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    • Yesterday was some great weather in DFW to host a Super Bowl.  So yes, Jerry, the Football Gods do hate you.
    • The Super Bowl looked to be a blowout, but come on, aren’t we all happy it was a close game towards the end?
    • Once the Ravens ran onto the field to U2 music, I knew they were going to win the game.  Heck, U2 played the halftime show for the last Super Bowl in New Orleans, so it was just good karma.
    • Who cries more, Ray Lewis or John Boehner?
    • The man doing all the sign language before kickoff had some hair that would give Rick Perry a run for his money.
    • I have no idea what the over/under was for Alicia Keys’ rendition of the national anthem was, but I’m sure if you bet the over, you won.  Heck, she even added a little bit to the end.  Now that I think of it, she probably bet on herself and added the extra bit just to make sure.
    • Just to put the issue to rest and to move on, and hopefully I’ll never have to address this again, but that was not me in the Calvin Klein commercial.
    • That power outage sure was interesting, but I would have liked to see what would have happened if it occurred during the middle of play that resulted in a score.
    • Sure, that power outage was a bit of an embarrassment for New Orleans, but the North Texas Super Bowl still was more embarrassing for a host city.  I’m not talking about the weather fiasco, but remember, ticket holders were denied seats because the fire department declared the temporary seats unsafe.
    • It have been great if the Don Meredith was alive and broadcasting the game and starting to sing “Turn out the lights, the party’s over” during the blackout/blowout.
    • Perhaps it would have been more fitting if the game was played in Atlanta and the black out happened.
    • Oreo’s tweet during the blackout.
    • @richeisen – Nine months from now, look for a spike in birthrate.
    • @badbananaI liked that commercial where the Clydesdale escaped and then forgave his owner for selling him into slavery to Budweiser.
    • @shinyidol – I bet Jim Harbaugh used to unplug the Nintendo when his brother was winning.
    • @BoneWins That game was so long. It was almost as long as a college football game.
    • I was surprised to see a commercial with a zombie head shot, I thought that would have been rejected for being too graphic.
    • Flacco threw to seven receivers yesterday.
    • I love how the Lombardi Trophy is so frickin’ shiny that finger prints easily show.
    • There’s something just right about New Orleans hosting a Super Bowl.
    • NFL films music was played before a few kickoffs, which was way cool.
    • The NFL does such a great job the day before the Super Bowl.  The focus of the afternoon is the Hall of Fame selection, and it’s always touching to see the initial reactions of the players that are selected.  Now, for the second year in a row, the evening is capped off with the NFL Honors.  In the past, the NFL would just send out a press release of end of season awards, but now it’s an actual ceremony.  Alec Baldwin has hosted it twice, and each time he hasn’t held back with jokes directed at the commissioner or even hot topics like replacement refs and drug testing.  But overall, it’s a great gathering of past and current greats to celebrate the end of the season with distinction and honor, leaving the Super Bowl as the final end cap of the season.
    • The best line of the NFL Honors may have come from Peyton Manning when he accepted the Comeback Player of the Year award.  The award was presented by Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers who ribbed each other about their past rivalry for the starting QB position.  Manning stated that maybe one day he and Andrew Luck could present an award together.
    • Chad Johnson has three televisions mounted on aquariums?
    • It seems like everytime I’m in room and the room is asked to break into smaller groups of two or three, and even though I happen to be in an area that I would perfectly break into a smaller group with the people next to me, I’m always left out hunting for people to group with.
    • KTVT had some sort of Dallas Cowboys Glory Days special on Saturday night and Mike Ditka stated his Super Bowl win as a Dallas Cowboy meant more to him than his win as a head coach of the Bears because it was for Tom Landry.
    • Drew Person had a good line in that special.  He stated he signed as a free agent with a base salary of $14,500 with a signing bonus $150, but decided not to hold out for a $15,000 base salary and a $200 signing bonus.
    • Randy White mentioned his 83-year-old mother still works five days a week.
    • Roger Staubach talked about a prank he played on Tex Schram.  Schram had an office on the 12th floor in a tower off Central, and unharnessed, Staubach walked on the ledge to wave at him outside his window.
    • What Happens to the Losing Team’s Championship Shirts?
    • 9 Historical Methods of Detecting Pregnancy
    • Football season is over. 🙁
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  1. b_caesar says:

    re: Staubach's story – the Cowboys had offices in the same tower where the Playboy Club was located on Central – I believe that happens to be what is now called "Expressway Tower" and is owned by SMU. The ledges on each floor, at least from street-level, look quite wide enough for someone to get out on them – might not have been such a "daring" feat.…

    • Geeding says:

      Yup, you're right, it was the Expressway Tower that Staubach was referring to, and he even mentioned that the ledge was very wide, I just left it out for brevity. In retrospect maybe should have mentioned it, but you wouldn't catch me walking on a ledge that high.

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