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Amusement park throws people from 100-foot tower with nothing but a net

I only watched about half the video, so I don’t think there’s any cursing. Article

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Peter Griffin Impersonator Does Stand-Up

I only watched part of the content so I’m not sure there’s any cursing.  

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Dead body slipped out of coroner’s vehicle into traffic

This is like a scene from a slapstick comedy. Details

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The Fastest Talking Woman In The World

Woman holds the world record for fastest talker in the world. And yes she’s from New York. For some reason, I found the Micromachine Man less irritating.

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Lion Cub Gets Head Stuck In Buffalo’s Anus

Kruger National Park – Lions Sands Game Drive. A pride of 18 lions kill two African buffalo, in haste to eat, a lion cub eats into a buffalo’s anus and get’s his head stuck!

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You’d think you can at least kiss the cheek after winning a yellow jersey

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Lumberjack Rescues Bear That Has a Bucket Stuck on His Head With a Giant Claw

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Cracking an Egg Underwater

I guess there should be a disclaimer that you have to be deep enough underwater for some pressure to have an effect.

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The Andre The Giant Show

Since I was a wrestling fan as a child in the 80′s, I found this hilarious. In this episode Andre talks to Bryan Cogman, a writer and producer on the hit HBO series Game Of Thrones. The guys cover a … Continue reading

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Duck Vacuuming

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Boyfriend Proposes to Girlfriend in a World Cup Commercial

Nick Bastress is getting a lot of attention for his impressive proposal to his long-time girlfriend Nicole: a commercial he shot that aired during the U.S.-Portugal game on Sunday night. Bastress wanted to stun his girlfriend, who he met at … Continue reading

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Fun with Chipmunks

  From Flickr user powerpig who has many other great chipmunk and toy inspired pics. My folks’ backyard is frequented by a number of chipmunks, squirrels, and an occasional ground hog. Over the years, there have been a few clever, comical chipmunks that … Continue reading

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