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Brewers Adopted Dog Participates in His First Mascot Race – As a Hot Dog

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Humans aren’t the only mammals addicted to bubble-wrap

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Little Girl Experiences Rain for the First Time

This video was popular last week, but for those you who haven’t seen it . . . Kayden + Rain from Nicole Byon on Vimeo.

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221B Sesame Street

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She would rather have a sister

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Don’t call her Butkus

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Cute Wedding Bit – Newlyweds Video-Chat With Themselves 50 Years Into The Future

What if you could communicate with yourself and your spouse 50 years into the future of your marriage? These newlyweds bent space and time to do just that, live, at their wedding. I thought they saved the best question for … Continue reading

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Toddler confused when she meets her father’s twin for the first dime

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Man calls a herd of deer, man feeds a herd of deer

Details on his Facebook page.

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Boyfriend just scored some major points

Obligatory language warning. Wish You Were Here from Vipurva Parikh on Vimeo. I made this as a special gift for my girlfriend who couldn’t join me for a one month backpacking trip across Bhutan and north-east Indian states of West … Continue reading

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Abandoned dog bonds with paralyzed cat

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While wife fights cancer, guy wears a tutu and takes pics to make her laugh

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