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Fighter Pilot Ejects At Supersonic Speed

From Jalopnik: In a training exercise gone wrong back in 1989, Capt. Brian Udell had to eject from his F-15 travelling at supersonic speeds. The force of the air on his body was so strong that it nearly killed him. … Continue reading

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Police Helicopter Pilot Had Enough

Wild police chase in Texas ends with pilot jumping out of helicopter to tackle the suspect. — Breaking News Feed (@pzf) June 29, 2016

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Bounce House Sails into Power Lines

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Power Line on Metal Swing Set

This video was first posted back in 2013, but it’s new to me. At the 15-second mark, you get to hear all the “electrical” sound. At the 36-second mark, you get to see the swingset. Big boom happens around the … Continue reading

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Customer Lights the Entire Walmart Fireworks Display

This happened in Phoenix – Article  

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Scary Story With Mineral Wells As A Character

There’s a subreddit named NoSleep. Authors write short scary stories and people read with a suspension of disbelief. So what’s written is fiction, but people who comment pretend it’s real to add to some of the horror element. Recently I … Continue reading

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Man Slams World’s Tallest Glass Bridge With A Sledgehammer

The makers of the world’s longest and highest glass-bottomed bridge pulled off a highly unusual yet impressive PR move to draw visitors to the new attraction ahead of its opening next month. The 430-meter-long and 300-meter-high structure, which hangs over … Continue reading

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Greatest Frisbee Golf Throw In The History of Ever

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Driver Uses Smokescreen, Throws Spikes, During Dramatic High-Speed Chase in Lithuania

A dramatic video released by Lithuanian police on June 11 shows a Volvo driver leading them on a high-speed chase on rural roads two days before, creating a smokescreen with their car’s exhaust, and throwing spikes to try to slow … Continue reading

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Ad battle over Baylor sexual assault scandal continues in newspaper

Another full-page editorial advertisement on the sexual assault scandal at Baylor University has appeared in an Austin newspaper and, this time, it is wholly uncharitable to Kenneth Starr, who was ousted as university president last month. Last Sunday a full-page … Continue reading

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I love how Cleveland does the National Anthem

Less is more…start it off, let the crowd do the rest.

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Clams emerge to feed & breed

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