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U2 – Invisible (Live) – The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

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U2 – ‘Invisible’. The Video

Bono decided to go with some shades the makes me think about Maverick from ‘Top Gun’. I think The Edge’s guitar playing and Larry’s drumming really sticks out.

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Slow Dancing written for Willie Nelson by U2

I was listening to this while driving yesterday and for some reason this one lyric just really stood out, “I don’t know why a man sees the truth but needs the lies.”

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Duh – My Favorite Super Bowl Halftime Performance

And yet I never knew the backstory and how Janet Jackson was originally scheduled to performed but backed out after 9/11. “All of a sudden,” says Hill, the entertainment world saw the value of the Super Bowl halftime show: “That … Continue reading

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Just Because

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Bono Interviewed On – ‘The Meaning of Life’

Gay Byrne is an Irish television personality/reporter with a show called ‘The Meaning of Life‘ in which he interviews celebrities about . . . the meaning of life.  In this interview, Bono is asked about his life and Christian faith. … Continue reading

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In honor of the 30th anniversary of U2′s War album and the Pope flying off to the sunset – 40

40 is my favorite song from the U2 album War, and here’s a performance of the song during the Vertigo tour in Chicago.  And for those of you that don’t know, 40 is a modification of Psalm 40.  The loose Pope … Continue reading

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100 Riffs (A Brief History of Rock N’ Roll)

Glad to see U2 made the list at #58.

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Early morning, April 4, Shot rings out in the Memphis sky, Free at last, They took your life, They could not take your pride

The one thing that has always bother me about this song (that I happen to love so much) is that it’s historically inaccurate as the assassination happened early evening, not early morning. I recently discovered this picture of Jackie Kennedy at MLK’s … Continue reading

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U2 “From The Sky Down” Trailer

In 2011 U2 returned to Hansa Studio in Berlin to tell the story of the one album that changed everything. Premieres on Showtime Saturday, October 29th.

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U2 in St Louis

I just thought this was a cool photo.

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Bono And The Edge With David Letterman – Stuck In A Moment

There’s a bit of a story about the song writing process and the background of the song itself. I’ve always loved this song, and love how intimate these two performed it last night.

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