Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, November 14, 2017

  • The above image has 16 circles. If you are having trouble spotting them, a hint is provided in the last bullet point.
  • ABC News – Some churches putting faith in their guns to fend off mass shootings
    • But Worley himself, who is licensed to carry a concealed weapon, refuses to wear his weapon while preaching. 

      “I’ve told my safety team, ‘Listen, I can’t be up there teaching and preaching and also carrying. So I’m going to trust in the Lord and trust you guys that if something happens, you will act,’” he said.

    • At the kickoff of each training seminar, Copley said, he recites the same directive. “I say, ‘I pray for them, I pray for myself that, whenever I put my gun on, my prayer is I will never have to use it,” he said. “So far, that’s been an answered prayer.”

  • Dallas Mornings News video: What the church pastor preached a week after Texas church massacre – “I choose life.”
  • Ohio inmate getting pillow to help him breathe during execution
    • Ohio will provide a wedge-shaped pillow to help a condemned inmate breathe as he’s being executed this week, among other accommodations the state is considering. Death row prisoner Alva Campbell, who has said he is too ill for lethal injection, became mildly agitated when officials tried lowering him to a normal execution position, according to a medical review by a physician contractor for the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction. The same exam failed to find veins suitable for inserting an IV on either of Campbell’s arms.
  • The vertical lines are inside the circles. If you are really having trouble seeing the circles, here you go.
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“Most Armed Man in America”

Article: What the ‘most armed man in America’ has to say about mass shootings

Credit: LiberallyLean

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Bag of Randomness for Monday, November 13, 2017

  • Man, I’m snakebit. Not literally, but it feels that way when it comes to my health.
    • About a month ago I felt a small lump on the back of my neck thinking it was an ingrown hair. It wasn’t painful, but just sort of there. This week, all of a sudden, it just started to swell up but a whitehead never appeared, and it was warm to the touch.
    • I had a doctor look at it on Thursday. She injected anesthesia and lanced the abscess, did a bunch of squeezing, but didn’t find evidence of an infection. She sent me home and asked me to return the next day for a bandage change.
    • On Friday, the abscess grew much larger and the area was very red. The doctor once again injected anesthesia and this time a bunch of infected pus came out. It was painful but I felt some relief since some pressure was released. I was sent home with antibiotics.
    • I woke on Saturday morning with the abscess much larger, redder, and extremely sensitive to the touch. I visited the doctor and she told me to go to the ER.
    • The ER doctor gave me antibiotics through an IV and performed an ultrasound so he could identify areas to lance. He said the abscess was about the size of a baseball. Once again, I had an injection of anesthesia and he enlarged the lanced area. I was provided a prescription for antibiotics to take every six hours in addition to the antibiotics I was already prescribed. He was nice enough to also prescribe some pain medication. The redness is visible to the mid-cheek area of my face, and he said if he goes any further I need to return to be admitted. Here’s a gruesome pic of me leaving the hospital.
  • Alice Cooper: ‘Larry Mullen is the only drummer to ask me for my lyrics’
    The self-proclaimed executioner of the last taboos of the Western world on his Irish blood, not drinking – and finding religion

    • “Larry is the only drummer to ask me for my lyrics. I’ve never, ever had a drummer ask for the lyrics. Usually they couldn’t care less about the lyrics. Larry said that when he drums, he interprets the lyrics.”
    • Bono has said the first single he bought was Cooper’s Hello Hooray, the opening track from his 1973 album Billion Dollar Babies. 
  • Why Vietnam Loves TrumpIt’s one of the only countries in the world where the president is popular. Will Trump return the love?
  • Final thoughts and tidbits from my book about the relationships amongst presidents:
    • With about 20 pages remaining I lost the book. I think I left at DaughterGeeding’s Taekwondo practice but the owner said it wasn’t to be found. Luckily I was able to find it at a bookstore.
    • Former presidents seem to lean more to preserving the power and influence of the office anything party related. They also acknowledge promising great change and delivering it are two entirely great things
    • When it came to fundraising efforts for Katrina and Haiti, the book provided interesting details on how fundraising is done how funds are distributed.
    • Remember when Obama became president-elect and had lunch with the current and all living former presidents? Their lunch was nothing more than a sandwich. The conversation was less on policy and politics and simply on the difficulty of making a home in Washington, about how they dealt with the White House staff, living accommodations, putting your kids in school in Washington, and a little bit of Congress in foreign policy.
    • When Obama ask Clinton to speak in the White House briefing room, Clinton said he was a little out of practice and Obama round replied, “You’ll be fine, it’s like riding a bicycle.”
    • George H.W. and Barbara Bush’s daughter, Robin, is already been reinterred at Texas A&M where they will be buried.
    • President Hoover wrote a book about Woodrow Wilson.
    • While in office, Eisenhower painted a portrait of Lincoln and gave prints of it to White House staff for Christmas.
    • George W. Bush read 17 different biographies of Lincoln while he was in office.
    • There was a good story of Churchhill having dinner with Truman sometime after WWII with other important people. They played a mock trial on whether Churchill would get into heaven who asked to judged by a jury of his peers and each pretended to be a historic figure.  General Bradly decided to be Alexander the Great and others cast themselves as Julias Ceasar, Aristotle, and George Washington.
    • During that dinner, Churchill confessed to Truman he was discouraged when Truman got the job and didn’t think he was up to the task and told him, “I misjudged you badly. Since that time, you, more than any other man, have saved Western Civilization.”
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The Stranger Things Kids Singing With James Corden

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Bag of Randomness for Friday, November 10, 2017

  • About a month ago I noticed a bump on the back of my neck which has gotten bigger and bigger and more painful. I finally decided to see the doctor about it thinking it was an ingrown hair gone mad. It wasn’t, it was just a big abscess which she lanced.
  • So, I went to the doctor just for the abscess on the back of my neck, but when I was explaining it to the doctor I could tell she was staring at me in a curious manner and then she started asking me these questions which I answered yes to, which also made me feel I was in an episode of ‘House’: Have you been craving sweets or carbs? Headaches? Fatigued? Digestive issues? Difficulties staying focused or concentrating as of late? Do your joints hurt in any way? Have your sinuses been acting up?
    • She then asked how long have the lesions have been on my face. I didn’t think of them of lesions or even a rash, but something more like an irritation from shaving. Heck, I didn’t even think they were that noticeable.
    • Finally, she explained I have candidiasis, a fungal infection, which was quite a surprise. Her assumption is this came to be because I’m highly stressed and we discussed what’s going on in my life. She gave me an injection of Rocephin and then put me on an antibiotic which I have to take for ten weeks. For the first two weeks, I take one pill every three days, then I will take one a day for the next eight weeks. Oh, and I’m supposed to go on the Candida Diet which eliminates sugar, white flour, yeast, and cheese, based on the theory that these foods promote candida overgrowth.
    • I left the doctor’s office thinking how funny it was going in for what I thought was an ingrown hair and then being told you have something else wrong with you without even bringing it up.
  • Man, oh man, did my neck start to hurt once the anesthesia wore off. I have to return tomorrow to have the bandage changed.
  • I’ve built up a lot of vacation hours at work. I’m carrying over 40 hours from this year to next year and already have days scheduled for the holidays. Since I still had more to burn, I only worked two days this week. How have a been spending my time off? I’m simply taking my time cleaning and organizing things around GeedingManor, stuff I’ve been wanting to get to for a while but keep putting off, and it’s been fantastic.
  • I think Twitter would have been better off just increasing the character limit to 150 characters. The eight-character increase would have been a fun bit.
  • We finished the second season of ‘Stranger Things’. Good stuff, though there’s not living up to the first season. It bums me a bit that the kids are getting older, and I had to adjust seeing Sean Astin and Paul Reiser in their roles. I love getting lost in a television series and escaping reality for a bit.
  • At the Met Opera, a Note So High, It’s Never Been Sung Before
    • High C has been hit by the thousands. D’s and E’s, too, are rousing but not uncommon. F’s have been rarer, and G’s and A flats rarer still. But a high A — a combination of genetic gifts, rigorous training and psychological discipline over two fragile vocal cords — is monumental, and unprecedented at the Met, according to its archivists.
  • Even my little humble Leaf has great acceleration – Tesla’s cars can now accelerate … more slowly
  • Video – Kids Test Out Their Speech On Google Home, Amazon Echo and Siri
    • I get frustrated how Alexa doesn’t understand me but I’ve been amazed at how it’s been able to understand our kids’ speech as they developed.
  • This app tells you if your local McDonald’s ice cream machine is down
  • I love how this kid becomes accepting of his new glasses and then becoming
  • overwhelmed by joy.


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Joel Osteen doppelganger goes to a Joel Osteen event

There’s some cursing at the end when security gets involved.

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Poetry Day

Share a verse, share a stanza, share some prose, share a poem, or even a sonnet.


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Impressive Offensive Lineman Technique

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Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, November 7, 2017

  • Sadly, another mass murder. Sadly, we as a society have started to become numb to such events. However, when such a thing happens I immediately think back to the Amish school shooting in 2006.
    • On Oct. 2 at West Nickel Mines School, a one-room Amish schoolhouse in Lancaster County, Penn., a man in a baseball cap came to the door, holding a shotgun. He ordered everyone out but the female students. The police arrived within 10 minutes but the man opened fire, shooting all of the girls and then himself.
    • Yes, I remember the murder, but what I remember most about the horrific event was how the Amish responded.
      • And, in fact, as we were standing next to the body of this 13-year-old girl, the grandfather was tutoring the young boys. He was making a point, just saying to the family, we must not think evil of this man.” [Source]
      • As Mary and Ben explained the day’s violence to their sons, they emphasized the importance of forgiveness and trusting in God. “I just feel bad for the gunman,” Ben said. “He had a mother and a wife and a soul and now he’s standing before a just God.” [Source]
      • And this is how the Amish reached out to the shooter’s family.
        • A Roberts family spokesman said an Amish neighbor comforted the Roberts family hours after the shooting and extended forgiveness to them. Amish community members visited and comforted Roberts’ widow, parents, and parents-in-law. One Amish man held Roberts’ sobbing father in his arms, reportedly for as long as an hour, to comfort him. The Amish have also set up a charitable fund for the family of the shooter.About 30 members of the Amish community attended Roberts’ funeral, and Marie Roberts, the widow of the killer, was one of the few outsiders invited to the funeral of one of the victims.
      • “Grace finds goodness
        In everything”
  • I’m also reminded of the shooting at the Wedgwood Baptist Church in Fort Worth back in 1999.
    • On Sept. 15, 1999, horror struck Fort Worth’s Wedgwood Baptist Church when Larry Gene Ashbrook invaded a youth rally carrying 200 rounds of ammunition and a pipe bomb. Before he turned his gun on himself, seven people were dead and seven others injured.
  • Twenty-nine-year-old White House Communications Director Hope Hicks, who you know I have a small fascination with, wore something very similar to a tuxedo for the state banquet in Tokyo the other day, and rocked it.
  • Elizabeth Smart participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything yesterday, this Q and A caught my attention.
    • Q: What misconceptions about your abduction would you like to make people more aware of?
      A: I couldn’t just runaway. I couldn’t just scream out. Everything I did, I did to survive. I never suffered from Stockholm Syndrome. I never identified with my captors or cared about them. Every decision was made with survival in mind.
  • Bill Belichick: Personnel exec Gil Brandt should be in Hall of Fame
  • A few more thoughts and tidbits from my book about the relationships amongst presidents:
    • I wasn’t aware how long the Clintons and Bushes knew each other. During the early  80’s the Bush family has hosted the Clintons at Kennebunkport and on one occasion when three-year-old Chelsea explain she needed to go the bathroom, it was G.H.W. Bush who took the little girl by the hand and led her to the nearest restroom.
    • Yes, G.H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton maybe close friends, but Bush can only take Bill in small doses because he talks so much.
    • One time Bill was traveling to Kennbuckpoint to visit G.H.W. Bush during retirement. Bush was adamant on personally picking up Bill at the airport, not by car, but by his speedboat at the airport’s dock. However, fog prevented such a thing from happening.
    • In retirement, both have been criticized by their old allies for letting the other use the other for political purposes.
    • When the Clinton Library opened, Bill was giving G.H.W. Bush a tour. Bush pointed to an empty area which led to the east of the library and suggested to Clinton that would be a good burial place. Bill felt uncertain but Bush urged him to think about making it his grave site and he should decide soon so they could oversee arrangements for the media and the crowds, that it’s the kind of thing a president has to think about or to be reminded to think about by another president, that your death, funeral, and your burial ground are very public matters.
    • One time when G.H.W. Bush visited Bill at his library, they stopped for a conversation in the replica Oval Office on the third floor, each sitting across from each other in a winged chair. A visitor peeked in and remarked that it looked like some kind of wax museum display.
    • A lot of times President George W. Bush’s Chief of Staff would call Senator Clinton at her home only for the former president to answer and take up most of the conversation.
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Removing 200-year-old varnish from a painting


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I had no idea such a device existed

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Bag of Randomness for Monday, November 6, 2017

  • Flag football season is officially over. It was about what I thought it would be. There would be some highs, some lows, unexpected things that would make me smile, and unexpected things that would make me internally cuss.
    • I coached for two reasons, maybe three. First of all, there was a need and I had an opportunity to fill it, so I thought it would be nice to step up for a change. I also had a chance to bond with my son and hopefully make some memories for him. And finally, I know working with kids and being social is a major weakness of mine and I thought this would be a great opportunity to work on them.
    • I’d like to thank the makers of Gabapentin, a non-opioid pain medication which helped mask my back pain enough so I could feel almost normal for a few hours each Saturday morning. #NonPaidAdIPromise
  • A neighbor, one street over, called the police because I man was walking down the ally barefoot and drinking tequila early Sunday morning.
  • I didn’t hear anything reported about the Cowboys having a moment of silence for the victims of the Sutherland Springs church shooting that happened earlier in the day. I guess they didn’t and perhaps it was too soon and news was still developing. I only mention it because the Spurs had a moment of silence.
  • Never did I think the CBS broadcast of the Cowboys game would spend the amount of time that they did talking about Miles Austin.
  • The NFL on CBS crew still goes to Hard 8 BBQ when they are in town, I was hoping Romo would break the curse of showing mediocre BBQ of DFW. Per a good friend, “I guess it was Nantz that loves Hard 8. I was wrong to blame Simms. Romo should know better.” The thing is, Nantz lives in Houston, he should know decent BBQ.
  • Tony Romo’s son really takes after his father.
  • The Most Riveting Host in Late Night (and the Most Overlooked)
  • Some Hawaiians have a good sense of political humor –  Donald Trump mocked by Hawaiians holding ‘welcome to Kenya’ signs
  • Anytime I hear the word “fern” it makes me sad because I think of the ending of the book Where The Red Fern Grows. I think that was the first book I read that didn’t really end in a happy ending.
  • The Penn State head coach ran after one of his players and forced him to go back and shake hands with the other team.
  • Khloé Kardashian Brought a Lighting Crew to the DMV for Her Driver’s License Photo
  • Daylight saving time has Google confused – Don’t set a timer during the 12:00 AM – 2:00 PM period
  • @AJWTheology – Kudos to @TheEconomist for this superb infographic on denominational Christianity
  • Surrogate mom delivers two babies, one her own
    • A month later, there was some shocking news. A DNA test confirmed that the second baby was not a twin to the implanted embryo — but actually Allen and her husband’s biological son.
    • After confusion and some difficulty in getting her baby returned to her, Allen and Jasper were reunited with their son in February. Allen told ABC News that her son, renamed Malachi and now 10 months old, is part of their family.
  • Nurse delivers own baby in car outside of her hospital
  • Origins of  “Dilly Dilly” –  According to, the origins of “dilly” are in a shortening of the word “delightful” or “delicious,” probably from the 1930s. On its own, it has come to mean “something or someone regarded as remarkable or unusual.”
  • The Dodgers took out a full-page ad in the Houston Chronicle to congratulate the Houston Astros.
  • A funny and somewhat heartwarming event at the Astros victory parade.

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