Poaching an Egg Under Water View – GoPro

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Bag of Randomness


  • The Emmys had a real fun and loose vibe to it this year.  I don’t remember the BBC having so many nominations in previous years.  If I’m bummed about anything regarding winners, I wanted ‘House of Cards’ to at least get one win.  And I was actually surprised that ‘Breaking Bad’ went out with such a bang, but it was well deserved.
  • The “In Memoriam” and transition to Billy Crystal speaking about Robin Williams was eloquently done.  Crystal seemed like he was going to break down a few times.
  • I’ll often tell DaughterGeeding “You don’t need [such-and-such], you just want [such-and-such]“.  Yesterday I heard her yelling that at her brother when they were fighting for the same toy after he said he needed it.
  • After cleaning out the lint in the dryer exhaust pipe, our clothes are drying at a significant faster rate.
  • A great point was made by a friend during an email exchange regarding the Simpsons marathon.  While the shows are fun and entertaining, we may be enjoying them more because it reminds us of where we were at certain points in our life when we first saw them.
  • A friend I haven’t talked to in over a decade will coach his first high school football game as a varsity head coach.  I regret not keeping in touch with him other than a Christmas card, so I sent him a handwritten letter yesterday telling him I’m proud of him and wishing the best of luck.
  • Yesterday Dan from The TICKET talked about lightning hitting his house which killed his HDTV.  He thought he lucked out since he bought the additional insurance on the HDTV, but there’s a lightning clause.
  • Try before you die – A business in Japan will let living souls try on makeup, outfits, and coffins for their future funeral.
  • Matt Damon accepted the ice bucket challenge, but instead of using clean water he used toilet water.
  • I learned from Reddit that the average toll to pass through the Panama Canal is $54,000, and the most expensive regular toll fee is US$375,600.  Wikipedia
  • Aaron Paul had a ‘Breaking Bad’ scavenger hunt.  You’ll never guess who was waiting at IHOP.
  • And I thought the NFL was a bunch of stiffs - The NHL wasn’t happy with Krusty the Clown vomiting into the Stanley Cup
  • WifeGeeding was talking to a friend yesterday about her daughter’s first day of school.  It was kind of a big deal because she transferred to a new high school.  She got sent home because her shorts were too short, something she could get away with at her old high school.
  • GIF – A cockatoo‏ pulling Milk Bones out of a box and feeding a large dog.
  • GIF – A cute dashcam moment
  • GIF – This horse is not camera friendly
  • NYTimes.com – The Brazilian Bus Magnate Who’s Buying Up All the World’s Vinyl Records
  • Vanna White started on the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ turning letters back in 1982.  It wasn’t until 1997 that all she had to do was touch box for the letters to appear.  That’s a 15 year run of turning letters, and 17 years of just touching them.  So yes, she’s now been revealing letters by touch longer than she had turned them and I just find that interesting.
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OUCH! Ice Bucket Challenge Reaction Gone Wrong

If you are short on time, just skip to the 0:50 mark and watch from there.

At least they had ice on hand, and you gotta love how her dog goes over to check on her.

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British Embassy Humor

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Bag of Randomness


  • You are reading the blog of a person that can make painting a laundry room much more difficult than it should be.  But then again, I’ve only used my paint sprayer and compressor once and that was about two years ago, so I was a little rusty.
  • The laundry room project came at the most opportune time, I noticed one of the hoses attached to the washing machine was about to give out and the pipe where the dryer exhaust pipe was full of lint.  The thing is, I occasionally check and clean the tube that connects the dryer and the exhaust pipe, but never the pipe.
  • I was in the Home Depot restroom yesterday when a man rolled his shopping cart in and park it outside a stall, and then he went into the stall to do what you do inside a restroom stall.  It was so strange to see him roll this shopping cart in a small restroom, it was all cumbersome for him to maneuver past the privacy wall.  In case you were wondering, his shopping cart had a toilet seat and several light bulbs, and no, he didn’t try out the toilet seat – at least I don’t think.
  • We wanted to eat some decent barbeque but didn’t want to stand in line for about an hour, so we decided to be at Lockhart a little before opening.  I was the fifth to be served so I should have got some of their top brisket, but even the fatty stuff was a bit dry and lacked flavor.  The first time I ate there it was phenomenal, but each subsequent visit it gets worst and worst.
  • I learned there are two types of brisket you can buy at the grocery story, the lean flat rectangle of brisket and the whole packer brisket.  I want to cook the whole packer brisket to get the most flavor, but the Weber Smokey Mountains don’t seem large enough to contain one, unless you want to spring for the bigger more expensive one.
  • I can’t remember where I read it or heard it this weekend, but this thought has really stuck with me – at some point your mother picked you up and set you down for the last time, and neither of you knew it at the time and probably don’t remember it.
  • It seems like ISIS has come out of nowhere and all of a sudden very powerful.  I thought the CIA “took care” of thing like this before they got out of control?  Perhaps I watch too many movies, but I’m sure we’ll hear ISIS non-stop during this next election cycle.
  • ISIS the Rock Band Mistaken for the Terrorist Group
  • I thought reading an article about the Supreme Court would be a bit bland, even if it was about determining obscenity, but this part really stood out: These films ranged from scientific documentaries to the improbable escapades of lesbian nymphomaniacs. Justice Thurgood Marshall, a civil rights hero, took merciless pleasure in narrating the clips for the special benefit of Justice John Marshall Harlan Jr., an elegant former Wall Street lawyer who was by then losing his eyesight.
  • We are going to call the next decade the Twenties.  That seems a bit weird as we all remember the Twenties as stuff we learned in history class.  I guess we’ll just start calling them the 1920′s.
  • I never really thought about it before, but the atomic bomb was built before color television.
  • I wish there was just a channel that rotated episodes of ‘The Simpsons’, ‘Family Guy’, and ‘King of the Hill’. - ‘Simpsons’ marathon more than triples ratings for FXX | Variety‏
  • I heard a lot of parents were taking their kids to the One Direction concert at AT&T Stadium last night.  I guess I’m a bit surprised that group wasn’t at the VMAs.
  • Taylor Swift loves to write songs about how all her ex-boyfriends have wronged her and how it’s always their fault.  One day she’ll get married and write lovey dovey love songs, but then get divorced and write and sing songs in a manner more angry than Alanis Morissette when she was at her best.  Swift does have a cute new song and video, but she’s fooling herself if she thinks she’s singing country music.
  • India has a rice bucket challenge to try to help the hungry.
  • Chef cooking snake dies after cobra bites him – 20 minutes AFTER head was cut off
  • A shower thought found on Reddit: If you eat chilled meat and beans with jalapeños in Santiago during winter, than you’re eating chilly chili in Chile with chilies when it’s chilly.
  • Readers absorb less on Kindles than on paper, study finds
  • This $50 Bloody Mary Includes An Entire Fried Chicken
  • There was a Go Topless rally in San Antonio yesterday, but everyone covered their nipples with red tape.
  • I was watching a ‘Naked and Afraid’ special and the first thing a guy requested to eat after 21 days was a bag of Doritos.
  • There’s a Southwest Airlines commercial where the crowd at the Rangers game is singing “Love Love Love” by the Beatles.  It would be cool if they actually played that at the Rangers game, it could be our version of “Sweet Caroline”.  But judging by the crowd at yesterday’s game, no one would be there to sing it.
  • The Simpsons marathon on FXX has a commercial that uses the name Keith.  Unless someone tells me otherwise, I’m going to believe it’s directed solely at me.
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Gordon Lightfoot Song of the Day – If You Could Read My Mind

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Bag of Randomness


  • The local news had a story about Texas Woman’s University being so overcrowded they turned a Holiday Inn into a dorm.  The same thing happened when I was in college and I was hired as the resident advisor of the Colonial Inn.  The perks of living there was free cable (no cable on campus at the time), a swimming pool outside our door, and unlike the dorms on campus, we could have girls over.  Somewhere out there is video of me being interviewed by a local news station.  I was also interviewed by the local paper and made the front page, but made a bad decision to do so in the pool with my shirt off after some urging from the reporter.
  • I grew another beard but shaved it all off last night.  When I walked out DaughterGeeding just laughed at me saying I look funny.
  • I’m really enjoying this Simpsons marathon.
  • 6 commercial jingles ’80s and ’90s Dallas kids will never forget -  My sister and I use to crack up at the honorable mention commercial.
  • I was alive during a time when it was fashionable to wear shorts over your sweatpants.
  • Junior Mints > Andes Mints> York Peppermint Patty
  • One of my readers sent me a pic of his new barbecue smoker.  I hate him in the most Christian way possible and jealous his grandfather was in the inaugural class of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  Other than that, I love the guy.
  • It seems like Jim Kelly is always the runner up.  On the day it’s announced he’s cancer free the Ebola doctor is Ebola free.
  • No one will admit it, but there’s nothing like picking the perfect booger.
  • I get a small amount of satisfaction of hitting the Ctrl and Enter button simultaneous to send an email.
  • Jean-Claude Van Damme has a very attractive and fit daughter name Bianca Bree Van Damme that just took the ice bucket challenge sitting in a very provocative position - YouTube
  • I never understood the criticisms presidents in office get for playing golf.  Those guys need to unwind and recharge, and presidents of both parties have played plenty of golf, and I’m sure some have played more than others.  Obama has been getting a lot of heat for speaking about the beheading of U.S. journalist James Foley and then leaving, changing clothes, and then playing golf.  I think that’s a lot different than G.W. Bush speaking seriously about terrorism on a golf course and then telling the press to “watch this drive“.  I bet in retrospect Bush regretted ever saying that (and even speaking to the press while on the course) and that moment caused him to stop playing while in office.
  • This just seems weird - Here’s How The State Department Trolls Terrorists On Social Media
  • Until last week I’ve watched my neighbor’s dog and gerbil a total of five times when he’s been on vacation, and he’s paid me four of the five times.  The reason he didn’t pay me that one time was because he lost his wallet at a gas station on the way home.  He’s been back for five days now and hasn’t paid me for this latest watch, but I’m uncomfortable bringing the topic up with him.  I was really looking forward to using this money to buy a smoker and do some barbecuing.
  • Dang, the season finale of ‘Rectify’ sure did pull the curtain back on a lot of things and brought some intense drama.  I’m glad to hear it’s been picked up for another season.
  • Back To The Future aging with makeup vs reality
  • Did Skynet create this? - This Robot Draws A Life-Size Selfie Using Its Creator’s Blood
  • This is quite surprising, but they have been at it for a full decade. - Kari, Grant and Tory are leaving MythBusters - To be honest, it always bugged me hearing them all scream with over expressive facial reactions at every explosion.
  • The Chick-Fil-A sandwich I brought home last smelled like some kind of cleaning solution, and this was confirmed by WifeGeeding who has a supreme olfactory sense.  But it tasted so good I just continued to eat it.  If you don’t see any blog posts come Monday, blame my death on the sandwich and not my lack of willpower to put it down.
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Richard Marx Video of the Day – Hold On To The Nights

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Slippery Squirrel

The Rock Squirrel has been raiding our bird feeder, carrying away pounds of seed. Nancy figured a quick solution. I don’t know which is funnier, the squirrel or Nancy’s narration.

For anyone who is concerned about the squirrel, he still raids our other two feeders and the vegetable garden. The tiny amount of Vaseline used is non-toxic, the kind used for lip balm. He quickly learned that this feeder was not worth the trouble, so we have not put more on the pole, and the birds are delighted to actually get some of the bird seed.

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Make Up Artist Uses Her Lips As A Canvas For Characters

Below is a sample of Laura Jenkinson’s work, click here for more of her great work.




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Bag of Randomness


  • There’s a rule at GeedingManor that all home improvement projects stop at the start of football season.  Yesterday I see several paint swatches taped to our laundry room.  I think WifeGeeding is trying to squeeze in one more project for me while she can.
  • I’m sure everyone has thought of a crime or murder they could get away with scot-free.
  • WifeGeeding informed me that one of her friends named her daughter Swayze.  I’ve never heard that named used for either a boy or girl, but if Swayze does get a little brother, I hope he’s named Dalton, and then the father can teach him the three rules, “One, never underestimate your opponent. Expect the unexpected. Two, take it outside. Never start anything inside the bar unless it’s absolutely necessary. And three, be nice.”
  • On The TICKET yesterday, the Hardline crew couldn’t figure out how the Cowboys franchise value or worth increased by 36% last year.  I’m surprised they couldn’t remember the AT&T naming rights deal as well as agreement with the city of Frisco to build a new practice facility and entertainment complex.
  • During a commercial break on The TICKET I heard a Park Place motors advertisement with SNL music in the background and a bad Don Pardo impression.  Considering the man died just the day before, that was pretty tasteless.
  • My barbeque smoking research has introduced me to some new terminology like packer brisket, the point, the flat, and the deckle.
  • Ken Burns was on Letterman discussing his new series that covers both of the Roosevelts, seven tw0-hour episodes that starts on September 14.  That’ll certainly be on my DVR.  He stated that if both men were running for office today, neither would get passed the Iowa caucuses.
  • Is Your Theology A “Little Bit Off”? Here’s A Quick Test To See
  • Texas Monthly‏ –  Where Have All the Cowboy Churches Come From?
  • Speaking of Texas Monthly, their barbeque guy thinks some New Yorkers have figured out Texas barbeque, “The brisket I’ve had in New York lately is better than a lot of places in Texas.”
  • Buzzfeed - This Guy Took Photos Of Himself Adorably Proposing To Disney Characters
  • Buzzfeed - The Guy Who Inspired The Ice Bucket Challenge Finally Took The Ice Bucket Challenge Himself - There’s also an ESPN piece about the man’s fight against ALS.
  • Buzzfeed - An All-Bacon Restaurant Is Opening In Montreal – Hey Warren, he’ll have  Jägermeister poutine.
  • There was a line in last night’s ‘The Bridge’ that seemed like a story right out of ‘Game of Thrones’ - Theon Greyjoy’s in particular.
  • Trying to put cold, hard butter on soft bread is anathema to me, usually I just end up destroying the bread. - The Cutting-Edge Butter Knife of Your Dreams Is Finally Here
  • Usually by this time of year every homeowner has given up on their lawn, but we’ve been fortunate this summer.
  • Sea plankton discovered outside space station
  • The Every Simpsons Ever marathon starts on FXX today at 9:00 AM Central, this means for the time being I can’t say there’s nothing on TV.
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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – George W. Bush

Thanks to Jenna Bush Hager, Rory McIlroy, Woody Johnson, and Coach Jim Harbaugh for the #IceBucketChallenge — and to Laura W. Bush for the check. Next up: President Bill Clinton. Help #StrikeOutALS at www.alsa.org.

“Yesterday was Bill’s birthday and my gift to Bill is a bucket of cold water.”

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