I would walk 500 miles, And I would walk 500 more

I thought of that song (which many incorrectly think is titled “I Would Walk 500 Miles”), but these folks did much more than that total.

A family, to honor their deceased daughter, walked 4,000 miles from Disneyland to Disney World.

Not even walking 4,000 miles across the United States can come close to the pain of losing a child.

At least, it isn’t close to the aching the Cobb family still feels every day almost two years after 8-year-old Julia died from a rare bone and tissue cancer, Ewing’s sarcoma.

For ten months, the family walked about 20 miles a day on its trek from Disneyland in Southern California, where it had gone months before Julia’s death, to Disney World in Orlando, where she died on her Make-A-Wish trip in October 2013. They became the first family to walk across the U.S. when they made it to Florida’s Magic Kingdom on June 21 — Father’s Day.

Throughout the 320-day, 4,000-mile journey, the caravan, including Jonathan’s wife Jennifer, their three kids and 14-year-old dog, stopped to speak at churches, schools and businesses. They wanted other families dealing with childhood cancer to know that they weren’t alone.

You can read the Palm Beach Post article in its entirety here.

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Heritage, not hate?

Confederate flags placed around King Center, Ebenezer Baptist Church

Several Confederate flags were found around the King Center and Ebenezer Baptist Church Thursday morning.

According to Ebenezer Baptist Church Rev. Raphael Warnock, Atlanta police and the National Parks Association have removed the flags from the campus.  Atlanta police confirms four small flags were found laying on the property.

Atlanta police chief George Turner says surveillance video showed two white males placing the flags at the King Center and Ebenezer Baptist Church.

Atlanta police say the people who placed the flags could face charges including criminal trespassing, terroristic threats and littering.

Ebenezer Baptist Church consists of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s boyhood home and the original Ebenezer Baptist Church, the church where King was baptized and both his father, Martin Luther King, Sr., and he were pastors.

Some people who state the flag is about heritage have the best of intentions and don’t intend for there to be any malice, these are not those kind of people.

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Bag of Randomness

Screenshot 2015-07-26 at 5.19.48 PM

  • While I wait for delivery for my new lawn mower battery, I thought it would be a good time to sharpen the blade.  To my surprise, I found a local place that will do it for just eight bucks, which I think is beyond reasonable.
  • As if it isn’t already hard enough get around Dallas without paying a toll – LBJ East freeway project needs some tolls, planner says
  • Mulder and Scully holding Mulder and Scully Lego figures.
  • I don’t know much about hip replacement surgery, but I was surprised to see Jerry Jones walking around training camp yesterday after his surgery on back on July 21.
  • Our former governor has challenged Trump to a pull-up contest – “Let’s get a pull-up bar out there and let’s see who can do the most pull-ups,” said Perry, once an Air Force captain, when asked by a reporter if he had any message for Trump.
  • I’m just not an outdoors person and hunting isn’t for me, but I don’t have any issue with those that do hunt responsibly.  The dentist that’s in the news for shooting a protected lion in Zimbabwe is stating that he thought he was doing everything legally, and pointed the blame at the local professional hunter guides and is claiming ignorance that he didn’t know they lured the lion from protected land by tying a dead animal to a vehicle and driving to unprotected land.  But the dentist, Walter Palmer, has a shaky past that includes sexual harassment andIn 2008, he faced prison time and eventually was placed on probation after admitting to making a false statement to a federal agent in connection with his hunt of a black bear in Wisconsin. Palmer shot a black bear in 2006 about 40 miles outside the zone where he was licensed to hunt, and then lied about it to a U.S. Fish and Wildlife agent, claiming he shot it in the correct zone.  Palmer was ordered to pay $2,938 in restitution and was placed on probation for one year, court records show.”
  • Taco Belle
  • Dallas Establishments With Top Gross Alcohol Sales For June 2015 [updated link]- Gexa almost pulled in a million.
  • GIF – Tug-of-war between one horse (a Belgian horse, I think) and about 20 humans.
  • My father would often say, “Holy mackerel kingfish.”  It wasn’t until after his death that I learned it came from Amos ‘n’ Andy, and that it was actually, “Holy mackerel, Kingfish.”
  • DaughterGeeding has long been aware that her mother has a glass eye, but for several reasons, WifeGeeding has held out removing it in front of her.  However, yesterday DaughterGeeding asked her mother to remove it, and she obliged.  I recorded the moment if you are interested in how a mother would talk to her five-year-old about such a thing.  If you are sensitive about such a thing, the camera is far enough away that you can’t see any detail of the eye or the ocular cavity.
  • I had a friend that was a pastor’s kid, and his father would burn the SI swimsuit issue and allow him to watch Spaceballs only with the volume turned off.  He was also barred from watching any Rated-R movies, until Oliver Stone’s JFK hit theaters because it was “educational”.  I don’t think he did much research about the film, but then again, that was before the Information Super Highway was at our fingertips.
  • Infographic – Wedding Dresses Through Time
  • Presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin was the guest on ‘The Daily Show’ last night to plug her latest book which is about LBJ.  Oddly, I think it’s only going to be an e-book.  She mentioned that it was LBJ who encouraged Nixon to have a tape recording machine in the Oval Office because it would be hard to recall things and remember what frame of mind you were in twenty or so years after an event, and this would be important for U.S. history.
  • Kearns has an interesting history with LBJ.  She was a White House Fellow during his administration and involved in the anti-Vietnam war movement.  She wrote an article which laid out a scenario for his removal from office regarding his conduct of the war which appeared in the New Republic, and she was later assigned to the Department of Labor.  After his presidency, she lived at his ranch and helped (some say ghostwrote) with his memoirs.
  • Rick Springfield was a guest on Kimmel last night and participated in a funny recorded skit about the origin of “Jessie’s Girl” in which he dressed up like he was in 1981 again.  In the skit, his drummer is named Jessie and his girlfriend is there when Rick comes up with a new song, and Jessie doesn’t handle it well.
  • Christina Applegate was also a guest on Kimmel and a clip of her chugging an entire pitcher of beer in the new Vacation movie played.  She admitted that in reality the pitcher was empty and the beer was just CGI.  Is nothing sacred any more?
  • There’s a news story going around about a man who cut off his own manhood to stop pleasuring himself and many are falling for it, but it’s fake, so don’t you fall for it.
  • Girls Scam ISIS on Social Media for Travel Money
  • Mom Throws Dream Party for Personal Injury Lawyer-Obsessed Toddler
  • I wonder if the bat-signal was used for roadside service – Batmobile breakdown leaves traffic chaos on Ontario highway
  • Imagine a life in which you could no longer eat – Utah Teen Discovered He’s Allergic to Food — All Food
  • Good info on the upcoming Batman v Superman movie, but beware of minor spoilers.
  • How Brisket Conquered The BBQ WorldThe once lowly hunk of beef has eclipsed pork and ribs to become the power-player in the ‘cue circuit.
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A local pastor is brave enough to love his Muslim neighbors

Pastor Bob Roberts is a committed evangelical Christian, a barbeque-loving Texan, and head of a large conservative congregation just outside Dallas with an essential mission to plant new churches around the world.

So he’s the first to say that it’s sort of odd that his 30-year journey as an evangelical minister would lead him to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the most prominent Muslim clerics in the world. He prays with them in their mosques, “breaks bread” with them, Texas-style, at his home, and has become one of the leading Christian ministers of any persuasion in what he calls the fight against Islamophobia.

“I never dreamed I’d ever do anything like that – I had no desire to,” says Pastor Roberts, head of the 3,000-member NorthWood Church in Keller. On Monday, he traveled to the White House with other religious leaders to be briefed on the situation of Christians in Iran and the recent nuclear deal. “You have to understand my background and how we view things like that… But right now the biggest challenge in fighting Islamophobia is my tribe – the Evangelicals.”

Full Christian Scientist Monitor Article

This article reminded me of the time Columbia professor John Azumah, who specializes in Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations, spoke at my church.  One that thing I took away from his time with us that made me really stop down and reflect was his comment about Muslim extremism or radicalism.  Not only does it affect the Muslim world, but it affects Christians because it causes us to put hate and fear in our hearts towards the entire Muslim world, making us extremist to a certain extent and keeps us from loving our neighbor and honoring God.  Christians really do allow the terrorists to win when they allow hate to enter their heart.

For Pastor Roberts to take the initiative to build relationships and show the love of Christ to local Muslims takes a lot of courage, especially in this area.  He’s definitely a profile in courage.

Other items in that article that I think are worth noting:

  • This month, a coalition of three Muslim charities raised more than $100,000 in a “Respond with Love” crowdfunding campaign that sought to help at least eight black Evangelical congregations rebuild after a series of fires throughout the South destroyed their churches.
  • Pastor Mark Shetler, head of First Covenant, “As a church, we just really felt that we are trying to answer the call of Jesus to first love God and secondly to love our neighbors as ourselves. And Jesus does not seem to differentiate what type of neighbor that is, so in trying to be obedient, we just wanted to engage our Muslim neighbors in conversation and build relationships.”
  • “And then they would see me disagree with imams and rabbis, but in a respectful way,” Roberts says. “It isn’t in your face.”
  • Roberts comments before starting a relationship with local Muslims, “Prince Turki said to me one day, it’s great what you do with Muslims around the world, Bob, but what about Dallas?” Roberts says. “I told him, that would be like starting a Baptist Church in Mecca. That would be a really hard thing to do.”
  • Both Shetler and Roberts say their congregations have experienced controversy and push back due to their friendly engagement with Muslims and participation in each other’s traditions. NorthWood lost hundreds of its members, Roberts says. And some evangelicals have called him a closet Muslim who is betraying his faith. “We just want to say that, hey, we might disagree with Muslims on theology, but we can still respect one another, love one another, work together on creating an environment in which people can actually feel comfortable getting to know somebody that is different from what their own background is,” says Shetler.
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KFC’s has a new bucket that will print Polaroid type photos from your smartphone

Per Eater, it’s only available in Canada.

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I found a typo on Amazon

Screenshot 2015-07-28 at 10.01.51 PM


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Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Screenshot 2015-07-28 at 10.45.59 PM

  • I’ve been behind the curve when it comes to mobile phone technology, so this may be commonplace for many of you, but when I was driving to pick up DaughterGeeding at a friend’s house my phone alerted me to a car accident about five miles away in the direction I was heading, which game me plenty of time to find a detour.  I didn’t have the destination programmed in my phone, so it didn’t know where I was heading, but it was just telling me what was ahead on the road I was on.
  • Some of you may have wondered why your comment doesn’t appear immediately.  That’s because due to a lot of spam, I have certain filters set up and your comment may end up in my “Needs Approval” or “Spam” list, so please don’t think I’m trying to slight or hush you.  Some of the biggies that will trigger the filter are anything relating to pharmaceuticals, vulgarity, or anything relating to the Ice Capades.
  • Today’s dose of Oklahoma news – Oklahoma Governor’s Daughter Will Move Trailer Home Off Mansion Grounds
  • I’m not a foreign policy expert and I only know a few things about the recently negotiated nuclear deal with Iran that needs approval by Congress.  But I do know that I see one certain commercial at least five times a day that paints a nightmarish picture of the deal if it’s approved and it asks to contact our congressional representatives to not approve it.  I bet that commercial and others are having effect as I saw a news story state that a majority of Americans want the deal rejected.
  • Obama: ‘I think if I ran again I could win’ – I’m going to file this CNN article under click bait and misleading title.  This quip from Obama came as he critiquing some African leaders’ reluctance to turn over power and stated he’s barred from running again.  The article title leads the reader to believe he may have some sort of power trip and then it goes on to talk about his other critiques.   And besides, I’m sure every second term president thinks he could win a third term (LBJ might be the exception), it’s part of their type-A personality.
  • This other CNN article talks about how Trump would like Sarah Palin to serve in a Trump Administration cabinet post, but I was more surprised to learn about Mama Grizzly Radio, “a station that offers 24-hour news about Palin and issues related to her.”
  • This woman was overtaken by the power of bacon (Facebook video).
  • I knew the U.S. had many overseas military bases, but I had no idea until I read this article – “BRAC, however, does not apply to the more than 700 United States bases overseas, including 174 in Germany, 113 in Japan and 83 in South Korea, as well as hundreds more in some 70 countries from Aruba to Kenya to Thailand.”  Before reading that article, if I were to guess the number of military bases, I’d probably say somewhere between a hundred and a hundred-and-fifty.
  • Here’s a nice chart that lists vitamins and what foods have them.
  • ‘Game of Thrones’ humor – The girl who played Shireen Baratheon had a funny tweet.
  • Buzzfeed – This Is How Doctors Want To DieWhat care do doctors want to have when they reach the end of their lives?  – This sentence might just some the whole thing up, “So much of what we do does prolong death, and prolongs pain.”
  • In this GIF, you’ll see an orca bait a bird into picking up a fish and then the orca chomping on said bird.
  • Imgur – That’s harsh
  • The iconic Big Texan restaurant may be moving to a new address.
  • Yesterday I learned that Diane Lane’s mother was October 1957 Playmate of the Month, and I had no idea she (Diane, not her mother) was in The Outsiders.  I guess when a film has Rob Lowe, Emilio Estevez, Matt Dillon, Tom Cruise, Patrick Swayze, and Ralph Macchio, it’s easy to overlook her.  Per IMDB, Lane was asked during filming to play Lana in ‘Risky Business’, but her father said there’s no way in hell she was going to be a hooker in his movie.
  • One more bit of trivia from The Outsiders – Out of the main cast, all the kids were in their late teens, the exceptions being Patrick Swayze, who was 31, and Ralph Macchio, who was 21.
  • A postal employee in Utah befriended a 12-year-old boy who loved to read. The kid asked for more junk mail to read because he couldn’t afford a bus pass to the library, and that’s when the postal worker made a Facebook post which went viral.
  • If you are a Bank of America credit or debit card holder, you can get free admission to the Perot Museum in Dallas or the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History this weekend. For you non-DFW folks, you can find your local free admission museum here.
  • What is the marketing budget for FarmersOnly.com? Those commercials come on nonstop.
  • DaughterGeeding has never been to Build A Bear, but she’s aware of the concept.  Yesterday she wanted to make her own version.  It started with just a sign on the door announcing her new business, then her finding some left over material her mother let her use.  Next thing you know she’s tracing bears, cutting them out, and asking us to use a stapler to piece them together.  It’s safe to say we no longer have any cotton balls left in the house.
  • Apparently the new Vacation movie’s plot has the family visiting Plano, and the folks at Guidelive took exception to the mistakes and how the city was portrayed.  By now you’ve seen the commercial or trailer where they think they are bathing in hot springs only to find out they are in raw sewage – that location is supposedly in Plano.  I’m curious as to how the idea of Plano landed in the movie.
  • Key and Peele did a SportsCenter type sketch on what it would be like if teachers were treated like professional athletes.
  • Football fans in the New England area seem to be reacting quite rationally with the upheld Tom Brady suspension, and I wish there was a specific typeface to show sarcasm.
  • Twiggy the water skiing squirrel is coming to Dallas this weekend.  Specifically, he’ll be at Sausagefest.
  • I bet loyal reader RPM already knows the answer – Why is the US still using a Nazi tall ship? – The Eagle was built by the Nazis and fought for Hitler in World War Two – so how did a tall ship that once flew the swastika end up as a training vessel for all new recruits to the US Coast Guard?
  • Today’s dose of ‘MURICA!
  • Best of Big D 2015 – Some of this Reader’s Picks raise an eyebrow:
    • Best Tex-Mex – El Fenix
    • Best Local Tweeter was awarded to Pete Delkus, but the Reader’s Pick was Grubes, formerly of The TICKET.
    • Best TV Broadcaster – Tim Ryan
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Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, July 28, 2015


  • Three years and three months ago I bought a battery-powered mower and have loved using it.  Last week the battery died as it won’t fully charge, and it will cost $129 to place it, which I don’t think is bad.  I haven’t done the math to see if there were any cost savings over the years, but I do enjoy the convenience and low maintenance.
  • For some reason, WifeGeeding was pondering whatever happened to former KXAS anchorman Brad Wright (YouTube).  I really couldn’t find anything which referenced what he was doing today though there were a few LinkedIn possibilities, but I don’t have an account for access.  However, it appears he left the station because of a messy divorce and other things a five-year, $600,000 court fight involving three grand juries, two criminal trials, a $30 million civil suit, two families, six children, and allegations of child molestation.  Looking at that YouTube clip, especially the era, makes me think of Ron Burgundy.
  • Benjamin L. Corey – What People Really Mean When They Say “But I Believe The WHOLE Bible”
  • Norv Turner is the offensive coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings, and curious to see how he ends up using Adrian Peterson this year.
  • Per Peter King’s MMQB – Jason Garrett will become the second-longest-tenured coach in the 56-season history of the Cowboys at Buffalo on Dec. 27, 2015. Jimmy Johnson coached 88 games, Barry Switzer 71, Bill Parcells 66.  And in case you were wondering, the Man in the Hat coached 454.
  • King’s article also mentions that former Longhorn and current Kansas City Chief Jamaal Charles gave a touching speech at the opening ceremonies at the Special Olympics.  In that speech he stated he was able to compete in the Special Olympics when he was ten-years-old and how it changed his life.  It was surprising to me that someone like him was able to to be eligible and made me wonder who would he compete against, but then I learned Special Olympics divides athletes according to skill level into different heats and divisions.  Though I couldn’t find what event(s) he participated in, he was allowed to compete because he was diagnosed with a mental disability, and this article states he was unable to grasp basic punctuation marks.  I wonder how many other Special Olympians have progressed on to a professional athletic career.
  • One more MMQB note, it states that Peyton Manning has never been to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  That’s shocking to me considering he’s such a student of the game and son of a legendary quarterback, though not a Hall of Fame member.  Peyton will visit for the first time on Aug 8 when his former to see his former GM, Bill Polian, is inducted.
  • I heard or read somewhere that we now live in a time in which we have to identify which school or movie theater shooting we’re talking about.
  • I know my writing skills aren’t very strong, but a recent analysis shows that I use a squinting modifier often.
  • Buzzfeed – A ‘Breaking Bad’ themed coffee shop is open in Istanbul.
  • The latest episode of the survival show ‘Naked and Afraid’ skewed away from the original concept a bit.  In this episode, they chose two people with no survival skills, gave them a survival crash course two weeks prior to their expedition, and shortened the duration from 21 days to 14 days.  Even though I liked the concept, the episode lacked some punch.
  • Thank goodness – Google officially ends forced Google+ integration
  • Last year I posted a story about then 36-year-old Dr. Jen Welter, who was the first woman to play running back in a men’s professional football game (Indoor Football League), and I’m sure some may question how “professional” the league was.  The Arizona Cardinals have hired her to help coach inside linebackers during training camp.
  • Senator Ted Cruz was supposed to be last night’s guest on ‘The Daily Show’, but he canceled to be in D.C. for a vote.  However, the backup guest was strong to very strong – historian David McCullough.  It never dawned on me until his interview, but the Wright Brothers never flew together.
  • Because he won too darn much – Fair bans former NBA player Gilbert Arenas from carnival games
  • An article about my profession, but I don’t deal with video games and the culture is different- Quality Assured: What It’s Really Like To Test Games For A Living
  • i09 – These Videos Show All the Changes Ever Made to the Star Wars Trilogy
  • Steve Noviello Credit Card Confrontation (YouTube) – When his account got flagged he did some digging and it brought him face to face with the person accused of stealing his identity.
  • A cyclist physically lifts a car out of the way of a bike path (YouTube) – Granted, it was a small car, but it was still impressive.
  • I thought they would be a good host – U.S. drops Boston’s embattled bid to host 2024 Olympic Games – Could one day the Olympics stop because it has become too costly and burdensome?
  • Tom Cruise was the guest on ‘The Tonight Show’ and they did a lip-sync battle, which I thought was pretty lame at first until Cruise teased doing his classic scene from Risky Business.  Fallon ended the segment with “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” with the help of Cruise, and they both serenaded a girl in the front row.
  • I finally caught the Adrian Beltre “Duck Duck Goose” commercial, and I thought it was pretty darn cute.
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There’s no way I’d ever go out on that thing

Here’s a quick GIF you ain’t got time to watch the video.

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Today’s dose of ‘MURICA!

Via Digg: Daredevil Gregg Godfrey set a new world record by jumping his semi truck 166 feet during Butte, Montana’s Evel Knievel Days, obliterating the previous record of 62 feet.

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I bet she’s now on toddler/baby holding probation

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Bag of Randomness for Monday, July 27, 2015

Screenshot 2015-07-26 at 5.11.30 PM

  • Yesterday my pastor stated he was about to preach his 1,578th sermon.
  • The start of last night’s ‘True Detective’ felt like a Hano Solo and Greedo moment.
  • Tatooine Disney logo
  • Market Study:  Propose Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, TX (PDF) – It’s interesting that the Hotel Galvez in Galveston is mentioned as it was also owned/leased by Theodore Baker, and rooms appear they will go for about $200 a night.  They think they can make about $5 million a year after expenses.  Many thanks to the loyal reader that tweeted this to me last night.
  • Theodore Bakers headstone reads, “Theodore Baker, Texas Hotel Tycoon Of 1920s, Is Dead”.  He certainly wasn’t the Texas Hotel Tycoon Conrad Hilton was.  Everything you’d want to know about Baker can be found here.
  • It’s all good with Supergirl eating a donut, who doesn’t like a donut? But I’m going to say it’s impossible for her to have pierced ears, it’s impossible to pierce her skin.  Perhaps the earrings have a magnetic backing or that’s not the real Supergirl.  That’s right CBS, we’re already fact checking you even before the series airs.
  • Last week I mentioned I have some friends who think the local news has an agenda against the Christian faith.  On Saturday, CBS11 had two stories that showcased Christianity in a positive light.  They showed footage of a few citizens and a couple of Maypearl police officers praying together in front of city hall in response to their police chief’s accusations of sexual assault with a teenage girl. The other story was about 200 people in Irving to pray for first responders.  The coverage doesn’t bother me, I don’t I think our local media has a negative bias about the Christian faith as I see these type of stories all the time as they hit a very large demographic in the area.
  • I’ve been catching bits and pieces of Ken Burns’ ‘The Dust Bowl’ that’s been replaying on PBS.  I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to convince farmers to change to new farming practices.  I’d imagine there was a lot of talk about how they will farm how they want because it’s their land and they can do what they want.
  • I’m not proud that that last bullet point had three sentences that started with “I”, and that that this sentence and also started with “I”.  There’s just a bit of over-I-ing going on.
  • The documentary also referenced a visit by President Roosevelt to Amarillo, and city organizers got together 3,000 people to play the “Eyes of Texas” to make up the “world’s largest band”.  One of the pictures was of the Hardin-Simmons “World Famous” Cowboy band.
  • Dallas Morning News‏ – What a difference eight years makes: Uptown, downtown Dallas’ dramatic change in photos
  • Pizza scissors
  • There’s a new reality show competition to find ‘America’s Next Weatherman’.
  • The Decline of Church Cookbooks (and Civilization)‏ – Church and community cookbooks, like Rodney Dangerfield, don’t get no respect. And they deserve some. They were and are a venerable fundraising scheme for churches, charities, clubs, or other non-profits that want to raise a few bucks. Community cookbooks go back decades, to the advent of inexpensive printing technology. 
  • They like to go rouge and keep it old school – Rogue Dairy Queen has been ignoring corporate HQ since 1949
  • ‏If Bill Cosby hasn’t canceled his subscription to “New York Magazine”, he has now.
  • Next time, give God your full attention by first parking the vehicle – Woman says praying behind the wheel caused car crash – Authorities said Perry blamed the accident on prayer. She said she had been going through some personal problems and was praying as she drove, occasionally with her head down.
  • When I think of BBQ beef brisket, I don’t think of Starbucks.
  • I’m fascinated by this picture of a 1968 Pontiac Catalina that was pulled from a lake last week.  I guess that it held human remains, may help in solving a murder, and has been underwater for 43 adds to the allure.
  • Things I learned driving a supercar for the first timeFive days with the McLaren 650S Spider made me feel things
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