Pastor calls out talker during sermon

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9 Responses to Pastor calls out talker during sermon

  1. Jonathan Cliff says:

    Yup. There's one more guy that will never go back to church. Thanks preacher man.

  2. Stefanie says:

    "You suck. I love you."

  3. Dude says:

    I just got chills watching this… this could have been filmed at my church in the 70's. Can't you just FEEL the love of Jesus emanating from this preacher and all the dour faces behind him. Saving souls so you can bark at them from the pulpit every Sunday.

  4. Nathan Hart says:


  5. Ben says:

    Just another reason people are leaving organized religion in droves. The sarcasm and insincerity behind the "I still love you" and "God bless you" is both chilling and repugnant. Having been a victim of this type of heavy-handed spiritual abuse, my heart breaks for the individual who bore the brunt of this attack. I pray that at some point on their spiritual journey they are able to find the true nature of Christ. It's obviously not being shown here.

  6. GeedingNation says:

    and he still had an hour to go

  7. MToots says:

    How sad! How VERY sad!

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