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Conan’s Border Wall Pledge Drive

The idea of getting your name on a brick for a donation was some good schtick.

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Bullet-proof origami: folding Kevlar shield

BYU mechanical engineers have created an origami-inspired, lightweight bulletproof shield that can protect law enforcement from gunfire. The new ballistic barrier can be folded compactly when not in use, making it easier to transport and deploy. When expanded — which … Continue reading

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Trump Handshakes

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Just Because

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A surprise at the end . . .

Wait for it… — Nature is Scary (@TheScaryNature) February 5, 2017

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“A” for Effort

He might just fit my definition of hero, he was under no obligation to do the following:

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Judge Wapners mediates a “dispute” between Carson and Late Night host David Letterman

Per Mental Floss – While the hosts wanted to play it as a comedy sketch, Wapner refused to appear unless his ruling was binding. And believe it or not, but Wapner is still alive at age 97.

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“INAUGURATION DAY” — A Bad Lip Reading of Donald Trump’s Inauguration

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If I ever wanted to freak out one of my neighbors

But I ain’t gonna spend $27 for a t-shirt.

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How to get up after falling down on the moon…

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Something for you HBO and ‘Last Week Tonight’ fans

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How Louis CK Tells A Joke

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