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Six-year-old asks Neil deGrasse Tyson, “What’s the meaning of life?”

Though many will disagree with his answer, I was impressed with how graceful he was and how quickly he was able to answer it.  I thought it was quite touching when you see him get down to the kid’s level … Continue reading

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(I’m so) Catholic

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Florida Sheriff Office Has a Rug Problem


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That’s one way to start a church service

To be fair, this was the O2 arena in London and not in a church. It all starts off pretty slow until you get around the 1:40 mark. I’m guessing the guy at the 5:20 mark is suppose to be … Continue reading

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God’s Glory Bible

God’s Glory™ Bible is a limited FIRST EDITION King James Version Holy Bible wrapped in stars and stripes that is printed and bound in the United States of America. This one-of-a-kind Bible is a large print, red-letter edition that comes … Continue reading

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The Religious Composition of the 114th Congress

Pew Research Article

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You’ll Enjoy This ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ Segment on Louis Zamperini More Than The Movie ‘Unbroken’

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Gordon Keith: George Mason is my Texan of the Year

George Mason (not to be confused with the Father of the Bill of Rights) is the Baptist pastor of Wilshire Baptist Church and often spoke to the media for Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan’s fiancee, Louise Troh. Things that stood out: … Continue reading

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The Nativity story using only excerpts from songs

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“We were trusting God…we thought”

In Canada . . . Peter Wald’s family truly believed he would rise from the dead. They believed it because they had prayed for it, every single day, while his corpse lay rotting for six months in an upstairs bedroom … Continue reading

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The McMass Project – A mission to build McDonald’s in Churches

We want to revitalize Churches as centers for conversation and cultural engagement by putting a McDonald’s franchise in a church. Somewhat Related: In my undergrad marketing class, I remember the professor telling a story about how Ray Kroc would fly … Continue reading

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The 10 Commandments of the Cafeteria at Kentucky Christian University

Give it at least a minute and ten seconds, then you make be hooked into watching the whole thing.

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