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  • I’ve been taking a bit of reprieve from all things online since my time off from work, as if you haven’t noticed.  I return back to my normal schedule on Thursday, but until then I’ll go ahead and post something now.  During my time off I’ve averaged two naps a day and it’s been everything I’d hope it would be.
  • Christmas thoughts:
    • My most touching gift was a book WifeGeeding made of all my blog posts from my trip to Vietnam when I returned my mother’s remains to her homeland.
    • My most interesting gift was a Squatty Potty.  To be honest, I think I like it.  There’s no hovering or balancing involved, it’s more like sitting on a curb where your knees are above your hips and surprisingly comfortable.  The whole experience is a bit awkward at first, but actually more pleasant, quicker, and cleaner without getting in more detail.
    • My in-laws gave me cash, which included a $50 bill from 1990.  Since it’s an older bill before new-age counterfeiting measures were introduced, I’m reluctant to spend it.  I think it’s actually value is $52.
    • My father died at 74 years of age and got to experience a total of 73 Christmases.  My grandfather died at 74 years of age and got to experience a total of 73 Christmases.  That means at age 38 I’m guaranteed only 35 more Christmases, and I’m already past the halfway point.
    • I got to spend 22 Christmases with my father.  That’s about 58% of my life.
    • I got to spend 30 Christmases with my mother.  That’s about 79% of my life.
    • About 78& of my Christmases have been spent in one house in Mineral Wells, Texas.
    • I’ve spent 12 Christmases with WifeGeeding, which is a little under a third of my life, but she’s spend just a little over a third of her Christmases with me.
    • I’ve only been a parent for a little under 8% of my Christmases on Earth.  I won’t reveal the number not on Earth.
  • Internet Archive puts classic 70s and 80s games online – You can find the direct link to the games here, I’m just waiting or the Intellivision games.
  • Way too often I’ll go into a local fast food place and see a worker’s child in the dining room either watching television or playing with toys until their parent gets off work.  It’s heartbreaking, and I wish that there was some sort of ministry that help those folks out.
  • I don’t know why churches continue to promote nativity scenes when they aren’t biblically correct.  For instance, the three wise men were not present at Jesus’ birth but visited him when he was a child, and there’s no proof there was actually three of them.  There’s also no scripture reference of an angle being present for the birth.
  • For the supporters of ‘Duck Dynasty’ and Chick-fil-A, there’s a Chick-PHIL-A Day movement.
  • I get two jokes about my beard all the time, they either revolve around ‘Duck Dynasty’ or that I forgot that no-shave-November has passed.  I don’t mind the jokes, I just wish they weren’t the low hanging fruit variety.  In other words, it’s the same two jokes I hear all the time.
  • I’m giving Disconnect2 a try.  It lets you visualize and block the invisible websites that track what you do online.  It was created by a former Googler, here’s an article about it.
  • Cardio is my least favorite form of exercise, I’ll take weight lifting over cardio anytime.  So take note just in case you see me running.
  • Here’s something a bit depressing for us men wanting to fit into a smaller pant size this year.  Even though this chart is a little dated, I’m sure it’s still true.
  • The more I hear about pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber the more I like.
  • Sadly, it seems the best way to get the church base motivated is to tell them they need to stand up and fight for something rather than becoming embracing servants offering grace.
  • I’ve never really have done anything special on New Year’s Eve.
  • I found it weird that Tony Romo’s wife was at the game while he recovers from back surgery.
  • Perhaps even weirder and I would have expected Green Bay – Atlanta’s Emory University research states that Cowboys fans were the NFL’s most loyal
  • The Cowboys Super Bowl run in the 90’s happened during my late teen years and has caused me to have some crazy expectations of that team ever since.  In those days, a loss would actually affect the rest of your week.
  • Jerry’s grandson, Spalding, is now wearing a suit to the games.
  • There were many shots of Jason Garrett last night and for most of them he didn’t look like he wanted to be there.
  • Garrett should have started Kitna.
  • If Garrett is let go, I see Lovie Smith as being the only coach that Jerry feels he could manipulate the best.
  • The world was a better place before prescription drug television commercials.  Only two countries allow such a thing, the U.S. and New Zealand.
  • If you are one those that just keep your photos on a hard drive or some other physical device, Google now offers unlimited backup storage as long as the photos are of standard size (2048px or less) and videos that are less than 15 minutes long and have 1080p resolution or less and you can keep them private.
  • Here’s what the Santa in the Chevy commercials looks like in real life.
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4 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Seymore says:

    "… For instance, the three wise men were not present at Jesus’ birth but visited him when he was a child, and there’s no proof there was actually three of them…."

    And if you think it through the wise men did not follow an eastern star. The wise men were from the east so the star they followed must have been in a western sky…

  2. Richard says:

    The saddest thing is that Spaulding will never see a Super Bowl in his lifetime.

  3. Bully Pulpit says:

    By the end of last night's game, I really wanted to see Orton and the Cowboys to win because Orton was a quarterback who was actually doing what everyone wanted the Cowboys doing all season. He scattered the passes to all the receivers and he ran the ball whenever a running play was called in, not changing it at the line of scrimmage [like someone else does!]. After not playing for almost two years, I thought he really took control of the team. I never thought the offense would look that good. Orton was surprisingly effective.

    Towards the end of the game, the camera caught both Jerry and Stephen in the owner's suite, simultaneously chewing their fingernails.

    Kitna looked too far out of shape to play. Every time I hear his name now I think of that story you posted about his efforts with that economically disadvantaged high school in Washington. That was the best post-career story I've ever read about a former pro athlete.

    "◾The world was a better place before prescription drug television commercials." I somewhat disagree…I only recently learned I may have Restless Foot Syndrome" [ I think] by watching a drug commercial.

  4. Paul Clifford says:

    The pants thing explains why, I weigh what I did in high school (since I've been running), but my 32×32 jeans from 2012 are saggy even though 32×32 fit me perfectly (didn't even need a belt, perfectly) in 1992 and earlier. I might have to go for 28 or 30" waist with a 32" inseam which I think will be harder to find.

    Keith, you should try the Couch25k app. That's how I started running in April and a week ago I ran 13 miles.

    If you're like me, I need something to keep my mind occupied while I do physical stuff, so I listen to podcasts. I think I'm building my mind and body at the same time that way.

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