Bag of Randomness


  • It happens to me every year.  I see a few weeds and decide I’ll just pull a few up and the next thing I know it’s been close to hour and I have a trash can full of weeds.  Weeds are like Lay’s chips, you just can’t have one.
  • A while ago I mentioned that little by little, over a long period of time, I’ve scanned all my family photos and documents.  I saved them on Dropbox because I’d rather have that stuff stored in the cloud rather than on a hard drive that could fail.  Yesterday I found a large portion of those files gone and I was freaking out.  Luckily, I stumbled upon a restore feature on Dropbox that allows you to undo deleted folders.  Whew.
  • I always thought “The Search is Over” was sung by REO Speedwagon, but yesterday I learned it is actually sung by Survivor.
  • If I’m going on a roadtrip by myself, all I need is a collection of Eighties ballads to sing along to and get lost in the moment to make the time go by.
  • I can’t believe Senator Ted Cruz would even consider signing up for health care coverage through the Affordable Care Act after saying he wants to repeal “every word” of it.  There are other means to get health insurance and still be in compliance, and he and his wife certainly have the money do so.  Heck, out of principle he should avoid taking advantage of anything the law provides.
  • I recorded the PBS special ‘James Baker: The Man Who Made Washington Work’ last night and hope to watch it soon.  He may be the most important modern “behind the scenes” guy Washington ever had.
  • Benjamin L. Corey makes some very valid points – If Jesus Gave A Speech At Liberty University (Here Are Some Things I Think He’d Say)
  • Yes, Yes!, YES! – X-Files Revival Officially Ordered at Fox, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson Back for 6 New Episodes – And I love that it’s only six episodes.  Less is more.  The limited episodes keep them from screwing it up.
  • ‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ sure did get off to a rough start but it’s nice to see how they were able to right the ship, and I love all the guest stars appearing on the show.  Somewhat related, Disney recently announced new races for this year’s Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend, even something called the Infinity Gauntlet Challenge.
  • A Washington State Trooper pulled over a man using a cardboard cutout of the Most Interesting Man in the World while driving in the HOV lane.
  • The Mavs are one hard to figure out.
  • Mo’ne Davis was the first female pitcher to throw a shutout in a Little League postseason, and somewhat recently a college baseball player sent an offensive tweet about her, and then he was kicked off his baseball team.  It was cool to see her take the high road and reach out to his university and ask for him to be re-instated.  Sadly, the cynic in me, thinks her PR team (a Disney movie is being made about her) orchestrated her response.
  • Afghanistan’s new president is visiting the U.S. and while at the Pentagon and at the White House he stated he wanted to thank the U.S. taxpayers and soldiers, and even laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  At first I was real appreciative of his words and actions, but then the cynic in me just thought it was smart politics on his part in hopes of keeping our soldiers around to help police things.
  • Letterman fans know that his longtime drummer is Anton Fig.  Last night, Fig’s 12-year-old son helped play the drums with his old man.  That made me smile.
  • A man got lost in Los Angeles because he thought the highway sign was poorly marked.  So the man, an artist, updated the sign, and it stayed that way for eight years with no one noticing.
  • I’ve gone four days without any sugar, and have gone out of my way to avoid anything that could have hidden sugar in it.
  • Google is creating something called ‘Pony Express’ that will allow you to pay bills via GMail, and it will also allow you to forward bills to other GMail users (roommates, spouses, etc.) to split up the full balance.
  • How the New York Times keeps tragedies ad-free
  • Since WifeGeeding only has one eye, that means she has no depth perception, so I’m the designated parent to remove splinters for the kids.
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