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Did not expect to see this news today

And yes, that was his actual account. Once an account is deleted, the verified checkmark disappears. — Max Olson (@max_olson) May 26, 2016

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Good Guy Max Scherzer

And the kid was wearing an opposing jersey, which makes the gesture that much more special. I hope the kid makes the majors and Scherzer ends up as his manager.

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Really cool popcorn maker

I’m not even a hockey fan and think this is awesome. But it will set you back $100.

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The Punch Heard Round The Baseball World and The Internet

Great shot by @startelegram's@SuperProRico of Sunday's brawl #Rangers vs. #BlueJays — Star-Telegram Sports (@sportsdfw) May 15, 2016 Here's the GIF we've been waiting for…@lonestarball #Rangers — Jared Sandler (@SandlerJ) May 15, 2016 #BlueJays and Rangers brawl in Texas. … Continue reading

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This Texas High School Ump Is No Police Lieutenant Frank Drebin

MUST WATCH: after @JT_Morgan12 HR. WATCH UMP. So he couldn't see it to touch and get called out? #Playoffs #txhsbsb — KIP (@kipwilliams15) May 9, 2016 The footage appears to show the first base umpire running over toward home … Continue reading

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Tough way to lose a game

Middle School Basketball Team Loses Title Game After Final Shot Gets Stuck On Rim

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Kevin Spacey takes off ‘Spacey Facey’ mask, surprises Panthers fans

SUNRISE, Fla. — On a night that the Florida Panthers handed out cardboard cutouts of actor Keven Spacey’s face, the “House of Cards” star surprised fans by taking off his “Spacey Facey” mask as the video board camera panned around … Continue reading

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Team Fighting Championship

I didn’t know this was a thing – You have two teams of five from different countries fight MMA style in a huge ring. Here are the rules: We are using rules as close to real life as possible but … Continue reading

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I need this kind of luck

A Family Found $1 Million Worth of Ty Cobb Baseball Cards in an Old Paper Bag A family, who have chosen to remain anonymous, discovered a neglected cache of baseball cards likely valued at more than $1 million in a … Continue reading

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Insane 🏀 Shot

We will never understand the physics behind this shot. Zero arc. Still goes. — ESPN College BBall (@ESPNCBB) February 24, 2016

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Pitchers will wear new protective headwear during Spring Training

ESPN is reporting MLB is set to roll out a new set of protective headwear for pitchers in Spring Training, as 20 pitchers will get a new hybrid helmet cap which was made collaboratively by MLB and the MLB Players … Continue reading

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Somebody get that man a bag of ice, stat

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