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  • Since I have an official NFL football, I thought I’d inflate it to required pressure and then deflate it by two pounds to see how soft it would be.  My plan ran amuck when I found out a football needle doesn’t properly fit in a tire gauge, my only measuring device of the type.
  • The NFL can be so stupid sometimes.  They have fined Marshawn Lynch for grabbing his crotch after a touchdown and have warned him that doing so in the Super Bowl will not only result in a fine but penalty yardage.  However, the NFL is selling a commemorative plaque celebrating the Seahawks’ conference win that displays a picture of Lynch grabbing his crotch.
  • I caught a few minutes of the Pro Bowl and was actually entertained, but I think it was mostly because the Cowboys coaching staff was coaching one of the teams.  In the Pro Bowl coverage you get to listen in to what the coaches radio in to the quarterback’s helmet and get a chance to hear what the coaches say during a timeout.  As much as the public dislikes this game, I’m sure coaches and executives love it as a networking opportunity.
  • Until this weekend, I had no idea that Ernie Banks was a Dallas native.  My pastor is a Chicago native and Mr. Cub was one of his childhood heros.  He started the sermon by talking about Banks while wearing a Cubs hat.  After the Banks acknowledgement, he removed the cap and proceeded with his sermon.
  • The official state vegetable of Oklahoma is the watermelon, but . . . Sen. Nathan Dahm, R-Broken Arrow, has filed Senate Bill 329 to revoke its designation, saying watermelon is a fruit, not a vegetable.
  • I watched The Fox and the Hound for the first time, and glad I got to share the experience with my kids.  I was surprised that Corey Feldman had a voice credit.  He was the young Copper, the dog.
  • A great grade school memory – peeling off dried Elmer’s glue from my fingers.
  • I thought the first horse race track in Texas was outside of Weatherford, but while watching the Arlington episode of ‘The Day Tripper’ I found out that there was one in that city called Arlington Downs.  The only thing that remains is the water trough, which is basically now a big flower pot.  The show also highlighted the international bowling museum which has a development center that will capture your movements and analyze them, kinda like golf.  They also have various lanes that are oiled differently to practice on.  That reminded me of an old friend who use to make a living bowling.  He hated left-handed bowlers because he thought they had a clear advantage as they bowl on the side of the lane which is almost never touched and the predictability of how the oil will affect the ball is high.  In college, I bowled with a left-handed bowler and won the intramural bowling team championship, and I have the t-shirt to prove it.
  • The last episode of ‘Psyche’ I streamed on Netflix was pretty clever.  I’m watching the last season of the show, and they made a remake of one they did in their first season, and throughout the show they make fun of remakes along the way.
  • If you are a fan of Consumer Reports, you’ll like this article.  What many folks don’t realize is that you’ll never see an ad in one of their magazines.  They believe if they accepted advertising dollars, it may compromise any judgement.  So that means they don’t get any free products, they purchase all of them, cars included, on their own.
  • Texas’s New First Lady Is Heading Up a Pro-Life Rally
  • Southern Baptist Leaders Call for Integrated Churches
  • Today’s dose of ‘MURICA!
  • I have a tendency to explore the macabre, and my latest venture is a book called Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers.  Part of this might be because I’m fascinated with behind the scenes stuff of all things, but I also use to work in a financial legal heirs department and read the cause of death of every death certificate that passed through my hands.  I’m about a quarter of the way though and it’s covered topics of how cadavers are used to teach cosmetic surgery, body snatching and early discention, body decomposition study at in a field at the University of Tennessee, and mortician prep.  A few highlights:
    • At one point the old show Qunicy, M.E. was referenced.  I haven’t thought about that show in probably 20 years.  I have good memories of watching it in syndication with my father.
    • In teaching hospitals, hands are often left covered because many feel hands make an emotional connection.  In some cases, a memorial service for the body (even though the ID is never known) is held once there’s no more use of the body – students express an appreciation for the chance to learn and can be a form of closure.  This reminds me of an obituary for one of the deans at the college I attended.  It stated that he was a teacher until the end, donating his body to science for study.
    • A body snatcher didn’t have to dig up the entire grave, but rather just the top end (about a foot in length) and break it open. The corpse was fished out with a rope around the neck or under the arms.  The dirt, which was piled on a tarp, simply be slipped back in.
    • As of the book’s 2004 printing, sixteen states have enacted necrophilia laws.
    • A mortician will use something like this to place over the eyes to keep the eyelids closed.
    • Intestines tend to liquify, so the anus is often sutured.  This brings forth an awkward mental picture of my father being prepped for burial (Mom was cremated).
    • Embalming use to be advertised as having the ability to preserve a body forever.  This stopped after a lawyer use to check on his embalmed mother once a month on his lunch break and found her moldy after two years.
  • Happy Monday, y’all.
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I don’t know the background, I just found it entertaining


My results: epic, broken, but

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Not Quite

Texas state Rep. Bill Zedler (Arlington) wants all high school students to pass a civics test before they can graduate, similar to the one I mentioned in Arizona a little while ago.

What caught my attention from this article was the last paragraph.

When asked whether he took a quiz, Zedler said, “No, but I think I would do pretty well. I know the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776. I know World War II was started Dec. 7, 1941. I know what the Civil War was fought over.”

He may want to brush up on his WWII history.  That war started before U.S. involvement, buddy.

Funniest quote from Reddit regarding this article, “Obviously it’s not a World War until the US is officially in it, right? Before that date, it was just the pre-season.”


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Bag of Randomness


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Way to go, Paul

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America’s best-selling cars and trucks are built on lies: The rise of fake engine noise

Stomp on the gas in a new Ford Mustang or F-150 and you’ll hear a meaty, throaty rumble — the same style of roar that Americans have associated with auto power and performance for decades.

It’s a sham. The engine growl in some of America’s best-selling cars and trucks is actually a finely tuned bit of lip-syncing, boosted through special pipes or digitally faked altogether. And it’s driving car enthusiasts insane.

Fake engine noise has become one of the auto industry’s dirty little secrets, with automakers from BMW to Volkswagen turning to a sound-boosting bag of tricks. Without them, today’s more fuel-efficient engines would sound far quieter and, automakers worry, seemingly less powerful, potentially pushing buyers away.

Full Washington Post Article

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Will Ferrell Throws A Basketball At A Cheerleader’s Head For A Movie

Most folks will probably just stare at the head shot, but I get a kick out how her legs split out and she lands right on her bottom.  I hope she had some padding on her booty, because that looks like it would have hurt.

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Bag of Randomness


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Bag of Randomness


  • I was informed my doppelganger was at the State of the Union last night.  The ‘CBS Evening News’ had a story on him last night, he lost both his legs on patrol in Afghanistan in 2012 when he took a knee and set off a roadside bomb.
  • Actually, here’s a somewhat recent picture of me with a shorter beard.  Oh, who am I kidding, I look more like this.
  • I’m still not over my illness and visited made my second trip to the doctor this year.  This was the first time I was tested for the flu, and it hurt like the dickens as he shoved a very, very long swap down one of my nostrils.  Thankfully I tested negative.  I’m also going to start getting allergen immunotherapy as it appears I have really severe allergies all year long.  Right now, mountain cedar is kicking my arse.  So for the next three to five years, once or week, I’ll be going in to get an injection of the stuff I’m most allergic to in hopes of building up a tolerance.
  • At the grocery store yesterday an older lady rudely cut in front of me in the 10 Items or Less line.  It didn’t really bother me as I was in no hurry, but I did raise an eyebrow when I counted she actually had 12 items.
  • I got a second email from AOL stating my GMail email address was being used as an alternate email for an AOL account.  Once again I didn’t click any links in the email (which look legit per hovering over the links and seeing the URL tool-tip) which stated “Yes, I made this request.” and “No, I did not make this request.”  It’s actually two different AOL email addresses that have done this.  I contacted AOL and all they wanted me to do was forward it to their fraud department.  Weird, and a bit unsettling.
  • My employer decided to use a new FSA provider this year.  With the old FSA, if I used my FSA card at a medical facility or their website, there wasn’t any need to provide an itemized receipt, and I thought the new FSA provider would have a similar policy.  However, my claim for for the ER facility with the new FSA was denied because I didn’t provide an itemized receipt with billing codes even though I paid for it online.  I look through my paperwork, but their invoice doesn’t list any billing codes and Explanation of Benefits from my insurance didn’t exactly match dollar amounts.  Since the ER facility is nearby and next to Whataburger (which I was craving) I thought I’d just drop by and ask them to print a quick receipt.  It turns out a simple request to just print a receipt falls under billing, which means I actually have to contact their billing office in Houston.
  • With the news of the New England Patriots possibly deflating their own footballs, I’m surprised how many people, especially sports columnist or reporters like Rick Gosselin, didn’t know that each team use their own footballs on offense.  For the longest time I’ve known it’s been that way in Texas football, college, and the NFL.
  • That Waco meteorologist that got shot came back on the air and wore a Superman t-shirt.  Dude, your shooter is still on the loose, don’t tempt him.
  • I wonder if IHOP even contacted her – Golfer Brooke Pancake signs endorsement deal with Waffle House
  • Craig Miller of The TICKET recently lost his dog, Lucy, of 15 years and wrote a touching blog post about her.  What he doesn’t mention, and I’m sure it was part of the bond, was how Lucy was there before his marriage and after his divorce.
  • Galveston cop pulls over girlfriend to propose
  • A chance to watch ‘Princess Bride’ at Alamo Drafthouse with Mandy Patinkin
  • Buzzfeed – I Crashed A North Korean Wedding And Things Got Creepy
  • Buzzfeed – State of the Union Batting Average Every year the president asks Congress to pass a lot of stuff at the State of the Union address. What if we treated each request like an at bat in baseball and measured how successful each president was? – So far Obama has a .304, GW Bush a .427, Clinton .444, and the highest on their list is LBJ with a .529.  Ford comes in last on the list, but it’s not like he really stood a chance with what he was up against and his short tenure.
  • A veggie burger? – Whataburger gets hit with inconceivable petition from school nutritionist
  • J.C. Penney Brings Back Its Print Catalog, After A 5-Year Hiatus
  • It’s like A-Rod is a part of that SNL “Bad Idea Jeans” sketch – Barry Bonds tutoring A-Rod at Bay Area facility
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Bag of Randomness

Screenshot 2015-01-17 at 8.36.35 PM

  • The Dallas Morning News had a photojournalist at the smoke camp I attended last night.  So if you happen to see a bearded-half-Asian in a blue shirt sucking in his gut, that’s me.
  • Part of the event included a free beer and beer tasting.  This is is about the third time I tasted beer, and I still don’t like it.  The beer tasting focused on stuff from Revolver Brewery from Granbury and I also tried Santo from Saint Arnold Brewing.
  • The Lockhart Smokehouse in Plano uses two smokers that cost $30,000 apiece and controlled by Smokey Jesus.
  • I thought it was “a piece” and not “apiece”, but I used this as my reasoning.
  • During the smoke camp, the pitmaster and owner would often reference techniques used at Franklin’s, Pecan Lodge, and others, which I found helpful.  It also seems like the owners and pitmasters of all these places all have a good respectful relationship.  However, the pitmaster didn’t have favorable things to say about Hard 8 and Riscky’s.  Neither seemed to like the Dallas Morning News food critic, saying she only critiques on the surface.  For instance, she overlooks the tradition of not using sauce or utensils that’s associated with Central Texas smoking and will ding them for that.
  • Something else I appreciated at the smoke camp was how they told us they would cook differently for a competition, for mass consumption such as a restaurant, and what they’d do if they were cooking in their backyard.
  • All their leftover ash is actually bought by a blacksmith.
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) Secretly Got A Name Change – TLDR – “fructose” or “fructose syrup”
  • TLDR – Too Long; Didn’t Read
  • Leno seems open to going on Letterman’s show and I’ll have to agree with his assessment, “I think I’m a better stand-up than a host, and I think Letterman is a better host than a stand-up.”
  • Hooked ‘Em – University of Texas tops list of students with ‘sugar daddies’ – And they’re the only Texas school on the list.
  • Dolly Parton: a musical career expressed through language statistics
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Five-year-old boy gets an invoice for missing school friend’s birthday party



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Bag of Randomness


  • I failed to mention that for Christmas, WifeGeeding gave me a pocket calendar full of giftcards.  The giftcards corresponded to a date circled on the calendar for a date night she planned throughout the year.  She even went as far as already having a sitter scheduled for each date.  Last night was the first of those dates, a simple trip to the movies.  We watched The Imitation Game and both really enjoyed it.
  • I also forgot to mention that we gave our mail carrier a Christmas treat, and she was nice enough to give us a hand written thank you note.
  • The Fox pregame show had Jimmy Johnson go out to fish market and reenact a play with market workers wearing football jerseys and throwing a fish in place for a football.  It sounds really stupid, it is really stupid, I was thoroughly entertained.
  • Here’s a fun little read/quiz for you longtime DFW folks – it’s easy to name the current sports anchors of our local stations, but can you the name the person they replaced?  It was harder than I thought.
  • A great picture of Troy Aikman back in 1983 at Jimmy Johnson’s Oklahoma State Football Camp.  It’s funny the guy next to him ended up being his lineman, he was pretty tiny back then.
  • I’ve been listening to the new NPR podcast Invisibilia.  It was this article about a twelve-year-old boy that basically became a vegetable, but was aware of everything around him, and then twelve years later coming out of it.  But I was really disappointed they didn’t go more in depth about what happened after he “woke up”.  The second podcast was about fear and I learned that about 400 people have a genetic disorder in which they are incapable of feeling fear.  They talk about one woman with this fearless gene and he experience of once being held at knifepoint and at gunpoint.  That “disorder” also reminded me of an episode of “House” and Tony Dungy’s adopted daughter, both had a rare disorder in which they are unable to feel pain.
  • The Dallas Observer has another article about Gwyneth Paltrow’s love for Dallas (which I’m suspect of), but this one is about a blow dry bar called Blo Blow Dry Bar.  I had no idea such a thing existed and if I heard this in conversation would have considered it some kind of joke.
  • Speaking of that paper, with the Marvel Experience Tour in town, they turned into the Daily Bugle and wrote about a Hulk sighting at Parkland Hospital.
  • A female Christian blogger stated to feel conviction and decided to stop wearing leggings to keep men from lustful thoughts.  This seems like something the girls at Hardin-Simmons would do when I was a student. Seriously, it was a common thing to hear that they were “dating Jesus” instead of them trying to commit to a relationship or go on a date.  I have a feeling things haven’t changed that much.
  • The X-Files could be coming back
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