fallon shared some SNL 40 after party stories the other night.  That man seems extremely appreciative of everything that happened in his life, is fantastic at bits, and super friendly.  All he needs to do is brush up on his interviewing skills.
  • For $199 you can get a custom stuffed version of your pet – Cuddle Clones
  • Sixtynine-year-old WWE CEO Vince McMahon is on the cover of Muscle and Fitness looking pretty ripped, though I’m sure it’s not all “natural” no matter what he claims.  Stallone is just a year younger.
  • It would be cool to experience Mardi Gras in New Orleans just once in life, even though drinking and partying is not a part of my lifestyle.
  • Next week’s episode of  ‘Modern Family will take place entirely on Claire’s MacBook Pro with with constant FaceTimes and iMessages.
  • Steve Martin is selling his 7,377-square-foot Montecito mansion for $10,999,500.  It’s nothing I’d imagine him in, it’s one part bunker one part futuristic.
  • A mini-documentary of the puppeteer inside Jabba the Hutt’s stomach.
  • Michael Jordan’s ‘last shot’ in a room made of 10 million LEDs
  • An article about the hotels that cater to the Westminster Dog Show participants.
  • Who’s The Biggest No-Show In Congress? – In the Senate it’s Marco Rubio, in the House it’s John Conyers.
  • Slow news day?  The top story on CBS11’s 10:00 PM newscast was a Wendy’s that was closed due to pest concerns.  For the type of news coverage we have in the area, to have a story like that lead the news is embarrassing.
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Why Can Planes Fly Through Hurricanes And Not Thunderstorms?

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Bag of Randomness


  • Yesterday was BoyGeeding’s actual birthday, and his immediate family has been holding out on his presents since his birthday on Saturday.  DaughterGeeding gave him stuffed toy versions of Tom and Jerry and WifeGeeding and I gave him a Big Wheel.  There’s only one problem with the Big Wheel, his feet can’t quite reach the peddles.  That recommended ages for the Big Wheel is three to seven, so I jumped the gun a bit.  The Big Wheel was a big player in my toddler years.
  • A mother of a three-year-old was at BoyGeeding’s party and they gifted him a Nerf Vortex, which is meant to be thrown further than a regular football and has an age recommendation of six and up.  We’re thankful for the gift and all, but it was an odd choice.  I’m guessing it was a re-gift as her child turned three the week before.
  • When I heard Conan O’Brien was in Cuba during the SNL 40 special, I couldn’t tell if it was a joke or not, but he’s actually there filming stuff for his show.  I like despite how he’s relegated to just a show on TBS, he still has a passion to do his best, compete, and be aggressive.  And in typical Conan fashion, here’s his first picture from the Cuba.
  • I caught up on ‘The Walking Dead’ last night and noticed one of the walkers was wearing a sweater that I own.
  • A History Of The Most Impractical Weapons Ever Used In War
  • Most mispronounced Texas city names
  • Today’s dose of ‘MURICA!
  • The first Monopoly board was not a square but a circle.
  • In regards to ‘Gotham’, I don’t know who’s the more attractive Jim Gordon girlfriend, Barbara Kean (the blonde) or Dr. Leslie Thompkins (the brunette).
  • While watching ‘Better Call Saul’ curiosity got the best of me and I had to look up “Chicago sunroof” on the Urban Dictionary.  The show also referenced the Donner Party and later that evening I noticed a tweet about them referring them to “emigrants” which caused me to look up the difference between “emigrant” and “immigrant”.
  • Had no idea the song  “It’s My Party” was produced by Quincy Jones.
  • Benedict Cumberbatch got married on Valentine’s Day and was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel last night.  I had to utilized the Info button on my remote to make sure Kimmel wasn’t a rerun.
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