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They should have hired a better marketing consultant

I’m afraid most people think Irritable Bowl Syndrome when they hear IBS. Link

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Typical Texas Conservative Commercial

  Display of Texas flag   Portray Washington as the enemy, use menacing background music   State you are a fighter   Show image of Reagan, use uplifting background music   Show traditional white family   Display of faith   … Continue reading

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A local church encourages you to ‘Vote Under God’


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There is still no new Longhorn head football coach

Longhorn Humor

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Dad living the dream through his son

First off, I totally stole this from Barry’s Blog. Second, language warning. Third, this video makes me both sad and mad. Fourth, I had a friend whose father put his car in neutral and have his son push him around … Continue reading

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Inside Jacob’s Well, the seemingly never ending cave in Texas

Jacob’s Well is considered a dangerous underwater cave for novice or non-cave trained SCUBA divers with at least eight divers having died in the system. At the present, four chambers have been explored, the last of which ends in a … Continue reading

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Per TIME, Texas is the future of Amercia

They say the Lone Star State has four seasons: drought, flood, blizzard and twister. This summer 97% of the state was in a persistent drought; in 2011 the Dallas-Fort Worth area experienced 40 straight days in July and August of … Continue reading

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Five states account for 52.4 percent of the nation’s recruits

Deadspin and

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The State Fair of Texas viewed from an AR Drone


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Cheap shot of the year contender comes from my very own homefield of Hardin-Simmons University

  Per the Big Lead: Linfield College has all sorts of problems to deal with. From squirrels in the coaches’ office to cheap shots like this one from Hardin-Simmons’ guard Wyatt Walton on cornerback Brandon Funk during Linfield’s 71-21 win on Saturday. With 57 straight … Continue reading

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A Documentary About a Funeral Director Convention in Texas

That business fascinates me.

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Nice video of Dallas, done with a quadcopter I think

Dallas Vimeo from brian aiken on Vimeo.

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