Category Archives: Political now has scorecards for the television news networks

We’re making it easier to see how a particular cable channel or network is performing on PunditFact’s Truth-O-Meter. Each of the news networks that we routinely follow — ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC/MSNBC and CNN — now has a scorecard that … Continue reading

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Gun Carrying Waitresses in Colorado Restaurant Named ‘Shooters’

I’m surprised a place like this hasn’t opened in Texas, but more of a breastaraunt concept.  Actually, I’m a bit disappointed that someone in Texas didn’t come up with this first, it’s like we aren’t living up to the stereotype. … Continue reading

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Has America Changed God?

This author should have at least invested in a ten dollar microphone, the sound quality of this video that promotes his book makes him come across as amateurish, when this former editor of CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) Magazine is actually a somewhat … Continue reading

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Anti-Tax Crusader Grover Norquist Endorses Renaming Redskins After Ronald Reagan

Washington D.C. anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist, who has been on a long campaign to name pretty much everything after Ronald Reagan, said renaming Washington’s football team “The Washington Reagans” is a “great idea.” The United States Patent and Trademark Office … Continue reading

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The Guy Who Beat Eric Cantor Is Totally Hot, Former Students Say

Dave Brat, the Virginia college professor who shockingly beat House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in a Republican congressional primary, is a pretty solid teacher by most accounts. According to comments left by former students on, he’s extremely helpful and … Continue reading

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Gov Good Hair Looking Like Neo From ‘The Matrix’

Rick Perry Is Driving Around In A Tesla Taunting California

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Gerrymander index scores, 113th Congress

Details @ The Washington Post

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How China Choreographs Press Conferences

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What your name says about your politics

Get your results at the  Washington Post, here’s my results.

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Stop the presses – Gov Rick Perry Gives Up on Boots

And — perhaps most surprising to those who’ve paired his take-no-prisoners governing style with the image of a Western roughrider — he’s ditched his trademark cowboy boots for comfortable plain black shoes, once and for all. “My feet are really … Continue reading

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New Commercial for ‘Amazing America with Sarah Palin’

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AZ Senate: Businesses citing religion should be able to refuse service to gays

PHOENIX — State senators voted Wednesday to let businesses refuse to serve gays based on owners’ “sincerely held” religious beliefs. The 17-13 vote was along party lines, with Republicans in the majority. It came after supporters defeated an attempt to … Continue reading

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