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Former Gov Good Hair News

Nice job to our team with the design of our new RickPAC business cards. They rock .@GovernorPerry — Jeff Miller (@JeffMillerCA2TX) February 26, 2015

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Fix your state flag, Southwest Kia

Sec. 3100.059. HORIZONTAL AND VERTICAL DISPLAY. (a) If the state flag is displayed horizontally, the white stripe should be above the red stripe and, from the perspective of an observer, to the right of the blue stripe. (b) If the … Continue reading

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I really like this picture of Dallas

Daring #dallas #dmagazine #dallasskyline #dwellmagazine #downtowndallas #dallascowboys #Mavs #usatoday #bs_world #breakingnews #bankofamericaplaza #klydewarrenpark #reuniontower #instagram #instadfw #instagramtexas #ncaa #ptk_architecture #snaptexas #trinitygroves A photo posted by Joseph Haubert (@whateveryouare) on Jan 11, 2015 at 4:25pm PST

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Couple’s 14-hour road trip to Whataburger inspires ‘Whatababy’ photo


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They say all advertising is good advertising

A Texas plumber traded in his black Ford F-250 pickup truck at a Houston dealership and it ends up on the front lines of the Syrian civil war, operated by terrorist fighters.  His plumbing company has been bombarded with threats after a … Continue reading

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Politically-Challenged: Texas Tech Edition

Texas Tech’s new student political organization PoliTech goes to campus to see how much our students know about their nation’s politics! You might be surprised. [Hat-tip]

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Where people who live in Texas were born

Texas is growing rapidly. The Texas-born population is itself booming, and additionally there is migration from all over the nation and a steady rise in an already large immigrant population. The net impact is that fewer Texas residents are natives … Continue reading

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Gov Good Hair Looking Like Neo From ‘The Matrix’

Rick Perry Is Driving Around In A Tesla Taunting California

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North Texas husband and wife have died when their vehicles collided head-on

ODELL, Texas (AP) — A North Texas husband and wife have died when their vehicles collided head-on near where both work. The Texas Department of Public Safety says the crash happened around midmorning Wednesday 3 miles west of Odell (oh-DEL’), … Continue reading

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How did the mayor of Mineral Wells celebrate the tax passage that will help renovate the Baker Hotel?

Dressed up as Doc Brown and riding to the Baker in a DeLorean modeled from Back to the Future, of course. “Doc Brown,” aka Mineral Wells Mayor Mike Allen, arrives at the Baker Hotel in a DeLorean with police escort … Continue reading

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Football’s Risks Sink In, Even in Heart of Texas

Here’s a piece from the NY Times about how Marshall ISD changed seventh-grade tackle football to flag-football. Amid widespread and growing concerns about the physical dangers of the sport, the school board here approved plans in February to shut down the district’s … Continue reading

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Stop the presses – Gov Rick Perry Gives Up on Boots

And — perhaps most surprising to those who’ve paired his take-no-prisoners governing style with the image of a Western roughrider — he’s ditched his trademark cowboy boots for comfortable plain black shoes, once and for all. “My feet are really … Continue reading

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