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Somehow Conan got Marshawn Lynch and Rob Gronkowski together to play a game of Mortal Combat.  And Marshawn talks.

Easily the funniest thing I’ve seen all week, and it was worth every minute. PG-13 humor and very grotesque (seriously) video game violence.

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Impressive American Football Kicking Skills in Norway

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Way to go, Paul

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Fox Business Delivers Stupidest Super Bowl Report Possible

Fox Business Network attempted to report on Super Bowl ticket sales today with threats that “the NFL is expecting record-low attendance.” That’s not true, but somehow what reporter Elizabeth MacDonald went on to say got even stupider. MacDonald tried to … Continue reading

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Impressive Skiing Video

I was most impressed with how he skied through a tunnel which starts around the 3:50 mark.

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In anticipation of the Lions – Cowboys playoff game

If you’re easily offended, then close your eyes for five seconds starting at the 1:35 mark.

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Here’s How Lambeau Field Keeps Its Grass Green in the Dead of Winter‏

This Gizmodo article is a little more than a year old, but it was new to me.

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I never knew this happened during the brawl

A side note to the Nolan Ryan/Robin Ventura brawl was that Geno Petralli actually bit Bo Jackson. #epic — Stirrups Now! (@uniformcritic) December 1, 2014

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How Shoplifter and Dallas Cowboy Joseph Randle Deals With Stress

Instead of embedding the tweet I took a screenshot in case he decides to take it down, but here’s the original tweet.

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The Places in America Where College Football Means the Most

Check out this interactive map and corresponding NY Times article here.  They based this information off data they asked Facebook to compile, so take that for what it’s worth.

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Her life is about to end and all she wants to do is play basketball

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Impressive Peanut Throwing at 2014 World Series

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