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Man talks bear into leaving the dumpster

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Rob and Rex Ryan Exercising

A bicycle built for two Ryan brothers — Jonah Bronstein (@lebronstein) June 17, 2016 Extra Ter-rex-trial #BillsMafia — Ryan Mura (@RyanMura) June 17, 2016 Found these reading MMQB.  

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And He Was Almost President

Actually, I think what he did was cool and have no problem with it. And he looks better shirtless than I do. Article: Mitt Romney Dressed as Nacho Libre for a Charity Wrestling Match Just when I thought I was out, … Continue reading

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Man Slams World’s Tallest Glass Bridge With A Sledgehammer

The makers of the world’s longest and highest glass-bottomed bridge pulled off a highly unusual yet impressive PR move to draw visitors to the new attraction ahead of its opening next month. The 430-meter-long and 300-meter-high structure, which hangs over … Continue reading

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Fake News Anchor Goodbye From Adult Swim

Mature content warning. Again, I warn you, mature content ahead. If you were offended or didn’t like the humor of the movie There’s Something About Mary then don’t even give this a try. Yes, this is a video slightly under eleven … Continue reading

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Suburban 8th-Grader Impersonates Presidential Candidates in Entertaining Graduation Speech

Jack Aiello is a young teen with big dreams ahead of him — and potentially a slot on “Saturday Night Live” or in the White House. The Arlington Heights middle schooler has quickly garnered Internet praise for his hilarious graduation … Continue reading

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Fox News asks the Dalai Lama, “You Ever Seen Caddyshack?”

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The best description of the different parts of Texas comes from the movie “Bernie”

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Today’s Dose of ‘MURICA!

Article – Bald Eagle and Canada Goose Throw Down in Epic Battle    

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Girl catches fish, or maybe, the fish caught the girl

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After Dance Audition, Little Girl Vomited On Paula Abdul

This girl has got a career in damage control, we may have a potential White House Press Secretary in the making. She plays it off by saying, “All of the happiness came out.” Well done, girl, that’s a way to … Continue reading

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Crushing a motorcycle helmet with a hydraulic press

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