Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, August 8, 2018

  • I watched last night’s ‘Hard Knocks: Cleveland Browns’ on HBO and couldn’t get over how their head coach lacked support from his assistant coaches. There was one scene where he was advocating that it was okay for players to miss practice from time to time and his staff questioned the mental toughness of the decision. But what really stood out was the moment he told his assistant coaches that his mother died, which was only two weeks after the passing of his brother. The staff was gathered in his office watching television with the head coach at the back of the room who stated the bad news. I think they all turned their heads and glanced at him, but none of them from my recollection stopped to look the man in the eye and have an actual conversation and offer real sympathy and console the man. It was all “matter of fact” stuff and right back to watching television, just a huge lack of sincerity. That’s a head coach who doesn’t have the respect of his own coaching staff, even after telling them his mother died.
  • Potential ‘Better Call Saul’ spoilers:
    • I thought the death of Jimmy’s older successful brother, Chuck, wasn’t a certainty when the season finale aired, that he could have been gravely injured or scarred for life. I mention that because my DirecTV box automatically displays the episode description before I play it and the first sentence stated Jimmy was coping over the death of his brother.
    • I thought the cab driver in the opening scene was going to be Walter White, but a hallucination on Jimmy’s part with less than a second of screen time.
    • I can never get enough of Kim Wexler, and if she survives the season (which I totally expect) I wouldn’t mind yet another spin-off.
  • I guess the happenings at The Ohio State University has sparked renewed interest, but this thing has gone on so long I thought the statue of limitations sailed by – Baylor football considering NCAA bowl ban – According to multiple sources, the NCAA’s multi-year investigation into the Baylor athletic department has taken a “left turn” to the point that school officials are being advised to self-impose sanctions.
  • NFL’s first male dancers will hit the sidelines this season – The Los Angeles Rams and the New Orleans Saints will have male cheerleaders dancing on their squads for the first time.
  • The only paper straw maker in the U.S. was bought for an undisclosed sum yesterday. Last year, its sales grew by 5000%. Steve Jobs used to quote Wayne Gretzky often, “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it has been.”
  • Graphic – A guide to cemetery symbolism – It states that wheat and oak leaves represent a long-lived life that was harvested by the reaper when it was time.
  • The Army is buying microwave cannons to take down drones in mid-flight
  • I was asked to lead my team’s Scrum meeting the other day because our Scrum master wasn’t available and her backup was unavailable, as well as the backup to the backup. I ended it with “Hey, let’s be careful out there.” I didn’t expect anyone to get the reference because most aren’t old enough or familiar with pop-culture, but one person did and sent me an email about it, which made my day.

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Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, August 7, 2018

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Bag of Randomness for Monday, August 6, 2018

  • Our hotel room bathroom was lit only by the back frame of the rectangular mirror, which I thought made my pupils look I was some sort of android or cyborg. I also think this photo makes the top of my head distorted.
  • My preferred mouthwash is Cēpacol, you’ll instantly recognize it from its yellow color. I feel like it works the best and I actually like the taste. I mean, there’s no beating the taste of Scope. bit Cēpacol isn’t bad and feels more “professional” or “stronger”.
  • I usually make plans to watch the NFL Hall of Fame ceremony but didn’t this year. The attitude towards sports, in general, has taken a downturn.
  • The Cowboys had their Blue/White scrimmage. That thing used to be a big thing back in the Eighties.
  • I’ve mentioned how annoyed I’ve become at the Ozaka Sparkling Water commercials, especially how much they are aired. To pleasantly annoy me, WifeGeeding now sends me texts imitating the commercial when she finds the product in stores.
  • The Washington Post recently had a feature on local sports broadcasting icon Dale Hansen.
  • We flew Delta home from California. The safety video kept my attention because they had flight attendants wear all versions of their uniforms from the start of their airline to the present.
  • Jalopnik has more details on the downfall of Reagor-Dykes – Texas Auto Dealer Goes Belly Up After Ford Sues It Over $41 Million in Defaulted Loans
    • Ford claims the auto dealer chain defaulted on $41 million in financing agreements by falsifying records to obtain extra loans. When Ford Credit dug in deeper, the automaker found Reagor-Dykes allegedly “double floored vehicles,” where it submitted information to obtain floor plan financing at one dealership, and then again at a second dealership, “thereby obtaining double financing from Ford Credit.”
  • Take that flat-Earth believers – Google Maps now depicts the Earth as a globe
  • Growing Up JobSteve Jobs and Chrisann Brennan were 23 when their daughter was born. Lisa Brennan-Jobs remembers the pride and pain of a childhood spent navigating the vastness between her struggling single mom and Apple’s mercurial founder.
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Bag of Randomness for Friday, August 3, 2018

  • I was surprised, but not really, that Disney sells their own branded memory cards for digital cameras and such inside their hotels.
  • I thought it was an urban legend that Disney cast members (employees) would use “Mickey” as code to let another cast member know they can’t speak at the moment because a customer is nearby. However, as we were walking down the hallway back to our hotel room a cast member got a call on her phone and answered, “Hello, Mickey . . .”
  • I was surprised at how easy and close parking at DFW Airport was. Any available spot was identified by a green LED light above and we literally parked across the street from the terminal entrance. For three nights the total cost was a reasonable $26 which was charged to my TollTag.
  • Our family met with our pastor yesterday in his office and we let the kids ask him any questions they may have about the church.
    • BoyGeeding
      • How was God made?
      • How long was Jesus on the cross?
    • DaughterGeeding
      • Why did Jesus have to spend time in Hell?
      • Are Jesus and God the same person, why do people argue that?
  • WifeGeeding used a coupon to buy some Kendra Scott jewelry at Neiman Marcus and they sent her a nicely written thank-you letter.
  • Brookstone filed for bankruptcy and will close its remaining 101 mall stores
    • I’ve often wondered who shopped at these stores. My guess is they get most of their business when people are shopping for a present but have no clue what to get a person so they end up buying some sort of knickknack from them. I also thought a majority of their business where impulse buys.
  • Apple is the first $1 trillion company in history
  • A utility company in Washington says that it accidentally sent an African-American customer a racial slur as the temporary password for her online account.
  • The Booming Business Of Luxury Chicken Diapers
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She’s having a bad day

A woman riding her scooter was hit by a car and then rolled into a manhole.

A woman rolled into a manhole under maintenance after being knocked off from her electric scooter by a car in Hangzhou City, eastern China on July 26. Passersby and maintenance workers rushed up to pull her back to the surface. Luckily, the woman only suffered minor injuries. 

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Bag of Randomness for Thursday, August 2, 2018

  • I’m more sedentary than I’d like. I have a desk job and work from home and the average amount of steps I total in a day is not impressive whatsoever.  But I got a kick out of the stats for the week I was at Disneyland, you can definitely spot the days I was in the park.
  • A friend mentioned ‘The Muppet Babies’ recently which led me to find the old Star Wars episode. I couldn’t find the entire episode, just clips. I forgot the Nanny was voiced by Barbara Billingsley of ‘Leave it to Beaver’ and Airplane! fame.vLay’er down an’ smack ’em yack ’em. [Subtitle: EARLY TO BED, EARLY TO RISE, MAKES A MAN HEALTHY, WEALTHY AND WISE]
  • The kids are watching the new version of ‘The Muppet Babies’, which leaves out several characters such as Ralph the dog.
  • White House held just 3 daily press briefings in July – All three added together equals a total of 58 minutes.
  • I doubt the commercials on The TICKET will stop, Tony Romo will just give his buddy the cash- Reagor-Dykes motors files for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after being sued
  • College sports is too tainted for me to enjoy anymore. Actually, all sports is too tainted for me to enjoy anymore.
  • My father would have turned 95 today.
  • Here’s How America Uses Its Land
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Bag of Randomness for August 1, 2018

  • I thought this was an interesting vending machine at the hotel we stayed at. I don’t travel much so this thing may be commonplace. A customer can buy a portable charging device, but I think what impressed me was that you could buy one fully charged and immediately use it. Though I have no memory of it, I bet there were similar machines back in the day which sold film for cameras. I only remember film being sold at the tourist shop inside a hotel or kiosks.
  • For some reason, I’m not a fan of the word “kiosk”. I don’t mind kiosks, I just wish they had a different name.
  • I was looking up Cal Ripken Jr. stats and landed on the Wikipedia page of Six Flags Over Texas’ Shock Wave rollercoaster. This year marks the ride’s 40th birthday, and that got me thinking about its safety and durability considering the age. I also had no idea that when it first opened, it was the tallest roller coaster in the world. It only held the title for a handful of weeks.
  • While looking up Billy Ripken stats,  I learned the father of Marcus Samuel and his brother Samuel Samuel (His name immediately made me think of ‘Newhart’s’ Larry and brother Darryl and his other brother Darryl.) owned an antique store which imported and sold seashells. When the brothers they got into the oil business, they named the company “Shell”, which you now know as the oil giant. The Samuel brothers also commissioned first purpose-built oil tanker, the Murex (Latin for a type of snail shell).  Also, the type of shell that’s used in Shell’s logo the Pectin, is from the Latin word for a comb or rake.
  • I forgot Larry, from ‘Newhart’, wore a quarter in his ear.
  • The Darryls never spoke until the finale when I think they claimed something ludicrous about Johnny Carson being their landlord or something like that. Also in that finale, Larry, Darryl, and Darryl get married to talkative women from Long Island, one of whom is played by Lisa Kudrow, a brunette at the time.
  • Lisa Kudrow was also on an episode of ‘Cheers’, also as a brunette.
  • Woody’s girlfriend on ‘Cheers” sure was a cute and wholesome person. It’s easy to remember her name because of the song Woody wrote and sang for her.
  • Whenever I’m flying into DFW I’m happy because it means I’m almost home. However, that enjoyment is short-lived because taxing to the terminal takes three-times longer than the actual flight. But this recent article states the airport is about to resolve that problem.
  • The teacher in Van Halen’s “Hot For Teacher” video is now 66-years-old. The voice of Waldo in “Hot For Teacher” video was performed by Phil Hartman.
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Dog Runs Around With A GoPro In His Mouth

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California-Day 2

  • Day 2 started with the Star Tours and Space Mountain.  Both loved by everyone.
  • We ate breakfast with Minnie and some of her friends.
  • Splash Mountain cooled us off.
  • It was beginning to get crowded and hot so we left Disneyland and headed to the beach.
  • We went to Huntington Beach which was about 30 minutes from our hotel, but took probably 45 minutes just to park.
  • Not to brag, but while y’all were experiencing 100 plus temperatures, the weather was 78 degrees and actually a little chilly.
  • We rented an umbrella and settled in for the afternoon.
  • This was the first time the kids had ever been to the beach and they LOVED it!
  • DaughterGeeding stayed out in the water yelling at the waves.  She would yell, “Retreat!” then run back a little.
  • She finally had the opportunity to bury someone in the sand.
  • Being her first time at the beach she didn’t expect to get sand in her swimsuit and it stay there.  A very unusual feeling.
  • BoyGeeding played in the sand building a sandcastle and protecting Luke Skywalker’s home planet of Tatooine.
  • The water was freezing and I didn’t think I would get much deeper than my feet, but eventually ventured out waist deep and was able to catch some awesome waves.
  • Keith threw in some learning about why there is high tide and low tide.  See, we could totally homeschool.
  • People in California are very laid back, at least the ones we saw at the beach.  Playing their music, riding bikes, and rollerblading.
  • It started to get a little cooler so we packed up and headed back to Anaheim to squeeze in one or two more rides.
  • We had a Fast Pass for Soarin’ one more time and then thought we could make it over to Disneyland for Space Mountain; however, one of the screens at Soarin’ was broken so even though we had a Fast Pass it took 30 minutes just to get on the ride.  Micah was in tears because she was so tired.  Again, Keith talked to her and calmed her down.
  • Two of my favorite things-Disney and the beach all in one day with people I love.  Doesn’t get much better.
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California-Day 1

  • Our flight out of DFW was delayed a few times, but we finally got on the plane around 9:00 and headed west.
  • DaughterGeeding figured it out that if she let her brother sit by the window on the way there she would get the window seat on the way back when it was daylight and get to see more.  Smart girl.
  • We landed at LAX and took a shuttle to the car rental place.  Getting out of the airport area was crazy with all the traffic, but with the help of Google Maps we made it to Anaheim.
  • It was around 12:30 (California time) when we made it to The Grand Californian.  When Keith planned the trip we were going to stay at Paradise Pier, but because Expedia overbooked they paid the difference and put us up in The Grand Californian. Side note…Keith and I stayed at the Grand Floridian for out honeymoon.
  • Once we were in our room everyone’s second wind hit.  BoyGeeding was jumping on the bed.  Keith ordered room service.  DaughterGeeding checked out the room.  And I tried to prepare for the next day.
  • When we opened the curtains in our room to check out the view this is what we saw.
  • We woke early the next morning so that we could grab a bite to eat for breakfast and be at the park when it opened.  One park a  day is opened earlier to the guests who stay inside the park. California Adventure opened at 8:00 to guests and 9:00 for the rest of the public.
  • Because I bought our park tickets (Clarification:  Keith bought the tickets) using the app on my phone we were given paper tickets the first time we entered the park and were told that those would be our permanent tickets.  The cast member also took our picture that corresponded with each ticket so no one else could use it.
  • As soon as we got into the park I was able to get FastPass tickets for Toy Story.  We had about an hour and a half before that so we tried to find some rides, but nothing was opened.  What was the point of having the park open early if you couldn’t do anything? We eventually found some rides and ended up on Soarin’, Guardians of the Galaxy, and The Little Mermaid.  None of us had been on Soarin’, but had hear good things about it.  We all loved it!  DaughterGeeding and BoyGeeding did Guardians of the Galaxy (which is Tower of Terror at Disney World) for the first time.  BoyGeeding hated it, but DaughterGeeding enjoyed it.
  • Even though I have one eye I beat everyone in Toy Story.
  • The worst ride was Goofy’s Flying School.  Way too jerky!  Not a good one for Keith’s back.  Our room faced that ride so that afternoon we stood on the balcony and waved at everyone on the ride.
  • BoyGeeding was afraid of the ferris wheel, but Keith spoke with him and by the end of the ride he was smiling.  It was a sweet moment.
  • All 4 of us had Fast Pass tickets for the Incredicoaster (Incredibles roller coaster).  Keith and I rode it first.  It was awesome!  Keith couldn’t wait to get DaughterGeeding and do it again with her.  I was a little woozy so needed to sit with BoyGeeding for a little bit.  DaughterGeeding loved it and kept asking to ride it again the rest of the trip.
  • While eating lunch a Mariachi band came up and played some songs.  As they were leaving they came up to our table and played “Happy Birthday”.
  • After an afternoon rest in our room we headed back out, but to Disneyland this time.  We rode Peter Pan, Pirates of the Carribean, the teacups, Buzz Lightyear, Indiana Jones, and Haunted Mansion.
  • Dinner was at our hotel that night.  Either the waitress made a mistake or was being really nice and only charged us for 2 people.  The waitress and her coworkers brought me a cupcake for my birthday and sang a their version of Happy Birthday.
  • I’ve been working on this post since Friday.  It is hard to find time while working and being a wife and mom so please bear with me.  Plus, I’m not as fast as Keith with this blog stuff.  Hopefully you will get to hear about the rest of the trip before October!
  • For those of you that miss Keith’s Bag of Randomness-he will return.
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Birthday Surprises

Thank you for all the birthday wishes.  My first day of being 40 was AWESOME!  My workout friends had a new shirt for me to wear that morning and cupcakes to share with everyone after we worked out.  They also put a Happy Birthday balloon and a 100 balloon on my mat.  100 because I was on my 100th workout for CG.  My coworkers surprised me with lunch, balloons, flowers, and cake.  BoyGeeding gave me Blue Bell Cookie Dough ice cream with a Wicket card and DaughterGeeding gave me a bath ball with a sweet card from a memory when she was a baby.  She also gave me an empty egg carton, but it wasn’t really empty; she had blown a kiss into each section.  The best gift was from my hubby.  He’s a pretty creative guy if you didn’t know.  A card was stuck in the door which I went through early that morning when I went to work out.  It was a glittery Mickey Mouse birthday card with a small black light inside.  I immediately started looking for clues in the card and around the laundry room.  Once I returned from my workout there was a letter on the door about life being a puzzle.  As I walked into the house I noticed strips of paper on the floor with a couple of puzzle pieces.  I continued to walk into the living room and was greeted with a “Happy Birthday” from my family and more strips of paper and puzzle pieces.  The strips of paper all had facts regarding 40.  For example, “Forty is the only English word that is written in alphabetical order”, “During  Moses’ life he lived forty years in Egypt and forty years in the desert before God selected him to lead his people out of slavery”, “Minus 40 degrees, or “40 below,” is the only temperature that is the same in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.” Once I collected all the puzzle pieces I tried to put the puzzle together.  This was very difficult because all the pieces were white.  No picture.  Keith eventually pulled up a picture of what it should look like so I could at least look at the shape of the puzzle pieces.  It became a group effort to complete it.  I thought I would never finish it and would be late for work.  Eventually, the puzzle was put together, but was still white.  I knew it must be time to use my black light.  It revealed a message, but some of the pieces were upside down which made the letters upside down.  Keith had to tell me the beginning, “Your journey is not yet complete…”I could make out the words ‘fly’, ‘beach’ and ‘Disney’.  I looked up at Keith, who was recording everything, and said, “Are we going to Disneyland?”  He said yes and we screamed!  Not only was it a surprise to me, but also to our children.  We were all ecstatic! We finished the morning celebration with White Chocolate Raspberry Bundt cake, smiles, and “I can’t believe we are going to Disneyland!”  Stay tuned for another post about Disney!

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Empty Bag Because of WifeGeeding’s Birthday Present

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