Scary Story With Mineral Wells As A Character

There’s a subreddit named NoSleep. Authors write short scary stories and people read with a suspension of disbelief. So what’s written is fiction, but people who comment pretend it’s real to add to some of the horror element.

Recently I discovered one story in which my hometown of Mineral Wells, TX is not only the setting but is actually a character. The protagonist is a Mineral Wells police officer that writes from the first person and cites several real locations and includes pictures. I’ll be honest, when I first stumbled upon this I had no idea the stories were fiction and commenters were playing along – For a while, I thought I actually knew some of the characters.

Here’s the short story which broken up into five parts. Below are some samples of the story, and you’ll run across a handful of swear words. The author is no Stephen King, but it was still an entertaining read, at least for me.

  • Mineral Wells is a small town in Texas where I’ve been working for 5 years as a police officer. It’s located somewhere north of interesting and south of scary as shit, where the citizens are strange, the events are stranger, and the past is never past.
  • There was also the curious case of Brad Delaney, city council president and member of the First United Methodist Church, who one night took the .45 he had hidden under the mattress and killed his wife in cold blood while she slept. One shot, right to the temple. Brad “confessed”, saying it must have been him that shot her, seeing as how it was his gun and no one else had been in the house, but he didn’t remember doing it. They had found him that morning, still asleep next to his murdered wife, the mattress stained in crimson red.
  • I walked back to the bedroom and opened the door, and for a split second, I thought I saw a face in the window across from the bedroom door. The next moment, it was gone. I searched the room, the closet, and the bathroom, but no one was there. Aside from a slightly strange smell, which I attributed to the age of the house and its contents, nothing was amiss. I checked outside – no one to be found. The place was empty except for the owner and there was no sign than anyone had been inside the home. The craziest thing? The face I saw – I swear, I will go to the grave with this memory – it was the exact same face I’ve seen a thousand times, standing in front of that damn mineral well. It was my great-grandmother’s…”
  • In the middle of the room, standing perfectly still, was a group of children. I was paralyzed, not by any external force, but by the grip of unadulterated fear. They looked back at me, eyes blinking almost in unison, with gleeful smiles.

Part 1: I’m a police officer in a small town in Texas and I have some strange stories to tell.
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

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And He Was Almost President

Actually, I think what he did was cool and have no problem with it. And he looks better shirtless than I do.

Article: Mitt Romney Dressed as Nacho Libre for a Charity Wrestling Match

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Man Slams World’s Tallest Glass Bridge With A Sledgehammer

The makers of the world’s longest and highest glass-bottomed bridge pulled off a highly unusual yet impressive PR move to draw visitors to the new attraction ahead of its opening next month.

The 430-meter-long and 300-meter-high structure, which hangs over Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon in Central China, can reportedly support the weight of 800 people at once. However, in order to reassure visitors of its safety, the company challenged the BBC’s Dan Simmons to stop over and attempt to shatter one of its panels with a sledgehammer.

Full Article

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Greatest Frisbee Golf Throw In The History of Ever

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Driver Uses Smokescreen, Throws Spikes, During Dramatic High-Speed Chase in Lithuania

A dramatic video released by Lithuanian police on June 11 shows a Volvo driver leading them on a high-speed chase on rural roads two days before, creating a smokescreen with their car’s exhaust, and throwing spikes to try to slow down the pursuing police vehicle. Police said the chase took place near the city of Marijampolė, and that the driver had put the police officers’ lives at risk.

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Bag of Randomness for Friday, June 17, 2016


  • I had a family member move to Valley Ranch when it was “the” neighborhood and took that picture shortly thereafter. It was my intention to take a picture after every championship year was added. I never took the time to take a picture after 1995 was added, and I certainly thought at least two or three more would have been added by now.
    • When Valley Ranch was “the” neighborhood, you’d often see a shirtless Troy Aikman jogging in the neighborhood. You’d also see a lot of women in runny makeup powerwalking in hopes of running into the man. One thing about that area, it has some great walking paths.
    • Valley Ranch has changed from a community of young adults right out of college and affluent white people to a large South Asian community.
    • The only time I’ve seen Jerry Jones in the area was when I was inside Boston Market and he was going through the drive-thru.
    • The only time I was actually inside Valley Ranch was when my ENT schedule a CT scan. You can read what I wrote about the experience and my impression of the facility here. To my surprise, it even seemed a bit run down back in 2012.  And I still think it’s a great way for Jerry to utilize his state of the art medical equipment. Sure, his players have first priority, but way not charge others when it’s not in use?
    • I’ve seen several coaches every now and then at local businesses, but one memory that stands out is the time WifeGeeding and I drove next to Bill Parcells and awkwardly stopped at three consecutive stoplights with him. He was driving a Lincoln in case you were wondering.
    • Crazy how both the Cowboys and Stars were based in Valley Ranch, just about a block from each other, and now both will have Frisco as their home.
  • The Cowboys held their last practice at Valley Ranch:
    • Jason Garrett started the final practice at Valley Ranch by having his players watch some video from a 1992 practice at the facility, which lead to this nice little nod to the past
      • Most of the players in the 1992 video were practicing in gray. So Cowboys veteran right tackle Doug Free suggested the Cowboys’ offensive players wear gray shorts Thursday for the final practice. “We decided to bring it back because it’s tradition and just trying to show respect and most of all it feels comfortable,” Cowboys left tackle Tyron Smith said. “It’s special to see the other guys into it and show the respect.”
    • Gil Brant was there for the very first and last practice and wrote a piece for  Nate Newton was also there for the last practice, and Brant states Newton was actually on the field for the very first practice at Valley Ranch.
    • Michael Irvin is losing all his football landmarks
      • “I don’t think anyplace that I’ve done anything exists anymore,” said Irvin, who was here for the close of minicamp. “They got rid of the Orange Bowl, got rid of Texas Stadium, now they are getting rid of Valley Ranch …”
  • NBA Finals
    • If Golden State ends up losing this thing, that’s gonna be one for the ages considering how the basketball pundits have been wanting to hand them the championship all year long. Especially since they have the best regular season in the history of the NBA. I’d say this would be bigger than the Patriots losing the Super Bowl and ruining their perfect season – Golden State would have had three tries at putting it away.
    • I gotta hand it to Steph Curry. He threw his mouthpiece which hit a fan and resulted in his final foul and caused him to leave the game in the final moments. Even in that emotional moment of losing a game and having to leave on the visitor’s court, he took the time to go to the fan and apologize. He easily couldn’t have just stormed out and offer some half-hearted apology at a press conference.
    • Craig Sager looked weak, but it was nice to see him finally do a Finals.
    • The city of Cleveland has gone so long without any championship and has had horrible sports luck, I’m rooting for them.
    • There’s a part of me that thinks these games are somehow rigged to extend the series to make more money.
  • Colby Lewis of the Rangers had a no-hitter until the ninth inning yesterday in Oakland. I loved the guy’s honesty after the game when asked his thoughts on the game. Instead of saying he was just happy for the team to just get a win, he said, “Ahhhhh, it sucks.” Seriously, I love the sincerity, he almost had a no-hitter.
  • Not that I’m superstitious, but certain things stand out. For instance, we’re refinancing GeedingManor and the Estimated Taxes, Insurance, & Assessments comes to a total of $666.69.
  • If you are ordering pizza and trying to figure out if one extra-large is a better deal than two mediums, the Pizza Value Calculator will come in handy.
  • Alligators, Snake Fright and Floats: The Most Bizarre Deaths At The House of Mouse – The Daily Beast‏
  • Buzzfeed – Parents Are Sharing Photos Of Their Children At The Spot A Boy Was Killed By An Alligator
  • Buzzfeed – This Dad Makes Disney Costumes For His Kids And The Results Are Mind-Blowing
  • Actor Alan Ruck reveals why Cameron Frye, a teenager from Chicago, was a Red Wings fan in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”‏
  • Gizmodo – Here’s What Happened To All 53 of Marissa Mayer’s Yahoo Acquisitions
  • This is my preferred keyboard, so I’m not sure how I feel about this – Pinterest acquires the team behind Fleksy, a custom iOS and Android keyboard
  • Nursing Home Residents Often Mistreat Each Other: Report
  • Visiting My Dead Dad On Google Street View
    • Before my father passed, Google’s cameras captured him—healthy and happy—tending his yard. For years, this surprising cyber-presence lent me a strange comfort.
  • Tempting Video of the Day – McDonald’s food is put through a food processor and a dude drinks the entire glass.
  • Baylor wants to move on, but it seems like that’s not going to be possible for a while because of the courts:
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Fake News Anchor Goodbye From Adult Swim

Mature content warning.

Again, I warn you, mature content ahead. If you were offended or didn’t like the humor of the movie There’s Something About Mary then don’t even give this a try.

Yes, this is a video slightly under eleven minutes, and you may be thinking it’s not worth your time, but I sure did have a good laugh.

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Suburban 8th-Grader Impersonates Presidential Candidates in Entertaining Graduation Speech

Jack Aiello is a young teen with big dreams ahead of him — and potentially a slot on “Saturday Night Live” or in the White House.

The Arlington Heights middle schooler has quickly garnered Internet praise for his hilarious graduation speech, which included impersonations of the 2016 presidential candidates. 

Aiello’s entire roughly 350-student graduating class was tasked with writing a graduation speech as part of an English assignment. The speeches were then evaluated by teachers and staff before three finalists were selected.

Full Article

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Fox News asks the Dalai Lama, “You Ever Seen Caddyshack?”

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The best description of the different parts of Texas comes from the movie “Bernie”

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Bag of Randomness for Thursday, June 16, 2016


  • The other day the family was traveling in the car and DaughterGeeding was whining about not getting to do something. BoyGeeding chimed in and said, “SisterGeeding, it’s just like the song, sometimes you can’t always get what you want.” To my surprise, he remembered the Rolling Stones song I played about a week prior.
  • Speaking of BoyGeeding and sometimes not getting what he wants, he was supposed to go the end of season tee-ball pizza party and get a trophy; however, he had a 103° temperature so I went to the party and brought it home for him. On one hand, I feel bummed he missed having his first sports trophy presented to him, but on the other hand, I’m not too keen on the idea of all kids getting a trophy.
  • DaughterGeeding is also a bit under the weather with an ear infection and frustrated she can’t go swimming.
  • I mowed the lawn yesterday and happen to report there were ZERO bunny fatalities. However, one got really, really close to a weedeater.
    • My weedeater does not require bumping it on the ground for extra line; heck, I think all weedeaters are like that now. But I still do it out of habit, and it just “feels” right.
  • Something for the pet rescue lovers – Baltimore Ravens Offensive Tackle Ronnie Stanley—along with his girlfriend and a teammate, walked into a pet shelter and said, “We are looking for dog that’s been here a long time and maybe not-so-adoptable,
  • Baylor leaders need to find a happy medium, some are way too lax on discipline, some are way too harsh –  Hoverboard could derail Baylor grad’s Air Force career hopes
    • Riding a hoverboard without a helmet could derail a recent Baylor graduate’s hopes for an Air Force career. A week before finals last month an AFROTC captain spotted him riding his hoverboard to and from school without a helmet and wrote him up. The report says Delzell used “poor judgment” and that while riding the hoverboard in the department’s offices, he damaged Baylor property. Delzell says he nicked a wall, leaving a one-inch gash that he immediately offered to pay to repair.
  • A handful of my readers are Baylor Law graduates. WifeGeeding’s grandfather was a Baylor trustee, President of the Baylor Alumni Association, has a scholarship and class named in his honor, and taught a law class during his lunch hour. Yesterday I found an oral memoir of his. It seems like some students interviewed him and the audio and PDF transcript is posted online. Here are some names that are dropped in the memoir that some of you may have a connection with – Hart Nance, Frank Wilson, Matt Dawson, Louis Muldrow, William Cowper Brann, Frank Connally, Price Daniel, Judge Calvert.
    • Here’s a story with a nice Christian tie-in:
      • They went up on the mountain and the higher they got, the closer Scott got to Frank. And Frank—when they got up nearly to the top of the mountain, Scott said, “Grandpa, do you think we can see a bear?” And Frank said, “Well, I imagine we will. There‟s some up here.” And Scott said, “Well, Grandpa, are you scared?” And Frank said, “Yeah, I‟m getting kind of nervous.” And Scott said, “Grandpa, can I put my hand in yours?” And Frank told us that story at lunch and how great it was. But then Frank tied that into his Sunday school class and talked about how we all need somebody‟s hand. And then when he‟d be called upon to make speeches somewhere, he used it.
    • For you LiberallyLean readers, there’s also a story about a “Ben Green” who dated WifeGeeding’s great aunt, spent some time in the penitentiary, authored about seven books, and pretended to be a veterinarian and a Rhodes scholar. He is of no relation to the blogging lawyer, but let’s just pretend.
  • GIF – Queen Elizabeth is excited to see a cow – You’re probably like, why would he post something like that. And I’m like because it’s funnier than you’d expect and I’m sure you’ll watch it at least three times.
  • Mark Cuban continues to love and give back to our community – Mark Cuban to donate $1M to Dallas PD for Orlando response
  • Regarding the alligator dragging a two-year-old tragedy at Disney’s Grand Floridian, some folks think finding the child’s body intact was somehow a bit more comforting, that the child simply drowned. I’m thinking if I was the father, knowing my child drowned would have been worst because there was the possibility the kid still could have been rescued, instead of immediate death. Either way, it sucks.
  • I remember after losing my father after a very long illness, a family member debated with a friend who lost his father suddenly. One thought it was worst to watch them slowly wither away, the other thought not being able to say good-bye and the sudden loss and shock was the worst. Personally, I don’t think either is worst than the other, they both suck for various reasons.
  • While getting ready to watch the latest “Angie Tribeca” the other night (which had a FANTASTIC hat-tip to A Few Good Men) a caught a little bit of the new show “Wrecked” in which they were kinda poking fun of Brendan Fraser’s career. Last night, I spotted this headline – Brendan Fraser to Play Villain in Bollywood Movie
  • Buzzfeed – Socially Awkward Dog At A Pool 
  • I hope Cowtown Doug is doing well, I think about you from time to time for some reason.
  • I’ve never been a fan of how auto dealerships put a “permanent” decal on their vehicles. The license plate frames that display the dealership doesn’t bother me because those are easily replaceable.
  • Last night Colbert showed an old “Quantum Leap” clip in which Dr. Sam Beckett was a taxi driver and his passengers was Donald Trump as a child with his father. Man, I loved that show as a kid. Later, Colbert did a “Quantum Leap” skit with Scott Bakula. I may have gotten a kick out of Dean Stockwell’s character more than I did of Bakula’s.
  • Jay Leno was one of Jimmy Fallon’s guests last night. One thing is apparent, as nice as a guy Fallon may be, he not only gives a lot of courtesy laughs, but he’s an over-laugher.
  • ESPN-TNT deal allows Craig Sager a chance to work his first NBA Finals, as a sideline reporter for Game 6 on ABC
  • The new Google Fonts database is a design geek’s paradise
  • Yesterday in history, Arkansas became the 25th state. Random facts:
    • In 1881, the pronunciation of Arkansas with the final “s” being silent was made official by an act of the state legislature after a dispute arose between Arkansas’s two U.S. senators as one favored the pronunciation as /ˈɑːrkənsɔː/ ar-kən-saw while the other favored /ɑːrˈkænzəs/ ar-kan-zəs.
    • In 2007, the state legislature passed a non-binding resolution declaring the possessive form of the state’s name to be Arkansas’s which has been followed increasingly by the state government.
    • The word “Arkansas” itself is a French pronunciation (“Arcansas“) of a Quapaw (a related “Kaw” tribe) word, akakaze, meaning “land of downriver people” or the Sioux word akakaze meaning “people of the south wind”.
      • “People of the south wind” – It sounds like they are a bunch of farters. Man, the Sioux sure can bring the funny.
  • “Jim never has a second cup of coffee at home.”
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Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Screenshot 2016-06-14 at 9.57.27 PM

  • I cried twice yesterday.
    • WifeGeeding and the kids are in East Texas visiting family and I was all alone. I received a phone call from my domain registrar and web hosting company inquiring about the quality of their service and the primary purpose of and and if I’d like to extend my current contract. As I was explaining the purpose of the latter website, which is to provide information for a scholarship created by the mother of my friend that was to be my best man at my wedding, I choked up. Suddenly it hit me, it was the thirteenth anniversary of his death, a crazy kayak accident. He died exactly one week before our wedding. I can’t think of one event without the other. I apologized to the representative on the phone for making it suddenly awkward. Suddenly it as a whirlwind trip down memory lane of where I was thirteen years ago. I was in Mineral Wells with my family, and WifeGeeding was in East Texas with her family, where she is now. The coincidence of her being in East Texas on this date resurrected all those feelings and emotions of that day. While I was thankful I was with my mother at the time, and no one can comfort like a mother can, I just wanted to be wrapped up in my fiance’s arm but felt separated, and here I felt separated again.
    • Before bedtime, WifeGeeding sent me the above picture which my best man’s mother posted on FaceBook to honor her son. He looks so adorable, so innocent, so full of joy. It made me think of all the life that he had in front of him. It made me think of all the times I went bowling with him, and he was damn good, and the time we won the intramural tea bowling championship in college. It made me think of the few times I took my children bowling, and it made me think of my daughter who is named after him.
      • After I calmed down, I turned on the nightly news and saw a story about a two-year-old at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort being drug into the Seven Seas Lagoon. This was where WifeGeeding and I spent our honeymoon. I remember the day in which we went parasailing and jet skiing in the Seven Seas Lagoon. Right before the start of those activities I was warned about the possibilities of alligators and kept thinking about the loss of my friend a week prior and me making the headlines about being attacked by a gator on my honeymoon. The gator warning affected me so much I didn’t enjoy our time jet skiing or parasailing. Of all the tweets last night, this one stood out.

  • Yesterday, LiberallyLean mentioned a lawyer friend from another town dropped by and gave him some home grown tomatoes. Man, that brought back some memories. When I was a little-bitty-Geeding in Mineral Wells, my mother grew several things in the backyard – tomatoes, chili peppers, jalapeños, bitter melons (which I always thought was under-developed corn), okra, cucumbers, eggplant, and moqua, which has a fuzzy outside layer and was about a foot long in most cases. The tomatoes grow like crazy, and it was my job to deliver sackfuls of them to our friends and neighbors.
  • I knew someone that was very crude and perverted but said he likes Sinbad the comedian because his comedy is clean and without cursing.
  • From Texas Monthly – Waxahachie ISD, with about 8,200 students, approved the $500,000 purchase of a digital scoreboard
  • Baylor University Interim President told to remain silent
    • Baylor’s Interim President David Garland admitted he had been instructed not to speak with the media before having KCEN HD News thrown off campus on Tuesday.
    • I can see Art Briles coming back to Baylor after a year out of football and the spotlight. He’d have to stay off the grid for a long while, admit he’s made mistakes, repented, felt guilt, went to counseling, talked to victims, and now wants to do right and have some sort of platform based on the prevention of sexual violence. I’m not saying I’d want that to happen, but if crafted just right, our society is a forgiving one and likes a redemption story.
  • YES! – Curb Your Enthusiasm returning for 9th season
    • Asked why he decided to come back, David said, “In the immortal words of Julius Caesar, ‘I left, I did nothing, I returned.’”
  • Husband’s arm amputated, officer bitten after Alabama woman’s rampage
  • Google Fiber may expand to Dallas
    • The super speedy Internet service is eyeing Dallas, which would be its third city in the Lone Star state. It has already staked out Austin and San Antonio. Google Fiber must work out the logistics with city leaders before reaching a final decision on whether Dallas would become the 23rd U.S. city to have or to be scheduled to get Google Fiber.
  • Facebook Offers Tools for Those Who Fear a Friend May Be Suicidal
    • On Tuesday, in the biggest step by a major technology company to incorporate suicide prevention tools into its platform, the social network introduced mechanisms and processes to make it easier for people to help friends who post messages about suicide or self-harm. With the new features, people can flag friends’ posts that they deem suicidal; the posts will be reviewed by a team at the social network that will then provide language to communicate with the person who is at risk, as well as information on suicide prevention.
  • Netflix’s iPad app now supports Picture in Picture multitasking
  • Chick-fil-A Opens on Sunday to Feed Blood Donors in Orlando
  • F-bomb warning because of a Billy Ripken baseball card reference – Fun with Blasphemy: The Exciting World of Biblical Typos
  • Buzzfeed – People Diagnosed With Alzheimer’s Talk About The Memories They Never Want To Forget
  • While watching Colbert last night, I was surprised at his chalkboard skit, that he went that far with Tump. But it reminded me of the SNL skit of Tim Meadows playing OJ using the telestrator and “accidentally” writing “I Did It”.


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