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NASA emailed a wrench to space

While I think the story is pretty cool itself, I was a bit perturbed that a technology publication didn’t capitalize each letter in NASA – as in National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) . But after a bit of research, I noticed this was … Continue reading

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They say all advertising is good advertising

A Texas plumber traded in his black Ford F-250 pickup truck at a Houston dealership and it ends up on the front lines of the Syrian civil war, operated by terrorist fighters.  His plumbing company has been bombarded with threats after a … Continue reading

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Derby the dog: Running on 3D Printed Prosthetics

See how unique, custom-3D printed prosthetics allow derby the dog to run for the first time.

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More Info On The Largest U.S. Indoor Ski Center That Will Be In Grand Praire

Here’s an article with a few more details.

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When a strike isn’t a strike

Competing in the World Bowling Men’s Championships in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Team USA’s Bill O’Neill threw what looked like a perfect strike. However, one the pins bounced around and stood up in place, making it the strike that didn’t count. … Continue reading

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Visual Representation of Music

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Aviation Geek Has A Plane To Himself And Takes The Best Selfie Ever


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Interesting animated time-lapse of a basement renovation

This animated time lapse of my basement being finished compresses 2 months worth of work into 60 seconds. 1000+ Photoshop layers were painstakingly cut from 27 panoramic photographs and then compiled and animated in After Effects. Here’s the making of … Continue reading

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A teacher with a lesson 20-years in the making

For decades, high school teacher Bruce Farrer has been asking his students to write letters to their future selves. Twenty years later, he tracks down the students – wherever they are in the world – and mails their letters to … Continue reading

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Tortoise Fitted With A LEGO Wheelchair

Thanks to the ingenuity of a veterinarian and some spare LEGO bricks, this tiny tortoise is now able to roll around on his own little wheelchair . . . With two sets of wheels supporting his body, Blade is now able … Continue reading

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Stuck in an Elevator

First item of business: Language Warning.  Don’t say I didn’t warn ya. I doubt anyone likes the idea of being suck in an elevator, but this guy got stuck in one with a guy who didn’t take the situation well.  If … Continue reading

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An Entire Neighborhood Coordinated Their Christmas Lights Article

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