All of Allen High School in 16-minute one-take lip dub

Using over 6000 students and staff from Allen High School in Allen, TX, the Media Productions students and teachers collaborated with all of the over 100 clubs, teams, and organizations within the school to create the first Lip Dub for the school. 10 locations, 8 different days of filming, lead to the culminating day: the main campus, the class of 2015, 2014, and 2013, the largest marching band in the US, several animals, 50+ lip syncers, a motorcycle in the school, 3 camera operators, a rolling music playback cart, a golf cart, a portable science lab, 3 eagles, an elevator, bows and arrows, tennis rackets, a green screen, chefs, fog, lights, a crane, a megaphone, and ONE TAKE!!!!

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