Bag of Randomness


  • There was no Gatorade shower on the coach at the Super Bowl, I wonder when the last time that happened, George Seifert?
  • Gov Chris Christie was on Letterman last night and he couldn’t have been more charming.  He played up fat jokes, eating a pastry during a question, and even got Dave to throw something at the back window to play that breaking glass sound, which, I don’t think is something Dave has done in a long time.  During more serious Q&A, Christie also came across as reasonable, passionate, dedicated, and was extremely well spoken.  He’s good for New Jersey and the Republican party, and may even be a potential modern Teddy Roosevelt.  Even though he may not support most of my issues and concerns, I don’t think I would mind having him as president one day.
  • I’ve been watching ‘Dallas’ on TNT and one thing has caught my attention . . . they use a lot of green screens in almost every office setting to show an almost perfect Dallas skyline.
  • Several times during last night’s episode it was specifically mentioned that Microsoft Surface was a sponsor, but there were at least two scenes in which an iPad was used.  In one scene J.R. was looking up past articles on himself, which caused me to pause the DVR and the read the screen, which was actually entertaining.  I’ve really enjoyed watching Larry Hagman this season, even though I do find the show getting campier and campier.
  • How the term ‘Metroplex’ came to be associated with DFW.  In short, just think it happened in an episode of ‘Mad Men’.  I actually have always liked the term, but never really thought it was just a combination of ‘metropolis’ and ‘complex’.
  • I recently found out that ‘How I Met Your Mother’ will have a ninth and final season.  Last night had a great joke that I think many missed.  Bog Saget does the narration, and Dave Coulier had a small bit part, and if you paid attention, there was a ‘Full House’ reference.  Also, Ted’s stalker girlfriend was played by Abby Elliot, whose real father is Chris Elliot, who plays Lilly’s father on the show.
  • The youngest American female billionaire is 30-years-old and heir to the In-N-Out chain.  That write-up seems to indicate she’s a woman of faith.
  • This kinda stinks: Pepsi To Replace Coke In Costco’s Beloved $1.50 Soda & Hot Dog Deal
  • Interseting chart: Price per gallon of a bunch of liquids
  • Canada to retire their penny
  • Kerry Wendell Thornley wrote a 1962 manuscript titled The Idle Warriors which was based on the activities Lee Harvey Oswald, which, if you know your historical dates, was published a year before the JFK assassination.
  • The Statue of Providence is the idea of putting a Statue of Liberty on the West Coast, but she would have a sword.
  • Here’s an interesting camera that can track your movements when you do your sporting activities. You basically attach something on your arm and it will follow you all over the place.
  • Bob Marley’s father was white
  • The 10 Most Interesting Things On John Boehner’s Desk
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  1. RPM says:

    I don't have much of an issue with Gov. Christie except that he's a politician and as such can't be trusted. He's a likable guy and has shown he will work across party lines. 2 points in his favor. We'll see how that holds up if he gets to Washington.

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