Londoners break out in impromptu song on the Tube after Erasure gig

Most people seem they just want to keep to themselves up to around the 30-second mark.

This is one of those fun songs to sing at the top of your lungs while in the car.


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Mom Scolds Pundit Sons on C-SPAN

A live segment on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal turned into a time-out for Brad and Dallas Woodhouse, brothers who fall on the opposite ends of the political spectrum, when their mother called in to air some family grievances.


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Visual Representation of Music

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Aviation Geek Has A Plane To Himself And Takes The Best Selfie Ever



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Bag of Randomness


  • BoyGeeding will only wear his Spider-Man underwear backwards because the graphic of the superhero is in the back, and he wants that in front.
  • If you own a DeLorean and want to make it look like the car from Back to the Future, you can now buy a conversion kit for $30,000.
  • For the first time in 17 months the U.S. has a Surgeon General, and he’s only 37-years-old.  For the longest time, I thought the Surgeon General wore a Navy uniform, but it’s actually the uniform of the U.S. Public Health Service, Commissioned Corps, which is very similar except for the commissioning devices, buttons, and insignia.  However, by law, he or she holds the rank of vice admiral.  It’s my understanding that most of the folks that have served as Surgeon General didn’t wear the uniform until C. Everett Koop decided to make it vouge.
  • Perry asks for farewell address to Legislature – I’m not a fan of the man or his politics, but I do like his hair.  And as the longest serving governor of the state, I have no issue at all of him doing such a thing.  With that distinction, I’m sure something will be named after him soon, I just wonder what.
  • This article reminded me of the ‘Seinfeld’ hand model episode – Secret Life of a Shoe Model
  • Something I’ve long known but maybe you haven’t – The X in Xmas literally means Christ. Here’s the history behind it.
  • The Cowboys play Andrew Luck and the Colts next, and the WSJ has an article on how he doesn’t trash talk but compliments his opponents.
  • Today’s dose of ‘MURICA!
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Jack Bauer Interrogates Santa Claus

Yeah, it’s about five years old, but oh well . . .

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Interesting animated time-lapse of a basement renovation

This animated time lapse of my basement being finished compresses 2 months worth of work into 60 seconds. 1000+ Photoshop layers were painstakingly cut from 27 panoramic photographs and then compiled and animated in After Effects.

Here’s the making of the video if you’re interested.

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Bag of Randomness


  • Our family was asked to light the advent candle at church yesterday.  Someone in the choir on nice enough to snap a picture.  In case you are wondering, BoyGeeding also got a chance to light one of the other candles.
  • DaughterGeeding woke up around 5:30 AM on Saturday and woke both me and her mother up.  After chatting a bit I decided to grab us breakfast at Chick-fil-A and it turns out I was the 100th customer, so our food was free.  After pondering how I could be the 100th customer a little after they opened at 6:00 AM, the kind employee informed me that the counter rolls over from the previous day and every 100th customer gets their meal free, at least at our location.
  • A highly underrated Christmas song – Celebrate Me Home – And it wasn’t until I looked it up for this post, that I realized Kenny Loggins was the vocalist.
  • When I first saw digital photo frames about seven years ago, I thought by now they’d be everywhere, but it turns out people really didn’t take to them.
  • Something this weekend lead me to look up of urine-indicator dye, that thing that changes swimming pool water to purple or whatever if someone pees in the pool.  It turns out it’s just one of those urban legends.
  • Here’s an example of subtle humor I never got while watching 60’s Batman, the inmate number of the woman on the left.
  • Hearing of lower gas prices is one thing, but it doesn’t really hit you until you actually fill up.
  • Doug Free needs to do something about his hair situation.  When you see him with his helmet off, it’s reminiscent of when Tim Tebow hot his hazing haircut.
  • I don’t mind comedians using the Bible for humor, but if they are going to do so, get your basic facts right.  Last week I mentioned I was looking forward to seeing Nick Offerman’s Netflix special.  In the special he stated that Jesus was quoted in the book of Leviticus, which isn’t even close.   That’s like saying Captain Picard took over the bridge on the original ‘Star Trek’ or Kobe played point for the Showtime Lakers.  Blasphemy.
  • Speaking of Kobe, I’d be more impressed with him passing Jordan on the all-time scoring chart if he actually took some time away from the game to play baseball or something else.  Kobe is great an all, but if trying to say he’s better than Jordan, he’ll need his head examined.
  • There was a moment in the last ‘Big Bang Theory’ that got me a bit choked up.  Sheldon’s girlfriend was able to get his late grandmother’s cookie recipe and baked him a batch, and after the first taste he said, “These taste like her hugs.”  I miss my late mother’s cooking.
  • ‘The Newsroom’ finally found its footing and after last night it’s no more, but that series finale sure was an eloquent sendoff.
  • Something for you Elf on the Shelf haters.
  • Something for those that enjoy a devilish Elf on the Shelf.
  • How Dick Cheney does Elf on the Shelf.
  • NCAAF Heisman Trophy win worth at least $800,000 – ESPN‏ – Something I forgot about – winners have to sign waivers that forbid them from ever selling it. 
  • Oregon State buys ad in paper congratulating rival Oregon’s Mariota on Heisman win
  • Tempting picture of the day, and no, he’s not wearing a ring in that picture, that’s a burn – My sisters friend accidentally touched the positive terminal on his car battery with his wedding band 
  • Thanks to a GooglePlay sale of $0.99 – Billboard 200 Chart Moves: Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side’ Returns to Top 20
  • I think I see a Clements University Hospital commercial at least ten times a day.
  • Whenever I heard that a piece of art was on loan to a museum, I always thought no cash was exchanged, but there was a story I recently read which indicated the museum actually pays a fee to borrow the piece.  Maybe loyal reader ‘towski’ can straighten me out.
  • The perfect gift for my belly – Whole briskets available from Pecan Lodge, Lockhart Smokehouse this Christmas
  • I have a feeling she hasn’t visited but maybe two of these places and were just fed these by her publicist – 10 Dallas restaurants and bars Gwyneth Paltrow loves
  • Today’s dose of ‘MURICA!/TEXAS
  • WFAA’s George Riba will retire after 38 years of work in Dallas, he’s pretty good looking for 65, and one of the best sports guys in the area.
  • Yes, We Work Hard These Days, But We Work A Lot Less Than We Used To…
  • I think I smile every time a Muppet appears on a commercial.
  • Ikea replaced a movie theater’s seats with beds for an advertising campaign
  • James Bond script leaked in Sony hack
  • VIDEO: Cowboys team bus got egged in Philadelphia 


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CBS News does a story on this Secret Santa every year, and I love it

I was particularly touched by Scott Pelley’s tear at the end, but WifeGeeding put together something I totally overlooked.  You see blacks hugging white law enforcement, and when you consider this story took place in Missouri, that same state where all of the ruckus in Ferguson happened, it makes the story a bit more special.

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Gordon Keith: George Mason is my Texan of the Year

George Mason (not to be confused with the Father of the Bill of Rights) is the Baptist pastor of Wilshire Baptist Church and often spoke to the media for Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan’s fiancee, Louise Troh.

Things that stood out:

  • He knows the difference in defending the faith and being defensive about it.
  • “The one thing I think nobody has really talked about is how much the community wanted to get this right, in part because we have 1963 all over the back of our minds. Mayor Rawlings will tell you especially. This was like a shot at redemption for the city.”
  • In reference to a Catholic bishop taking in Duncan’s family:  “The bishop was good,” Mason says. “Somebody asked him, ‘But they weren’t Catholic. Why did you do this?’ and the bishop said, ‘We didn’t do it because they were Catholic, we did it because we are Catholic.’”
  • “Look. The church in America is always positioning itself as being opposed to science, fearful of everything, promoting fear instead of confidence and love. The World Health Organization has studied this for 38 years. I have my faith, but I also believe in science.”
  • Mason even found a way to bridge the CDC-recommended 3-foot distance. “We had a way of hugging without touching. Louise and I would cross our arms over our own chest and hug in that touchless way.” 
  • A week later, I open my childhood Bible. I stumble into John 4:14 and smile.

Full Article

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A teacher with a lesson 20-years in the making

For decades, high school teacher Bruce Farrer has been asking his students to write letters to their future selves. Twenty years later, he tracks down the students – wherever they are in the world – and mails their letters to them. The impact he has had on his students’ lives is profound and heartwarming. We hope his story is as inspiring to you as it is to us:

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Bag of Randomness


  • To our surprise, DaughterGeeding will be Mary for her school’s Christmas play.
  • Late yesterday afternoon I got an email from one of my managers telling us to check our email before going to bed or first thing in the morning because if Congress doesn’t pass the funding bill, we ain’t working the next day.
  • A HUGE thank you to loyal reader KC1 for giving me the heads up that Zulily had a very good special on American Girl dolls.  While it might not be the specific doll DaughterGeeding requested, and that I just became “that parent” that doesn’t get the exact thing the child requested, the deal was too good to pass up and heck, she’s four, she probably won’t notice.
  • I was watching the local news and laughed out loud when the Eric Williams trial story aired.  They stated his Boy Scout master testified as a character witness but admitted they haven’t had any contact in over 30 years.  Man, they must be desperate for some character witnesses if they have to go back that far.
  • The local news also covered the high-rise fire in downtown Dallas.  They stated that during fire drills, people only had to walk down three flight of stairs, but since it was the real thing, they had to walk all the way down.  I’m surprised they only walk down three flight of stairs, especially post 9/11.  I worked in two different high-rises pre and post 9/11, and despite being half way up, we always had to walk down to floor level.
  • The ‘CBS Evening News’ stated that a one-cent drop in the price of retail gas adds about a billion dollars in spending annually (it’s drop $1.08 since April), which leads me to believe in the next year and a half there’s going to be some very good economic news as the price of oil continues to drop.  This also means the Democratic White House and Republican Congress will both fight for credit.
  • Random Invention Idea That Might Already Exist – Modify luggage that has rollers so that it will generate electricity as the wheels roll to help  recharge a mobile device.
  • McDonald’s is shrinking its menu – I hardly eat at McDonald’s but I was surprised to see how big the menu was.  For me, I just keep it simple getting either a Big Mac, Quarter Pounder with Cheese, a Double Cheeseburger, or McNuggets.  But the name of the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese always me, why not call it the Half Pounder with Cheese.
  • Here’s an intriguing article about the artist that painted two of George W. Bush’s portraits.  What makes it intriguing to me is that he is interviewed by a fellow painter, so the perspective and types of questions aren’t the run of the mill.  The artist is actually a former Yale classmate of his.  He talks about what it’s like to spend so much time with the man and how the former president is more aware of his image and quarks that you’d imagine.   Dubya also wanted to make sure his portrait wouldn’t be larger than any of the others as to not attract attention.  Here’s one sentence that just kinda stood out:  Outside, a Secret Service guy was whacking golf balls for Barney to chase, and we were laughing at that.
  • I love how the new Star Wars trading cards have an old school feel to them.  I remember my brother had the complete set, and if you turned certain ones over, you could combine them to make a collage or big poster.
  • This article claims HP is moving away from Microsoft Windows and creating their own operating system which they’ll show off in June.
  • I’ve been craving tamales lately, but I haven’t eaten one in over a year.
  • Surprising to me, but Twitter does make more money – Instagram is now bigger than Twitter
  • Patrick Duffy doesn’t tweet often, but I found it touching that his profile picture is of him straightening Larry Hagman’s tie.  I remember Duffy saying he’s lost Hagman’s company, but not his presence, which I think is a nice way to look at things.  Oh, and here’s a random Patrick Duffy fact, he was born on St Patrick’s Day.
  • After 12/13/14, What Are the Next Fun Dates for Math Lovers?
  • Unfurling one of those gigantic American flags that covers an entire football field is more complex than you’d think.  It turns out most of those things are rented, cost around $5,000 to $10,000, and comes in 14 numbered boxes for you to assemble it.
  • Buzzfeed – We Stalked U2’s Most Dedicated Fan
  • Buzzfeed – An Eerie And Surreal Look Inside China’s Counterfeit Disneyland
  • Buzzfeed – The New York Times has rounded up 18 of the best actors from 2014 and shot them kissing for a series of nine new short films, called “9 Kisses”
  • New show from A&E – Man has 8 minutes to convince prostitutes to quit in new reality show
  • When I saw clips of Will and Kate at the NBA game, all I could think about was the movie The Naked Gun where Queen Elizabeth is watching a game between the Mariners and Angels at the ballpark. In particular, the scene of Liz passing a hotdog down her row while sitting in fancy chairs, which is at the end of this clip, but the whole clip is worth watching anyways.

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