The Dictionary of Christianese

The Dictionary of Christianese is a new dictionary currently being written that explains the slang words and expressions used by Christians. The Dictionary is a serious work of scholarly research, and it is written for use by all kinds of people, including new Christians, experienced Christians, and interested curiosity-seekers of every sort.

The Dictionary is much more than a list of words and expressions that Christians use. Each term is carefully researched and defined, and most words have cross-references to similar or related words. Quotations of actual uses of the word are also provided, and whenever possible, the Dictionary explains the origin of a term and who originally coined it.

Here are a few examples:




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3 Responses to The Dictionary of Christianese

  1. Ben W. says:

    This is awesome! Now maybe I'll be able to find a definition for terms like "emergent" and "missional" and all the other new buzzwords that seem to be floating around. I haven't been able to decipher a meaning thus far, so now I have hope…

    • Tim Stewart says:

      "Emergent" and "missional" are on the list of words to define for the website (Dictionary of Christianese). The closest I've come so far is to define a few dozen "blended denomination names" where people have combined a mainline denomination with the word "emergent." Hence: Lutheran + emergent = "luthermergent." Or: Baptist + emergent = baptimergent. You can see several more at… .
      Thanks for reading! ~Tim Stewart, editor of Dictionary of Christianese

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