Tie Knot of the Day – The Van Wijk Knot


This knot is claimed to have been created by the artist Lisa Van Wijk. Her purpose was to invent the tallest knot possible. Did she succeed? Well, it is a pretty tall knot, although I think my very own Krasny Hourglass and possibly the Glennie Double both end up being “taller” you could claim those are actually double knots and not a single knot… Regardless, this knot is very striking and a great addition to any knot aficionado’s tie rack.

And here’s how to tie it:

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Surely This Will Break Ratings Records

Preview: The Simpsons/Family Guy Crossover – Comic Con 2014

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15 Month Old Controls 500 Boys at Camp

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Bag of Randomness


  • One of the highest honors of my life is being a trustee of a scholarship set up in memory of my friend by his mother.  Over the weekend we discovered an anonymous $5,000 deposit was made to the scholarship.  After a small bit of detective work, we found out it was made by an NFL quarterback.
  • I caught the rest of that HBO ‘Real Sports’ segment about golf, and other than the 15-inch hole there was talk of footgolf.  Basically you use your feet and a soccer ball instead of clubs and a golf ball, with a hole big enough for the soccer ball.  In tournament play you actually dress up like Payne Stewart – golf pants with argyle socks, cap, and collared shirt.  To my surprise, I found out such a course exists in the city I reside in at Lakepark Golf Club, and there’s a total of six in the area.  I tried looking for local courses with the 15-inch golf hole, and it looks like Cowboys Golf Club offers it, though I’m not sure how often.
  • I currently live in Lewisville but I grew up in Mineral Wells.  I feel like I should call Mineral Wells my hometown, but I’m not sure how to refer to Lewisville.  WifeGeeding thinks I should call Lewisville my hometown as it’s our current home and Mineral Wells as the town in which I grew up.  Thoughts, suggestions?
  • A drone was flying around our neighborhood yesterday, glad I wasn’t taking a wiz in the backyard at the time.
  • Disclaimer, I’m married to a Baylor alumnus – I tend to think Baylor folk are awfully high of themselves and their university, even more so compared to any other university.  So it cracked me up when I read the author bio of this article in which I’m sure she wrote herself:  “Monica Mollica holds a Bachelor and Master degree in Nutrition from the University of Stockholm / Karolinska Institue, Sweden. She has also done PhD level course work at renowned Baylor University, TX.”  So not only is it renowned but it is now an actual city?
  • There’s lots of talk of presidential impeachment as of late, and news of Republicans most likely taking back the Senate makes that interesting, but I’m not so sure if conservatives really want a President Biden.
  • First it was Gov Good Hair and Sean Hannity getting a photo op at the Texas/Mexico border, now it will be U.S. House Representatives Peter King and Michelle Bachmann.
  • The El Paso Times don’t seem to be big fans of Gov Perry’s border plan.
  • $9.95 a month or $99.95 for a one-year subscription – Sarah Palin begins her own online channel
  • I think Jerry Jones has gained a good 30-lbs from last season.
  • I caught a show on the History channel about outdated stuff and one of which was hotel keys, which I only have faint memories about.  For some reason I found it interesting that the show stated the key cards only cost the hotels four cents each.
  • I had a dream in which I got to flip the coin at the Super Bowl, but I went way over the top and flipped it so high and off center it took the officiating crew a good five minute to find it.  The officials asked the players and coaches to knot help because they were worried they might flip it in their favor.  The next day no one talked about the game but about the dude with the crazy coin flip top.  Instead of me giving my first interview to the ‘Today Show’ I decided to give it to Dunham and Miller on The TICKET.
  • Speaking of The TICKET and the Musers and pretty decent shtick - FOXNARD – “Open Mike” with the Musers
  • I’ve never eaten a Now and Later.
  • Dudes rejoice - Movie quote search engine with video results
  • Users can even upload their face - Cheering robots replace real fans at Korean baseball
  • Game of Thrones: Season 4 Bloopers (Comic Con)
  • A little dated but still caught my attention - Runner gets hit by lightning, finishes race 3rd
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Tie Knot of the Day – The Novotny Knot


And here’s how to tie it:

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Bag of Randomness


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Bunch O Balloons: 100 Water Balloons in Less Than 1 Minute

Children everywhere are rejoicing.  Actually, parents with sore fingers trying to tie those dang things are rejoicing.

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Tie Knot of the Day – The Linwood Taurus


And here’s how to tie it:

Hat-tip - Alex Krasny - @lexKrasny

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Bag of Randomness


  • Robert Newhouse was a little before my time but I do recall my dad coming home to pick up my brother to meet him at the Ben E. Keith warehouse in Mineral Wells.  My brother was just amazed the size of his Super Bowl ring and that he actually got to hold it and try it on.  I’m not sure why Dad didn’t take me, maybe I was too little.
  • I always got a kick out of Ben E. Keith because my brother’s name is Ben, my dad’s middle name began with an “E”, and of course my name is Keith.  As a kid, I wanted to make that some kind of special connection of ownership.
  • Jason Garrett said he’s not going to have conditioning tests in training camp.  The season is over before it even got started.
  • It was quite touching for the Dutch to return the remains of the plane crash victims with military honors since they died in a war zone.
  • The Dallas Morning News has a great article on the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning crew one year after his death.  The website format for the story is impressive considering it’s the Dallas Morning News, and it goes into detail about his very last moments.  To my surprise that show is more than holding it’s own as they are currently in first or second place in 95 percent of their markets.
  • For about the last three weeks my workday lunch has been a vegan meal consisting of quinoa, kale, lentils or black beans, and some kind of vegetable like green beans, broccoli, or peas.  This is also my fifth week of working out five days a week, but I haven’t been able to lose any weight.  I’m guessing I’m getting too many carbs, but if I were to be honest with myself, I’m probably sneaking in too many bad foods throughout the day.
  • While watching ‘The Bridge’ last night there was a commercial for ‘Sons of Anarchy’ that used U2′s “Bullet The Blue Sky”.  Now I kind of want to start a marathon watching session of ‘Sons of Anarchy’.  ‘The Bridge’ did have a pretty cool robbery by bicycle gang scene.
  • I had a really bad customer service experience with my debit card company the other day where I felt like the representative was talking down to me, but she assured me everything was okay.  The next time I used the card it was declined, so I called back in only to get the same representative again.
  • I has some Chiclets Tiny Size gum yesterday, that’s a first in maybe two decades.
  • SI.com has a feature on new Longhorn head coach Charlie Strong.  It starts off by stating the 53-year-old gets up at 4:00 am and runs five miles at a nine-minute clip.  I wonder if that’s true or just a way to paint a pretty picture.
  • Midwesterners Alarmed to Discover Their Ice-Cream Sandwiches Refuse to Melt
  • The Trauma of Working for an Airline During a Disaster
  • ESPN thinks playground basketball is dying.
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Adult Swim’s New Show – Black Jesus

If you are easily offended, then you probably shouldn’t watch.

From the creator of The Boondocks comes the most anticipated comeback in history — Black Jesus. Premieres Thursday, August 7th, at 11p ET on [adult swim].

[Thanks, Person Who Shall Not Be Named]

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Kayak raised by a whale on Argentinian coast‏

While kayaking off the coast of Argentina, a father and daughter get the surprise–and footage–of a lifetime when two enormous Right whales emerge out of the water before them. With the camera still rolling, the whales move to a collision course with the kayak. Within seconds, one of the whales descends, and raises the tiny boat out of the water on its back.

Full Article

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Tie Knot of the Day – The Tulip


And here’s how to tie it:

Hat-tip - Alex Krasny - @lexKrasny

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