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Melting a padlock with a torch

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Bag of Randomness for Monday, April 25, 2016

I really, really enjoy ‘Game of Thrones’. I really, really, enjoy ‘Silicon Valley’. But I’ll say this, it’s so hard watching one right after the other on HBO, they are so totally different. And I must say, the addition of … Continue reading

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Flawless Springsteen Selfie

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Just your run-of-the-mill 9-3-2-6-2-5 triple play

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Judge Greets Classmate Leaving Jail After Recognizing Him in Court

That’s a bit of a half-hearted hug she gives him.  

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RIP Aluminum Pan Man

Per Reddit: This happened in San Antonio, Texas last week during a storm we had. The guy under the aluminum pan was alright. His thought process was the pan would block the softball size hail we were getting. he didn’t think … Continue reading

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Trump slowed down 50%

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I’m never going to wake up a tiger

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This guy almost loses his head to get a picture

At least it wasn’t a selfie. Article

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Somebody get me this polar bear!

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Cookie Monster’s Apple ad ‘outtakes’

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State Legislator Income

FiveThirtyEight – How Much Should State Legislators Get Paid? FYI: Texas state legislators earn about a third of the state’s median household income

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