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Let’s hope this season doesn’t go down the drain

The Texas Rangers Had their Official Player Photos Taken by the Urinals

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A four-foot tall senior got his chance to play basketball

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Ice Figure Farting Skating

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The Latest ‘Dale Hansen Unplugged’ is Getting a Lot of Local Traction

It focuses on the troubled lives of some NFL players and Michael Sam.  It sounds similar to what Jon Stewart talked about at roughly the same air time.

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Team USA Winter Olympics Fashion

There’s been a lot of complains about what Team USA will wear tomorrow for the opening ceremonies, but hey, they wore this at the 1980 Lake Placid Olympics (Do you believe in miracles?). Source

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A Denver Bronco’s Son Sent Him a Post Game Text


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36 Dunks Never Done in the NBA Dunk Contest

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Duh – My Favorite Super Bowl Halftime Performance

And yet I never knew the backstory and how Janet Jackson was originally scheduled to performed but backed out after 9/11. “All of a sudden,” says Hill, the entertainment world saw the value of the Super Bowl halftime show: “That … Continue reading

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It still bothers me that Walter Payton didn’t score a touchdown in Super Bowl XX

I remember watching Walter Payton’s post game interview wondering if he would be on top of the world or bummed he didn’t score a touchdown or have a better game in the Super Bowl. Despite being winning the title, he … Continue reading

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Armless high school kicker has NFL dreams

I was moved just watching him put his jersey around the 30-second mark.

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Seahawk fans destroy Ford Bronco in Denver Bronco colors

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Richard Sherman shows you what it looks like to be interviewed during Media Day at the Super Bowl

I also thought his answer to this question was worth posting since he’s considered a thug and all. Q. …All of you football guys going into the strip clubs, and throwing… raining down on these strippers. I think that’s a … Continue reading

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