Star Wars Episode VII – Deleted Scene Chewbacca ripping off Unkar Plutt’s arm (2017)

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Bag of Randomness for Monday, January 16, 2017

  • WifeGeeding and I watched La La Land for a second time, but this time we brought the kids around. After the movie, DaughterGeeding told me she wished we would have watched Star Wars instead. That girl can melt my heart sometimes.
  • During the game yesterday I got up to use the restroom during a commercial break but didn’t make it back in time before it resumed. Without and sort of prompting, four-year-old BoyGeeding paused the game and told me he didn’t want me to miss any of it. That boy can melt my heart sometimes.
  • The Cowboys can break my heart sometimes, but despite their slow start, I’m proud of them overall and was highly entertained this season. It was great seeing the community come together again and rally behind this team, and unlike other years, we’ve got hope going into the next season. I’ve got the utmost respect for Aaron Rogers and his team.
  • The weather was so bad in Lewisville we lost our DirecTV signal and missed the game-winning field goal. But then again, I wasn’t at the game, witnessed the devasting loss, and had to go out in a thunderstorm and walk to my car parked seven miles away.
  • I don’t care what anyone says, Tony Romo should have played, he would have blocked that field goal.
  • Resale market for Super Bowl tickets slips after Cowboys ousted
  • I was just a little peeved, okay, maybe more than just a little, at PBS last night when I was watching the season and possibly the series finale of ‘Sherlock’. During a pivotal scene, for about two minutes, they scrolled a severe warning message at the top of the screen but stopped all audio from the show and replaced it with an announcement. Hey, I get their commitment to public service and safety, but seriously, the red banner scroll at the top of the screen with maybe a few warning beeps would have been enough. Taking out two minutes of audio to hear a verbal warning along with the message at the top of the screen was overkill.
  • I missed the first forty minutes of SNL but watched it To my surprise, I didn’t have to sit through one commercial.
  • WifeGeeding and I did an escape room challenge. It was my third and her first. We got out with eleven minutes to spare. But it was the first time I did one without my closest friends, who I all believe are vastly more intelligent than me. So it was great being able to do it with a room full of strangers and being able to vastly contribute by being the first to solve many of the puzzles and locks and find some hidden clues. I dunno, I felt validated for some reason, and it was great being to do it in front of WifeGeeding, who contributed greatly herself.
  • Armchair Sports Psychologist – For any major football game in which you can tell nerves are getting the best of your team, always start with rushing the ball. Players start to settle down after that first play and rushing the ball is less likely to cause a turnover or loss of yardage.
  • Portable toilet names covered for inauguration
    • Workers preparing for the inauguration Jan. 20 have taped over the name of the company — “Don’s Johns” — that has long supplied portable restrooms for major outdoor events in the nation’s capital. Virginia-based Don’s Johns calls itself the Washington area’s top provider of portable toilet rentals. But the name apparently strikes too close to home for organizers of the inauguration of Donald John Trump.
  • I think the Bush twins are exceptional women, and they taking the time to write a letter to the Obama girls about life after the White House is a nice touch of grace and civility we lacking in society. However, the cynic in me would have appreciated the gesture more if Jenna Bush didn’t work for the ‘Today’ show and make it into a segment with them reading the letter in front of the American flag. The sincerity was lost.
  • A man in Greenwich, Connecticut got in a political argument with a female coworker, grabbed her by the *um-hum*, and allegedly said, “I love this new world, I no longer have to be politically correct.”
    • As he walked out, he warned her that it would be “his word against hers” but apparently didn’t realize there was surveillance footage police would later use to confirm the whole event.
  • On Saturday, SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 rocket and took 10 satellites into space for voice and data company Iridium. I thought I knew a decent amount of space, but had no idea more than one satellite could be taken into space at a time.
  • If I were to write a script or put on a play regarding Noah and the Ark, as the animals start arriving, I’d want some to say to him, “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.” Most folks incorrectly state that famous line as “We’re gonna need a bigger boat.”
  • I’m guessing this Buzzfeed article on the “growth mindset” was written by a British author. He kept using the word “math” in the plural form, “maths”, and it was throwing me off because I’ve never seen it in the plural form.
  • Sports trivia tidbit:
    • There are 22 states that have at least one NFL team.
    • There are 21 states (plus D.C.) that have at least one NFL team.
    • There are 17 states (plus D.C.) that have at least one MLB team.
    • There are 16 states (plus D.C.) that have at least one MLB team.
  • Some folks will spend money and think differently about appearances and fandom than me.
  • Random somewhat recent Roger Staubach story:
    • Just last week, Staubach had a meeting at his commercial real estate company, JLL, and one of his employees said that to land a New York real estate deal would “probably take a Hail Mary to pull off.” Staubach just looked at him thinking, dude???
  • A very good Sports Illustrated article on Stephen Jones, here are a few pieces which stood out:
    • Stephen, too, had been a standout prep quarterback, in Little Rock, good enough to be recruited by Princeton, where he would have competed for the QB job with a ginger-haired freshman named Jason Garrett.
      • Here’s another article on Stephen which adds a bit more to that story.
        • By senior year, he was recruited by Lou Holtz to play at Arkansas. But Princeton wanted him, too, and Jerry was thrilled with the idea of an Ivy League son. “I don’t want to go to Princeton,” Stephen said. “Let me sleep on it,” Jerry said. The next day, Jerry gave his familiar refrain: “I’ve got a deal for you.” Stephen could attend Arkansas if he took the most difficult academic program offered. “I think I still might be the only scholarship football athlete at Arkansas who majored in chemical engineering,” he said.
    • Some days, if Stephen was going to be in the building, connecting with coaches and watching tape, he’d wear a polo shirt. On others, when he was selling suites or sponsorships, he’d don a suit, complete with a pocket square. Parcells would see the suit and sigh. “I’d walk into his office, and he’d go, ’Stadium Steve today.’” Pointing at the pocket square, Parcells would say, in an accusing tone, “See that hankie? That means you’re gonna be out there selling Dr. Pepper and Pepsi and Ford trucks today, working on things that aren’t important to Bill.” Then they’d both laugh.
    • The story also mentions how the city of Frisco was outbid by The Colony to land Nebraska Furniture Mart – “After losing that bid, says Jones, “[Frisco] used that property to do their deal with us.” The city kicked in $90 million toward a parking lot and 12,000-seat indoor stadium.”
  • A 1985 LA Times article about Texas Stadium getting its first luxury suites.
    • This summer, 118 Crown Suites have been added to the 178 Circle Suites. This cost the stadium about 1,500 seats. But this will cost suite patrons $26.50 per game ticket. That’s right, J.R., tickets are not included in the $1.5 million cash you paid for your 20-seat Crown Suite. What do you think this is, Arlington Stadium?
    • Unlike the Circle Suites, the Crowns come pre-decorated. You may choose from three color schemes–gray, maroon or blue on gray. Each suite comes with reclining chairs, wet bar, VCR hookup, two TVs (one computerized) and electric windows, just like your limo’s.
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At first, my jaw hit the floor

But then I found out it’s a parody account.


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Comedian Nick Thune tells jokes about becoming a youth pastor

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Bag of Randomness for the First of Two Fridays The Thirteenth of 2017

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Making of the 2016 NBA Champs Cleveland Cavaliers Championship Ring

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Bag of Randomness for Thursday, January 11, 2017

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Woman posts adventurous photos of her amputated leg

When Oklahoma native Kristi Loyall had her foot removed, she got it back in a plastic bag.

In 2011, Loyall noticed that her right pinky toe was numb. Despite a series of doctors’ visits, the numbness spread and grew painful. It turned out her foot and lower leg had cancer. As soon as her new oncologist suggested amputation, Loyall asked about keeping the severed limb.

After about a month of examining and preserving Loyall’s leg, the pathology lab sent it back to her. She passed it onto Skulls Unlimited, a company in Oklahoma that cleans and sells the skeletons of humans and animals. Skulls Unlimited defleshed the foot, dried it, put it in a tank with flesh-eating dermestid beetles. Next, they whitened the bones and strung them together in order. The process cost her $650 and took four months. Now Loyall has a skeleton foot. She takes it with her on her travels, snapping pictures for her Instagram, OneFootWander.

Full Article

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Love This Dog


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Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, January 11, 2017

  • Thanks for answering my automotive question yesterday. But I’m only somewhat thankful for those of you who mentioned the show ‘Wives With Knives’ and ‘Snapped’ because now I fear WifeGeeding will set a season pass on the DVR.
  • I’ve always put both socks on my feet first and then my shoes, but the other day I did sock, shoe, sock, shoe, and my entire day was thrown off. And I usually put on socks before pants.
  • I’ll be buying my U2 concert tickets today. Since their announcement, The Joshua Tree is now in iTunes’ top 25 in two different spots.
    • The album has climbed up the iTunes Music Store album charts in recent days, perhaps powered by both the band’s Joshua Tree Tour 2017 announcement and the fact that iTunes is selling the album for only $5.99. One of our staffers noticed the album moving up the iTunes rankings on Monday, and it’s still there today. In fact, it’s there twice. As of about 2:00 PM PT, the main album (2007 remastered version) was No. 11 on the overall album chart and the Deluxe Edition (also from 2007) was No. 22. That Deluxe Edition is currently being sold for $9.99.
  • I haven’t followed the story closely, and there are verification issues, but some are alleging President-Elect Trump of treason.

    But even if it’s true, I don’t think it comes close to Nixon sabotaging the Vietnam war peace talks by telling the South Vietnamese government he’d give them a better deal if elected. I thought the second half of this article does a great job of detailing it. But the first part of that article is worth reading because the idea of President Johnson landing Marine One on top of the Hilton Hotel in Chicago to make a dramatic entrance to the Democratic Convention to re-join the presidential race is quite interesting.
  • One of the ‘Black Mirror’ episodes WifeGeeding and I recently watched made me think of the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie Running Man. To my surprise, that movie is set in the year 2017. Or as Wikipedia puts it, “a dystopian United States between 2017 and 2019.” That movie was so off, after all, nothing feels dystopian and the public isn’t addicted to reality television.
  • Monopoly Will Let the Internet Vote to Replace All of the Board Game’s Classic Tokens
  • We know that Mr. Drummond of ‘Diff’rent Strokes’ was a widower, but I don’t think it’s ever stated how his wife died.
  • While I liked the content of President Obama’s “farewell” speech, I really didn’t like him having it in Chicago in front of a crowd. That speech shouldn’t be some kind of rally and that echo was distracting. He should have spoken from the White House and had an informal public “farewell” speech in Chicago. But I will say it was touching when he addressed his wife and his daughter Malia was tearing up.
  • Obama has only addressed the nation from the Oval Office three times. He’s addressed the nation other times but standing in another room in the White House, you can tell he’s not comfortable speaking while sitting down.
  • Clare Hollingworth, reporter who broke news of WWII, dies at 105
  • Honda now has a self-balancing motorcycle – ArticleYouTube
  • Meet the 22 impressive Texans on Forbes’ coveted 30 Under 30 list
  • WhataWedding: Guy dances with a bag of Whataburger at his own wedding
  • The Dallas Cowboys are accepting applications for bandwagon fans

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Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, January 10, 2017

  • U2 will be playing at AT&T Stadium on Friday MAY 26 with The Lumineers as the opening act. The last time they played here, WifeGeeding had bad morning sickness and I ended up taking a blog reader. The tickets were great, we actually touched the stage and just four feet away from the band at times.
  • A question for you automotive experts – How often would you change the oil on an automobile if you only put about 5,000 miles on it annually? I hardly drive our GMC Acadia, and usually change the oil every time I go a little over 3,000 miles. But since I don’t drive it often, should I stick with the three-month/3,000 recommendation or is it okay to change the oil once or twice a year?
  • You don’t hear anything about Emeril Lagasse anymore. For a while, he was all over the place.
  • One of my closest friends is a Baptist minister in our hometown of Mineral Wells. I called him yesterday to wish him a happy birthday and wedding anniversary. Yup, he got married on his birthday. The conversation ended with me playfully telling him to be praying for Trump just as much or even more than he did for Obama. It turns out he’s not a fan of the president-elect for moral reasons, but I also playfully blamed him for being solely responsible for how all white Evangelicals voted.
  • WifeGeeding and I have been watching a lot of  ‘Black Mirror’ episodes. After the last one, she said it wasn’t as “happy” as the others, which made me raise and eyebrow since none of them are happy episodes. It made me think of this Tina Fey and Amy Phoeler moment from the 2014 Golden Globes.
  • Alabama Trounces Clemson and Everybody Else in the College Football Money Game
  • The Quiet Failure of Sony’s Giant Cassette Tape
  • Political humor – Schumer sends McConnell back his own 2009 letter on nominations
  • I drove by the Dallas Cowboys’ old facility in Valley Ranch recently, not a thing has changed. I guess I was expecting the entrance sign to be taken down.
  • I bummed to hear the Pioneer Cabin tree is no more.
  • Thanks to this Reddit post, I finally understand Meatloaf’s most famous song:
    • In each verse he lists two things he will do, then a third thing which he won’t do, that’s what he’s referring to when he says I won’t do “that”

      And I would do anything for loveI’d run right into hell and backI would do anything for loveI’ll never lie to you and that’s a fact

      Those are the two things he said he will do.

      But I’ll never forget the way you feel right now
      Oh no No way
      And I would do anything for love
      But I won’t do that

      That third thing (forgetting the way you feel) is the thing he won’t do.

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Horse Loves His Squeaky Toy

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