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  • I didn’t get the memo that Braum’s busiest night of the week is Sunday.  We ate at the Farmers Branch location and we couldn’t believe how busy it was.  We ran a few errands and on the way home passed the Lewisville location and it was equally busy,
  • Is Braum’s the best thing to come out of Oklahoma?  I’d take a burger from Braum’s over Whataburger any day of the week.
  • But I wish they would retire this commercial that looks 25 years old.  It looks like it was filmed in ulta-low-definition.
  • I think I’ve eaten at Taco Cabana about six times visiting four different locations and have always been disappointed.  We never seem to find a cashier that is knowledgeable about the menu, the have to be using powered eggs, and I found a three inch hair in my black beans yesterday which left me nauseated.
  • I should use the Windows and Alt key combination more often.  It’s even more useful when you hold down the Windows key and pres Alt numerous times.
  • Turtle vs Bird
  • This may be the saddest animal you see all week – a hairless female baboon.
  • For you Whataburger faithful, the Whatafarm. [Thanks, Heath!]
  • When I think Dallas, maritime isn’t one of the first words that come to mind – Plans for Dallas Maritime Museum Announced
  • I prefer using blue pens, mainly because I can easily tell an original form I filled out from a copy I may have kept.
  • I keep seeing more and more Teslas around, and there isn’t even a dealership in this state.  And in case you were wondering, no, I’m not just seeing the same one or two over and over again.
  • House Panel OKs $2.5B in Annual Cuts to Food Stamps After Debating Whether Jesus Would ApproveChristian Post
  • A bit of William Shatner at the Dallas Comic Con – seems like it would have been entertaining.  I hear the event itself was packed.
  • I wonder how John Hinckley took it when he found out Jodie Foster was gay.
  • ‘Mad Men’ thoughts:
    • Roger seems like the voice of sanity this season, that was apparent when Don was chewing him out at the beginning.
    • Don has been acting like the popular girl at school that’s in denial she can’t get everything she wants.
    • Don just loves the art of the affair.
    • When Don starting his coughing I was starting to think all that smoking was finally getting to him.
    • I’d like to see Don break it off with Megan and start something with his new secretary Dawn.
    • Betty is back to being a blonde, and I think she’s thinner.
    • It seems like Don often says, “I’m sorry for your loss.” and it never comes across as sincere.  You’d think a ad executive could sell it a bit better.
    • When Don was bent over after that shot I was thinking they were going to flash to a back story of him in prison.
    • That was horrible casting of that doctoring giving everyone propitiatory injections,  this would have been a perfect opportunity for a Lance Armstrong cameo.
    • As much pressure Don was feeling to make that deadline, all I could do was think of that Lloyd Bridges line in Airplane! after he gave that inspiring speech to Peggy and her team, “Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit taking amphetamines.
    • Does anyone else want to give our lawmakers in D.C. a shot of that stuff?
    • Don knows what the buds of an affair looks like, and he saw that in Peggy when she was touching Ted.
    • “I hate how dying makes saints out of people.”
    • Ken confused his mother and his first girlfriend, that can’t be a good thing.
    • “I’ve had loss in my life, you have to let yourself feel it, you can’t dampen it.”
    • It was funny seeing that old Hilton ad when Don was looking through the records.
    • I got a little lost in the storyline.  Don held his ear to the doctor’s wife’s door and the next thing we know Grandma Ida is in the living room and Don is going through the records and we see that flashback of him being deflowered.
    • When Don said, “How do I capture her attention. I have a sentence, maybe two.” I was thinking, oh boy, this is the 1968 version of twitter.
    • “She’s out on the casting couch…”
    • “And then I realized I don’t know anything about you.”  That’s gotta bite when you’re a father and you hear that from you child.
    • Don needs a big dose of reality.
    • That was an entertaining and interesting episode, but I’m not sure what I thought about it.
    • Every new season seems to start around Christmas and before New Years, so I wonder if next year will see it start up with Apollo 8.
    • In case you needed a gif of Ken dancing, here you go.
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  1. RPM says:

    Honestly it wasn't one of my favorite episodes, but I'm sure it will pay off down the road. The "proprietary blend" was amusing. I think our lawmakers probably resemble the Chevy boys Ken has to deal with. Betty has a big ol case of career envy with Megan.

    Hinckley probably thought he could "fix" Jodie.

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