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Man almost killed by flying refrigerator door

Some say fake, I say otherwise. The action starts at the twelve-second mark.

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Blue Energy

Glowing blue ionized energy arcing across a power line in the yard across the street from his house during a recent hailstorm with insane winds in Dayton, OH. LaughingSquid

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The ball was fair, not foul

The first comment on Reddit hit it spot on, this would be perfect for one of those Southwest Airlines “Wanna Get Away” commercials. View post on imgur.com

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Bag of Randomness for Thursday, June 8, 2017

I hope President Trump live tweets during the Comey hearing. CSPAN could make the hearing look like an episode of “Pop-up Video” every time he tweets, but each pop-up cloud would have to have the presidential seal. The first two-thirds … Continue reading

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