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The single most haunting image I’ll see all year


It’s not a video, just a screengrab of the video the shooter uploaded, so don’t bother clicking on it.  If you’re looking for the video, I’m sure you can find it.

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Peace Be With You 

Deadly shooting during live TV news report in Va. – Gunman kills reporter, cameraman in shooting that happened during a CBS affiliate WDBJ7 live report

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Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, August 26, 2015


  • I told y’all how happy DaughterGeeding was after the first day of school and couldn’t wait to go back the next day.  Well, the very next morning, she had to be woken up (she’s ALWAYS up before us) and said in a tired voice that she just wanted to stay home.
  • The wait to pick up our child was roughly cut in half yesterday.
  • When DaughterGeeding got home from school, she said kindergarten was boring.
  • I forgot to mention that my back ally neighbor, at 12:04 AM Monday, played Tevin Campbell’s “Round and Round” at such a loud level from their car, the bass caused my windows to shake.  I’ve worked at trying to be mild-mannered and slow to anger and all that jazz, but this made me livid.  They have a privacy gate, and the music was so loud they couldn’t hear me ask them to turn it off as it is now officially a school night.  This went on for about a good 25-30 minutes, at which point, I called the police.  However, one minute after I got off the phone, all the music stopped.  Also, I used to like that song and can’t recall the last time I heard it.
  • I think it’s interesting how all local television news websites don’t promote them with their call letters, with the exception of ABC affiliate WFAA.  However, you can use their call letters as the web address (ie –,, and you’ll still land on their homepage.
  • A month or two ago I suggested that it may be a good idea for brokerage account holders to enter a stop-loss trade in case the market tanked, especially since they are free until executed and you can renew each year and even get a reminder to do so.  On Monday, two of my stop-loss trades executed.  I bought Red Hat back in December of 2000 for $7.71 a share and it sold for $68.39.  I also bought Citi in march of 2009 during the financial crisis for under a dollar, and after a reverse stock split, it sold on Monday for $50.00 a share.  There is a part of me that would rather hold on to these even longer and hope they rebound stronger, and while I don’t take all of Jim Cramer’s advice, I do agree that you can’t be a pig.  And I would also like to take the time to note that I’ve made many, many bad stock decisions, but these two just happened to work out.
  • The more I think about Cris Carter’s advice of having a fall guy, the more upset I get.  But at the same time, I’m a bit disappointed that not one of those rookies questioned him about it on the stop.  It makes me think of how hard it is to stand up for what’s just when those among you are in group think.  I’m reminded of the time when those two frat boys at Oklahoma were caught singing a ‘There Will Never Be a N” song on a bus trip.
  • I can’t decide if I like the way Carter spells his first name or not.  Part of me likes the uniqueness, but I’m sure it bugged him when he was younger always having it misspelled.
  • The latest focus of the Baylor fiasco, at least from what I heard on the airwaves, is on President and Chancellor Ken Starr.  It was stated he was once the independent counsel for the Whitewater investigation, which was originally about real estate, but his investigation revealed graphic sexual detail of an affair which lead to the impeachment of a sitting president. With that strong proven ability to investigate and include strong sexual detail in mind, they blamed Starr for Baylor’s inadequate initial internal investigation, which was so insufficient (Baylor officials didn’t even look at the results of the rape kit report), the judge in the sexual assault case wouldn’t even allow defense attorneys to refer to it.  I get what they were saying, and I know he’s the top dog at that institution, and even though I can’t stand the man, I think he can only be held accountable if he had direct oversight.  However, as top dog, I’d think he’d be abreast of all trials regarding the rape of one of his students by another.  He was also criticized for initiating an internal investigation as opposed to an independent one. They stated that since he was once independent counselor for an investigation that lead to a sitting president getting impeached, he should know the importance of independent over internal investigations.
  • The ‘Star Trek’ Movie That Nearly Starred Eddie Murphy‏
  • io9 – Reddit user movielover278 made a neat comparison photo that puts a the size of a super Star Destroyer into perspective: it’s the size of Manhattan, give or take a couple of blocks.
  • Fascinating picture – Artist cuts away age rings of tree to reveal what it looked like at a younger age – Here’s a picture of the artist working on the tree, and a close up.
  • Since Barry over at LiberallyLean is a former DA, I’m interesting in what he’ll have to say about Dallas DA Susan Hawk taking time off for depression and her staff covering for her absence over the last three week.
  • Hey ‘Hard Knocks’, did we need to see Brian Cushing vomit three times?  But I want to forgive you for the comedic use of Top Gun volleyball scene music.  I will say JJ Watt’s throw to the upper deck of the stadium was impressive, and spot on.  That head coach is one heck of man with how he interacts with his special needs son.
  • Just for you, loyal reader Ben, and I already know it won’t but up to your standards and you’ve seen this elsewhere – Buzzfeed – The Ultimate Disney Parks Quiz
  • D Magazine – The Best Burger in Texas Nearly Killed MeChef Brian Luscher on the Grape’s double-edged success. – I was not aware of this place nor its burgers and fries, so now I have to try it.  However, it’s only part of Sunday brunch.
  • Today’s dose of ‘MURICA!
  • Today’s dose of Wal-Mart
  • I wasn’t aware it had a scent – Porn-Sniffing Dog Helped Bring Down Subway Star Jared Fogle
  • Stuff of nightmares – A family in Honduras apparently smashed the tomb of their pregnant 16-year-old daughter after she reportedly woke up screaming and banging inside her coffin one day after she was buried. – They stated there’s video of this, and it was one of those coffins with a viewing window.
  • That Donald Trump sure doesn’t have much of a filter, it makes me wonder how he interacts with his family.
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Sandpaper Tips

I found this Life Pro Tip via Reddit and thought it was cool:

Make your sandpaper last ten times longer by putting duct tape on the back – I do a lot of woodworking, and got sick of sandpaper wearing out or tearing after only a bit of use. So I started putting duct tape on the back, now it lasts forever, almost.

And then in the comments I found this nifty idea for cleaning sandpaper.  I don’t think the video has any cursing, I just skimmed it.

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Gallup Poll – Hispanics Views of GOP Presidential Candidates

Source: Hispanics Frown on Trump, but Not Rest of GOP Field

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Finish hard, even if you don’t come in first, or second, or . . .

Source: American Molly Huddle Loses Bronze in 10,000m After Early Celebration | Track & Field Videos and News | Universal Sports

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Truck Abruptly Meets Bridge

Boston: Another truck crashes into notorious Westwood bridge | Local News – WCVB Home

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Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, August 25, 2015


  • One hour and nine minutes – That’s how long we waited in our car to pick up DaughterGeeding from her first day of school.  Obviously, they have some kinks to work out from the first day of school, which I expected.  Not to mention, it was the first day of the school’s existence.
  • I noticed the headmaster was outside, still with a well-tied tie and three-piece suit, running around in the Texas heat directing traffic and using his walkie-talkie to radio other staff about what kid to get ready for what car.  Now that I think about it, I don’t really recall any of my principals wearing a suit often, but that was certainly the norm way back when.  I wonder when they first started to go without the coat and tie, and I bet the older generation was ticked about how lazy and unprofessional society has become.
  • We didn’t expect DaughterGeeding to be crying or sad her first day, but when he hit the half-hour mark of sitting in the car with a never ending number of vehicles in front of us, we started to think she might be breaking down, that we forgot about her, and sad, tired, and ready to get home.  But when she walked out the school, she had a big ol’ smile on her face, with a skip in her step, and as perky as one could be.  She said she never doubted we’d show because she knew we love her and told her we would.  That little nugget went on to tell us how fun the day was and that she was ready to go back tomorrow.  And to our surprise, she was excited about getting home to do her homework.  I know, this won’t last, but I’m going to cherish it while I still can.
  • One of the first things she said when she got in the car was, “Hello BrotherGeeding, did you miss me?”
  • DaughterGeeding did wake up crying after falling asleep for about a half hour thinking she didn’t complete all of her homework.
  • I’m grateful I have a job that allows me to fantastic work-life balance.  It’s times like yesterday that I don’t take my job for granted.
  • Life keeps on changing and things will never be the same, and I tend to forget that.  Yeah, DaughterGeeding was in preschool for two years, but now everything seems so “real” and will now become the norm.
  • Americans awarded France’s highest honor after stopping European train attack –  I’m proud of those individuals, but thought they were underdressed for the occasion.  I know, cut them some slack.
  • Authorities foil drone-delivery of porn, drugs and gun to Maryland prison
  • I tend to think no one really cares about the pictures at the top of each Bag of Randomness, but sometimes I get an email saying it touched them emotionally or reminded them about something.
  •  I was listening to some non-Ticket radio, and I’m not even sure what station I was on, but the focus of the conversation was about how all Briles and Baylor needs to do is let the convicted sexual assaulter story just blow over, just ride it out, since it worked for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.  When I first heard of that, it really made me think, and perhaps it was the inflection in the man’s voice, but it seemed insensitive, as if he cared more about the reputation of the football program and school, than he did about student safety and the sexual assault of one student.  Talking about worshiping false idols and not having any priorities.  As much as I didn’t like what and how it was said, I do think no one comes out of this totally clean, even if it’s an inside investigation.  My money would be on Phil Bennet for acknowledging how that player would be coming back and referencing something about his discipline, so it sounds like he’s in the know.  Not to mention, his defense hasn’t been that strong and he would be an easy scapegoat.
  • Two suicides are linked to Ashley Madison leak, including a San Antonio police captain
  • Whataburger delivery is being tested in Dallas
  • Heinz no longer qualifies as ketchup in IsraelCompetitors prove product doesn’t have minimum tomato content
  • GIF – Today’s dose of ‘MURICA
  • One flu shot could soon protect against any strain
  • There are no human injuries, but here’s the result of a pressure cooker accident in the kitchen.
  • The Brandon High School band is banned from playing at halftime during football games since they want to play ‘How Great Thou Art’.  With no band at halftime, supporters in the stands start singing the hymn.
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Prosper High School Principal Gets Down on the First Day of School 

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S— Just Got Real


  • This little girl woke up and acted as if she was going to Disneyland.  Without being told, she made and ate her own breakfast and put on her uniform a good half hour before we were ready to leave.
  • Things were surprisingly organzied this morning at the school.
  • WifeGeeding was a kindergarten teacher all of her adult life before becoming a mom, and has strongly stated she wouldn’t cry on this day because she’s been through it enough time on the opposite side.  I tried to get her to shed a tear on the way to school by talking about the time the pregnancy test came back positive, hearing her heartbeat for the first time, and getting a good whiff of that new baby smell the first time she held her in her arms.  Nope, no tears, WifeGeeding was solid as a rock.
  • To my surprise, not one parent or child cried.  However, when we said our final goodbye, I took a quick u-turn after leaving to see what she looked like through an inside window.  She had the look of, wow, this is real, and I’m all alone, but I got to be strong, and I don’t know what to expect yet.  All I could do was think of all I’ve done to prepare her for this moment.
  • Don’t think I don’t know how lucky/blessed/fortunate I am. I go to bed nightly thinking I don’t deserve any of this.
  • I remember my father dropping me off the first day of kindergarten, and as I drove back home with the sun in my face, I thought of Dad and wondered what he must have thought as he was driving away from school.  While that thought was going through my mind, Mike and the Mechanics’ “The Living Years” was playing on the radio.
    • I wasn’t there that morning
      When my Father passed away
      I didn’t get to tell him
      All the things I had to say

      I think I caught his spirit
      Later that same year
      I’m sure I heard his echo
      In my baby’s new born tears
      I just wish I could have told him in the living years

      Say it loud, say it clear
      You can listen as well as you hear
      It’s too late when we die
      To admit we don’t see eye to eye

  • When I got home I texted one of my best friends who I met in kindergarten, graduated with, roomed with in college, worked at the same place after college, and lived in multiple apartments with.  I told him, ” Just think, we met each other in kindergarten and have been lifelong friends. I doubt she’ll be as lucky as me.”  His reply, “I’m sure she will find a friend that puts her in a trunk in college too.”
  • As for BoyGeeding, ain’t nothing going to stop him from eating his waffle.


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Impressive Handwork and Footwork Softball Skills

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