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Apple’s New U2-Removal Service

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Princess Rap Battle – Snow White vs Elsa

Technically, I think Elsa is a queen. Oh, and there’s one F-bomb to watch out for at the very end.

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Bryan Cranston Performs One-Man MLB on TBS Postseason Show

Looking for a new challenge in his career, actor Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad puts on a one-man recreation of the MLB Postseason in this new commercial for MLB on TBS.

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God Likes Big Buts

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99 Red Balloons – played with red balloons

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The Ohio State University Band’s TV Tribute

You’lls see tributes to The Simpsons, The Addams Family, Batman, M*A*S*H, I Dream of Jeannie, The Office, Hawaii Five-O, The Brady Bunch, and Game of Thrones.

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Roger Staubach and Johnny Manziel are roomies


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I challenge Flanders, Lenny, and Flanders again

That line alone had me laughing or a good minute, and you’d only appreciate if you knew the history Homer had with Flanders. It kind of reminds me of when Homer called into a sports talk show just to gripe … Continue reading

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OUCH! Ice Bucket Challenge Reaction Gone Wrong

If you are short on time, just skip to the 0:50 mark and watch from there. At least they had ice on hand, and you gotta love how her dog goes over to check on her.

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Gordon Lightfoot Song of the Day – If You Could Read My Mind

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Richard Marx Video of the Day – Hold On To The Nights

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Make Up Artist Uses Her Lips As A Canvas For Characters

Below is a sample of Laura Jenkinson’s work, click here for more of her great work.  

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