Legalize Jesus


There is no greater cause – than the cause for CHRIST.

Legalize Jesus > is a Christian webzine and a movement to bring awareness to Christian persecution & THE WAR ON JESUS.

Please pray for us.

The inspiration for doing this is simple… Christianity is illegal in 51 countries and one innocent Christian gets murdered every five minutes just for believing in JESUS .

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One Response to Legalize Jesus

  1. Suzi says:

    Hmm…I'd support the cause if they defended against 'the war on faithfulness and faithlessness'. It's wrong to murder people for believing in a deity or deities, but it's also wrong to kill people in the name of your deity/deities – as in, "the Christian thing to do is to kill people convicted of x/y/z crime'. It's also wrong to fan the flames of ignorance and bigotry (e.g., the war against mosques in any number of communities). I'm not saying that the LegalizeJesus people support bigotry or ignorance, but they'll win more friends (I *hope*) by fighting against religious intolerance in general.

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