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Angry pedestrian fail

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How BoyGeeding Gets Ready For His First U2 Concert

@atu2 @bethandbono @revnathanhart @SportsSturm @junior_miller How my son gets ready for a @U2 concert #U2JoshuaTreeTour2017 pic.twitter.com/FjeLiNj7V3 — bagofnothing (@bagofnothing) May 26, 2017

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Long lines this morning for the U2 concert

From what I’m reading on Twitter there’s some frustration with the process of general admission wristbands. Picture Source

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Bag of Randomness for Friday, May 26, 2017

DaughterGeeding drew that picture for me last night. I think she’s excited about tonight’s concert. But being the stickler I am, she left out a band member, and I can’t figure out if she snubbed The Edge or Adam. DaughterGeeding … Continue reading

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