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One Minute Sermon in order to make the 49′ers game

The very abbreviated worship service created by Pastor Tim Christensen of Gold Hill Lutheran Church (Butte, Montana) for the 11 AM service taking place at the exact same time as kickoff for the 49ers – Panthers NFL playoff game. Facebook

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Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders GoPro Hula Cam

Towards the end they are in their uniforms, but more importantly, they present themselves to Sky Mirror.

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Bit of a dated picture, but it gave me a chuckle


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I forgot how much I enjoyed these old Nike Gridiron Briscoe High School commercials

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There is still no new Longhorn head football coach

Longhorn Humor

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Rough recording of KLUV’s “Jerry Jones You’re a Grinch”

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Dad living the dream through his son

First off, I totally stole this from Barry’s Blog. Second, language warning. Third, this video makes me both sad and mad. Fourth, I had a friend whose father put his car in neutral and have his son push him around … Continue reading

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Worst Punt in Football History

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Texas Rangers Humor: Derek Holland and Elvis Andrus star in a parody of the classic movie A Christmas Story

Your browser does not support iframes. I’m afraid a lot of the Rangers conservative fanbase just abandoned them as they didn’t say “Merry Christmas” but “Happy Holidays.”

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43 “Christmas Vacation” references in a sportscast

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Golf shot of the Year

Hopefully it’s not fake.

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Scary Hoop Collapse on Globetrotter

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