Sounds Like Daddy, But Sure Doesn’t Look Like Daddy

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Bag of Randomness


  • Tony Romo had absolutely no zip on the ball, Cowboys fans should be worried and Jerry is regretting not drafting Manziel more and more.
  • I wouldn’t trust DeMarco Murray holding a newborn.
  • I miss seeing the Cowboys offense in an I-formation.  I know they have a tight-end or two they could use as a fullback.
  • The Titans’ field looked ugly for the first game of the season, same thing for Denver.
  • On the Reddit Front Page yesterday was the post “I work at a church, and we have at max 100 people who attend” which came from the the r/atheism subreddit.  If the post has been taken down it displayed this picture of the audio/video board overlooking a band warming up or practicing.  A lot of the comments were critical of how expensive the equipment was compared to the number of people in the church, but the poster went on to say it’s worth pretending to be a Christian for the good money as they pay – $500 a month for his work and more experienced folks at the church make that much per service.  I’m left wondering if this guy will end up losing his job because of the attention it’s received.  What caught my eye was one of the video monitors that has the church’s logo, which just happens to be the closest church near GeedingManor, just is 0.6 miles away per GoogleMaps.
  • I caught the ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ segment on Jessica Chastain.  It was stated she was able to attend Julliard because of a scholarship Robin Williams funded.  She never got to meet the man, but mentioned she sent him two thank-you notes over the years.  Speaking of Williams, I caught a great PBS special on him which I thought was put together using old interviews of Pam Dawber and others, but they actually talked about what his death meant to them.  With that said, I was surprised PBS was able to get those interviews.
  • Mean Joe Greene’s playing career was a little before my time, but he was the latest feature on the NFL Network’s ‘A Football Life’ and I was curious to see what they would include from his time at then North Texas State.   I had no idea he’s considered by most as the greatest Steeler.  Of course they couldn’t do this special without mentioning that classic Coca-Cola commercial, but I found it interesting he still keeps in touch with that child actor.  I also learned that because he was on the scouting department for the Steelers, he’s the only Steeler to have a total of six Super Bowl rings.
  • The Greg Abbott wheeling up the parking garage television ad gets on my nerves mainly for two reasons – he only perspires from his chest, there’s no underarm sweat and not one bead on his face on the close ups, but there’s a perfect “v” of sweat on his shirt.
  • The popular Twitter account to follow as of late is Average Life Goals @averagelifegoal.  I give it a big thumbs up.
  • Today’s dose of ‘MURICA comes a tweet I saw last night: @pourmecoffeeRoosevelts, football and Miss America on TV right now. So much America. The whole house is rattling with freedom.
  • I did catch the first episode of ‘The Roosevelts’ and I give it a big thumbs up.
  • Miss New York won the Miss America pageant last night.  Her talent routine was singing “Happy” will playing with some red solo cups.  I know the cups thing is a reference to Pitch Perfect but I wasn’t impressed, but Twitter had a conniption because ABC put a graphic up stating her favorite author is Jane Austen but misspelled the name “Austin”.
  • GIF – How an ambulance gets through traffic to the scene of an accident‏ – And here’s the much longer video.
  • I’ve been reading here and there that Michigan and Texas are planning a home-and-home series.  Meanwhile, Baylor is planning the same thing with Tarleton and Texas Woman’s University.
  • I took a look at GeedingManor on GoogleMaps and was surprised that the streetview actually went down our alley, I only thought streetviews were from . . . the street.
  • A guy on Reddit posted the contract the NY Giants sent his uncle when he was drafted in 1943.  It tells him he will make $150 a game and for him to bring his own shoes.
  • Someone is re-writing Harry Potter as christian literature
  • With six months to live – A TV News Anchor Announced His Terminal Cancer On Air, Said He’ll Keep Working
  • Per this Texas sized sink, Houston is the drain hole of the state.
  • Arizona counties tally more ballots than voters
  • After looking at this list, I’d like to know what their definition of “cheap” is – Vote: What’s your favorite place for cheap eats in Dallas? – Fuel City Tacos, yes, that’s cheap, but Lockhart Smokehouse and Pecan Lodge, that ain’t cheap.  Heck, Babe’s is on the list, and I don’t even think that’s cheap.
  • Last night’s ‘Naked and Afraid’ was based in Botswana.  The female tapped out on day three of the twenty-one day challenge, the male tapped out on day nine.
  • WifeGeeding showed me a Facebook post of a cross that fell on top of an adult bookstore after a storm.  The comments on the post seemed to think it was real, but it was obviously fake.
  • GIF – That’s one way to get the snow off a big rig
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Reality show strands Democrat and Republican senators on island

This is real: Discovery Channel is stranding Republican and Democratic U.S. senators on a deserted island and filming what happens.

In an aisle-crossing new reality series titled Rival Survival, Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) and Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-NM) must put their political differences aside and work together for six days and six nights in an harsh isolated environment.

The senators released this joint statement about the surprising venture: “Both of us know just how frustrated people are with Washington right now. We can both attest that no one is more frustrated than those of us trying to get things done in this environment. We recognize how difficult it can be to cut through the partisanship. So we decided to do something completely out of the ordinary and frankly a little extreme to show the world and our colleagues that even if you have serious differences, if you want to survive you have to work together.”

We’re told the senators, weary of partisan politics, actually approached Discovery about the project rather than the other way around. Neither man is up for re-election.

Full Article

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Bag of Randomness

2014-09-11 13.17.48

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God Likes Big Buts

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Bag of Randomness


  • The reality of self-driving cars becoming a part of our lives is getting closer and it got me thinking.  I bet one day we will park our car at the store and while we are shopping, the car will sense a closer parking spot and move to it – we’ll then get a notification on our phone with an updated GPS coordinate.
  • A lot of folks on Twitter don’t believe the authenticity of this article about Ron Washington resigning because of an alleged sexual assault of an Asian reporter, so I’ll just leave it up to you.  I blog, you decide.
  • I asked WifeGeeding if she’s seen the shot glass around and she said it was in my office.  That confused me because I never had it in the office.  Adamant, she went to retrieve it and up seeing it I told her that’s not a shot glass but the communion glass I was given after my baptism (it was our church’s tradition that you got to keep the little communion glass/cup of your first communion after baptism).  But I told her not to be hard on herself, as a former Baylor student I could understand how easy it to confuse something used solely for alcohol and something solely used for a sacrament.
  • A good friend of mine is a Princeton graduate and asked me to review an article he wrote as he was going to turn in to be published the next day.  I’m now worried about his sanity because he knows where I went to college and must be aware of all the grammatical errors and bad writing on this blog.
  • I had a feeling that President Obama was once again going to speak to the nation standing up than sitting behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office.
  • I’ve had stop loss orders put in for various securities for over a decade, but yesterday was the first time one actually executed.
  • A flight school in England is promoting itself by saying it will fly you over the new Star Wars set.  They have posted a picture of a half-built Millennium Falcon and an X-Wing fighter.
  • Dallas voted ‘Best International Skyline’
  • Here’s What’s Becoming Of America’s Dead Shopping Malls
  • GIF – A really cool way to peel a kiwi
  • Buzzfeed – 11 Of The Most Beautiful Hymns Covered On YouTube
  • Buzzfeed (disguised advertisement) – Proof Dallas-Fort Worth Is The True Entertainment Capital Of Texas
  • Stephen Colbert’s tweet last night – If I become Dalai Lama, expect lots of changes to Buddhism. First and foremost, more jesus.
  • Why China’s Building a Military Base in the Middle of the Ocean
  • The Onion – Frustrated ESPN Producer Demands New Camera Angle Of Ray Rice Punching Girlfriend
  • Something’s cooking – McDonald’s has applied to trademark “McBrunch”
  • The new Batmobile is over the top, and I’m not sure what’s up with those yellow reflectors or blinkers.
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Volleyball Triple Head Shot

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99 Red Balloons – played with red balloons

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Bag of Randomness


  • I got another phone call from my very first friend about our 20-year high school reunion.  He said a suite was might be reserved for the Class of 94 at the football game.  I said, “Mineral Wells has a stadium that has friggin suites?!”
  • President Obama will address the nation tonight.  He normally addresses the nation from the East Room, and I’m guessing that’s because he feels more comfortable standing when giving a speech than sitting.  As a matter of fact, he’s only addressed the nation from the Oval Office twice.  His predecessor addressed the nation from the Oval Office six times, and his predecessor’s predecessor did it thirteen times.  Surprisingly, Nixon only did it once, and that was his resignation speech. Source: Wikipedia
  • The Railroad Commission of Texas thinks Russia may be behind some of the anti-fracking movement.
  • The “Crying Indian” was actually Italian.
  • The Daily Show’ will air from Austin at the end of October during SXSW.
  • Jean sales fade thanks to yoga pants, ‘athleisure’ trend
  • One day I may have to actually explain to my kids the meaning behind “roll up your window” and “hang up the phone”.  In today’s world, those things no longer apply.
  • I thought it was pretty cool of Tim Cook to honor Steve Jobs with “Just one more thing.”
  • U2 new album random thoughts:
    • I was following the Apple event via two live blogs and then I got an email from the U2 fan club that I should be expecting something big in the next half hour.  To be honest I was just thinking a performance or their new album on a phone you’d have to purchase, but I wasn’t expecting a free album I could get immediately.
    • I’m convinced if it wasn’t for a strong deadline like this Apple event they would still be trying to tweak the album.  One reason it was released in collaboration with Apple is this is the ten year anniversary of their iPod commercial.
    • It’s gonna take me a while to dissect all the metaphors and double meanings in the lyrics, but that’s how I like it.  A good album should take some time to digest.
    • I’ll describe this album as a lot of their early stuff off albums like Boy and The Unforgettable Fire with a splash of Achtung Baby.
    • I was too critical of the album on the first listen, but the second listen made me really appreciate it as I followed the lyrics.  On a scale of 1 to 10, I gave their last album a 5.5.  On the first listen for the new one, I at first gave it a 6, but I’ve bumped it up to a 7.  I also felt the last album not only didn’t have any radio worthy songs, but didn’t really have anything that the audience could connect and interact with (think ‘Pride’) but this one has a few.
    • Bono has feared the band is struggling to stay relevant and I think it was Adam that stated for them to be so, they’d need more songs to make air play.  I’m not convinced many of these songs will play on the radio, but artistically it’s solid.   So I think people over the age of 35 will like it, but I doubt the young folk will be attached to it, unless they really appreciate folks like David Bowie, The Clash, and The Ramones.  I’d say it’s really an album for old time fans and not one that will win over any new ones.  I’m the outlier U2 fan that actually likes the newer stuff more than the older stuff.
    • A lot of U2 albums take you on a interconnective journey from song to another.  I’m not sure if each song is connected or related to one another, but the overall subject of young innocence is apparent, when they were a young band on a journey of firsts, hence the name Songs of Innocence.  I’ll take it a step further and say it’s about reconnecting, discovery, guilt, self-forgiveness, and hope for redemption.  They’ll also be releasing another album in the somewhat near future about what all they experienced, Songs of Experience, and I expect that one to be meatier.
    • I think the most spiritual song is “Song For Someone” – And I’m a long long way from your Hill of Calvary – And I’m a long way from where I was and where I need to be.
    • Their album How to Destroy An Atomic Bomb dealt a lot with Bono’s father’s death.  There’s a song in this album about Bono’s mother who died when he was 14 at her father’s funeral of an aneurysm.
    • The main riff in ‘Volcano’ sure sounds a lot like ‘Glastonbury‘.
    • Rolling Stone – U2’s ‘Songs of Innocence': A Track-by-Track Guide
    • Rolling Stone – Exclusive: Bono Reveals Secrets of U2’s Surprise Album ‘Songs of Innocence’
    • A letter from Bono, on the arrival ‘of our new baby’ – Songs of Innocence
    • So how does a free release of this album play into Billboard rankings?  Here’s an article that explains it well.  Basically it won’t be on the chart until the album actually goes on sale on Oct 14.
    • Wall Street Journal – U2, Apple and the Deal Behind Getting ‘Songs of Innocence’ Free of Charge
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U2 Drops a New Album, and It’s Free on iTunes


Apple CEO Tim Cook introduced Bono and the boys today and announced their new album is free on iTunes.

My family won’t find me until I listen through all tracks at least three times so I can get a good feel of it.


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Bag of Randomness


  • An old friend (actually, my very first friend) called me to ask if I knew anything about our 20-year high school reunion.   He made an interesting point that at the 10-year reunion almost no one was married or had kids and he’s sure that has now changed.  All of that made me wonder about how much we’ve changed from previous generations as I’m sure most were married and had kids before their 10-year reunion.
  • There are lots of rumors of U2 playing the Apple event today but the Irish Times says it will only be an appearance and while the new album won’t be available for download, it can be streamed on the new device.
  • What will we discover first, the wreckage of the missing Malaysian Airlines plane or the reason why Ron Washington resigned?
  • CBS11’s lead story last night was on a sexual assault on the SMU campus.  A female student stated a man with a knife grabbed her from behind as she was jogging near campus around 11:15 PM.  WifeGeeding made a very valid point – don’t go jogging alone so late at night.
  • I’m surprised no one has mentioned the possibility of Jerry Jones signing Ray Rice when or if he becomes reinstated.  I’m thinking if Michael Vick can make a comeback, there’s a path Rice can take that involves all sorts of community service and whatnot.
  • A lot of folks can’t stand Chris Berman, but he was doing play-by-play last night and wasn’t bad or irritating.  But then again, I only listened for about ten minutes.
  • The only thing that I really wanted as a kid that I never got was a trampoline.  Thanks to Craig’s List I found a great one for just $80, new ones run around $250-$300.  WifeGeeding and I found it’s a great way to get the energy out of the kids when we are running on fumes.  I do get a kick out of DogGeedingII jumping on it on his own to bounce with the kids.
  • I caught the Bear Grylls special with Deion Sanders that aired last night.  Deion was hamming it up a bit too much and you could tell certain “spontaneous” things were planted.  Other than that and seeing how Deion was overly promote Under Armor, it was okay.  Several times Deion prayed in tongues, seriously.
  • There’s a new Auto Trader commercial with the original Bo and Luke Duke in the General Lee.   John Schneider has held up much better than Tom Wopat.
  • I hope my criticism of June Jones didn’t cause him to resign yesterday.  I’m sure he takes the comments of a chubby-half-Asian blogger seriously.
  • The one thing that has bugged me about the Frisco murder case is that the media will frequently mention that the Indian mother nodded yes when asked if she killed her son.  What I’ve never heard mentioned is that certain Indian subcultures, nodding the head means no and left/right is yes, exactly opposite of what Americans are use to.  I experienced this firsthand when I worked at Southwest and had to share a cube with an Indian who would do this all the time.  At first it was frustrating, because I would be explaining something to him and he would shake his head left/right in agreement but I thought he was saying no.  It wasn’t until another Indian coworker informed me that he was actually agreeing with me and that his culture’s head shaking is opposite from ours.  Here’s a clip in which the Indian Consulate in NY brings it up during an interview with ‘The Daily Show’ and here’s a BBC News article about it.
  • Bill Murray Likes Female Ghostbusters Idea, Has Casting Suggestions – Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Linda Cardellini, and Emma Stone
  • Today’s dose of ‘MURICA – If you like firearms, cowgirls, pickups, and the outdoors, here’s some sexy wallpaper for your computer.
  • The shotgun formation was created in 1961 by a San Francisco 49ers, not to help the quarterback to throw, but to run.  That coach later worked for Tom Landry who modified it for the passing game.  I found all of that in this interesting Rick Gosselin article.
  • Inside Capitol Hill’s black market: Snacks
  • I guess they just aren’t selling – Amazon Drops The Price Of The Fire Phone To 99 Cents
  • CBS Sports – Classic U.S. moment: European journalist to DeMarcus Cousins: “Do you know where Slovenia is?” Cousins: “No, do you know where Alabama is?”
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Two Front Broken Legs Ain’t Gonna Stop Me

Our dog broke both legs when she jumped off a 6 ft deck. She learned how to walk like this and cross the thresholds.

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